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The Parade

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One activity that I enjoy doing is people watching.

At work, our outside walls are large glass windows which give us a panoramic view of the city and the street. Some days, when I take my break, I just watch the people walking below, and think about each of their stories. Everyone has a story.

I have found that other Hobokenites, like myself, also enjoy checking out the hot bodies walking down the street. It starts when the weather is warm, the clothes are less and the outdoor seating becomes available. People gather after work with friends, outside, with a cool drink and watch the people getting off the PATH trains, walking home. A few years back I started to call it, "The Parade". I would see a group of girl friends on my way home from work, and laugh saying "Oh, watching the parade of guys coming home from work, hmmm?" They would laugh it off or come out right and agree. Hey, we all do it.

I had off this week, and decided to introduce my newest protege, Jon, to The Parade last Thursday.

Jon is off this summer from teaching school, and works at The GAP part-time for some extra money. I was off last week, and Jon and I were playing some ferocious games of darts on Thursday when I looked at the clock at 4pm and said with glee, "Oh man - The Parade is starting!"

Jon, perplexed, fell into my trap and said, "What parade?"

"Not, what - THE Parade.", I corrected.

"What is THE PARADE?", he asked patiently.

"I can't put it into words, you will just have to see. Follow me young jedi. We go to Texas Arizona!", I proclaimed with mock sincerity.

Fortunately Jon is one of those easy going kind of guys that I have yet to witness in a bad mood. He was up for my shenanigans and since a bar was involved - he was up for it at 4pm on a Thursday. It's not like we had anything else to really do.

We walked down to Texas Arizona, a bar/restaurant which is directly across the street to the PATH train entrance - the subway train that connects Hoboken to Manhattan and Jersey City - and a perfect spot to set up for people watching.

The entire outside was full of people, enjoying the outside air, the cool drinks and the throngs of young Hobokenites exiting the trains from a hard days work in Manhattan or Jersey City.

"So this is it? You watch people getting off the trains and then what?", he asked sipping his Miller Lite.

"You watch people and...", I started to say and then lowered my voice, "Ok, check out the blonde haired girl in the black!"

Jon, being a jackass, whips his head around and stares. He hasn't learned the fine art of casually scanning a crowd of people without looking like you are scanning a crowd of people. The young padawan will learn.

"Mmmmm! She's cute. I like the parade so far.", he agreed.

As the hour progressed, I did get to see some people I knew well. The first was Brian, a homeowner and seasoned veteran of the parade even called me out on it as he walked up to shake my hand, "Got prime seats, huh?"

"Of course. I finally get to be on this side of the parade route instead of everyone watching me get off the train.", I said.

I took some snapshots of the people I knew crossing the street and stopping at our table. I even saw Joe Concha, in his brown suit, walking across the street towards my table - but didn't say anything. I don't know him personally except through the chatboard and a few emails we have sent to each other. If you haven't checked out his co-owned site, you really should, he is a very creative and interesting writer.

Jon and I watched the procession of residents exit the train, and even got Matt to join us. Kristen and Sarah arrived fresh off the train after Matt had to leave and meet some clients in the city. Soon after Tremaine, Matt's fiance and recent Philadelphia transplant, also decided to have a few drinks with us. We watched the people come up the steps, and would wonder amongst ourselves about the people that stood out - some were beautiful, some were oddly dressed, some were friends and some weren't. Since I lived in Hoboken for about 10 years, I knew my fair share of people, and would point them out to the people at the table, and add a comment or two...

"See that guy? He is a black belt. You wouldn't know it would you? Looks like a regular guy, right? He fights in tournaments. Too bad he is a jerk."

"Hey - I know her from the chatboard. She got flowers, I wonder who sent them to her at work? Must be her boyfriend. She is really nice and bartends in town."

"That girl I was just talking to - it was her fiance that beat me at the Hold Em game last night. I've known both of them a long time."

We remained outside Texas Arizona until about 7pm, and then went our seperate ways.

"So, what did you think?", I said to Jon as we were leaving.

"That was cool, when we doing it next?", he asked.

"Well unlike some people - I don't have a whole summer vacation. So it will have to wait until my next week-long vacation at the end of August.", I said, "Oh wait. I have off tomorrow - you free?"

"No, i'm working! Dammit!", he said disapointingly.

"Looks like you are out. I'll introduce my cousin to it next - another disciple to learn about The Parade.", I smirked.

Here are a few pictures of friends I saw on Thursday...

July Vacation


I have been off this week for a little RnR from work - and, of course, the blog suffers.

Nothing extremely exciting going on. I stay up until about 2am and sleep until noon. I wake up, surf the web a bit and roll out of bed around 2pm. Jon, who is working part time at The GAP during his summer vacation, will usually yell at me for being lazy. If he knew me like my family knows me - sleeping for about 10-12 hours is about par for the course for my body.

This week I sent back my Ipod back to Apple to get a new battery. I had it for about 18 months and the battery is so drained that it dies after playing for one ride into work. Cool thing is that Apple lowered the replacements from $99 to $65. I went to Mailboxes Etc (on 4th and Washington) and shipped it via UPS for $14 ($4.95 for shipping and $9 for insurance).

I replaced my printer catridges at Cartridge World on 4th and Washington. I decided against having them refill my old catridges and bought new ones. Holy expensive! It cost $80 for a new set (Black, Yellow, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta and Photo Magenta). They said they could refill the set for $40. I will try that next time, but I had bad experiences with "replacement ink" in the past versus getting the real manufacturer ink.

Played in a Texas Hold Em game with about 15 friends. Once again, for the second time, I came in 5th place. Money was won for those in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. I played tight to get to the winner's table, and once there switched up strategy to aggressive. I should probably have just played tight the whole time. The winner was a friend, and I was happy to see him win it.

I'm still rehabbing my leg and i'm very happy with my progress. It is still sore at times, and i'm sure it will be another year until my injury is just a memory. I still feel, sometimes, pain when I walk or go up stairs. My doctor told me it will take a while for that to go away. If you saw me walking around you would have no idea that I had a major leg operation in May. I plan on getting the titanium bolt in my leg removed around March or April.

Otherwise, I have been playing a bit of Battlefield 2 on my PC now. My World of Warcraft playing has died out because i'm bored of it - but I still play for a little bit on Sundays. I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and got about mid-way thru until I got tired of the missions. I felt a bit overwhelmed in the game and didn't feel like I was accomplishing enough in the game to make it fun for me.

That's about it. I'm looking forward to Eagles training camp that opens up tomorrow. Getting everything ready for the club next season at Dipper's Bar on Sundays. Heather, the manager at Dipper's, approved us putting up Eagles banners, signs and flags all over the bar to promote it. It's cool that she is so into the club and she told me a lot of people have been coming in, off the street, asking about the club. I'm very excited for next year.

Live 3

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Growing up in the suburbs, I took the amount of open space for granted. In Richboro, everyone had a half acre of land for their house. In Gwynedd Valley, our land was an acre, covered with very old trees and squirrels.072305b.jpg

Moving to this area was a shock to my system, because of how very few times we get to enjoy the outdoors. One of the ways I try to enjoy myself is throwing a BBQ twice a year - Summer's Start and Summer's End BBQs. It started about 4 years ago, and every BBQ gets better than the next. I would have random friends, one that I don't see very often, stop me on the street and the first thing they say is, "When's the BBQ?"

This year I was interrupted by my leg injury. Now that i'm back to good health, we were able to have another one, a bit late, but I called it "Live 3" - a BBQ to help those who have been hurt by this summer's tragic events. My roommates were robbed of their valuables and I was robbed of my good health. A BBQ to heal wounds.

We had burgers, dogs, marinated steak, marinated chicken, sausage & my homemade meatballs. Jon's sister made some delicious dips, cole slaw and potato salad - it's great to have a roommate whose sister is a caterer! Everyone who came were very generous with bringing beer, ice or alcohol - my hat goes off to everyone who contributed. Thank you.

Here are some pictures from the festivities...we should be having another BBQ by the end of September...

Beer: Hop Devil

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One of the cool things about travelling all over the world is trying new things. I have tasted dishes made from Kangaroo, Emu and Camel in Australia. I have tried homemade wine and grappa from my family in Italy. I sampled beers during the Oktoberfest festival in Munich.

Sometimes, you forget that life is about trying new things. I'm as a guilty as the next guy when it comes to my habitual problem of living life like a horse wearing blinders. I trod along the well worn path of the life that lay before me - the life of a middle aged working professional. The 45 hour-a-week guy, who watches the weeks pass and has glimmers of excitement and hope every Friday at 6pm - for something interesting may happen. Sometimes, you just have the little things that make life an adventure.

Last weekend, I sat on the couch drinking a Coors Light, which was left over from a party the night before. To me, a Coors Light is your most basic beer, and I don't mind it or really savor it. 071705.JPGMuch like I really don't savor a cold glass of milk or orange juice. It's milk. It's OJ. It's Coors Light.

Whatever. It meets the basic criteria of what I want - satisfy a thirst for a particular craving. Dairy. Juice. Beer.

Drinking that Coors Light I turned to Jon.

"Hey man, I hope you don't mind me drinkin' this. You had a 12 pack in the cooler...", I began.

Jon smiled and waved his hand in a quick, dismissing gesture, "I hate Coors Light, drink it all you want."

"There's nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer evening.", I sighed.

"Come on, it's a Coors Light. We should get some good beer!", he said.

"What, like a PBR?", I joked.

"Anything is better than Coors.", he stressed.

"I remember once, when I travelled through Australia, each region would have a bitter, a beer, which were much better than what we had up here. I remember Victoria Bitter, VB - loved that stuff...", I recalled.

"All right...let's try some of that action!", he said, snapping his fingers and pointing at me.

"I don't think they have that up here. But let me walk over to Garden Wine and Liquor on the corner of 7th and Park and see what that liquor store has. The guy who runs it is pretty cool and always has a good wine for me to try...", I remarked.

I walked over to the liquor store on 7th and Park. I have been going in there long enough that the guy knows me - I know him - but I still never remember his God damn name.

"Hey man! Do you have a beer list?", I asked.

The owner says, "Oh, no. What you see in the cooler is what I have...what are you lookin' for?"

"I want somethin' different. Nothing crazy, like beer made with prune juice or added caffeine. Just a good, tasty American beer to try.", I reply.

"I got some guys who are real beer connoisseurs, they make me get some of these beers.", he says gesturing to a variety of six-packs in the glass cooler, "Here is one...it's called HopDevil! Supposed to be made with some real good hops, and has a strong, remarkable taste to it."

"Sounds good, i'll try it.", I tell him.

I paid $9 for the six-pack, and went home, to try out the new ale with Jon.

Exciting and New...

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Come aboard! We're expecting you.
Love, life sweetest reward.
Let it flow,
it floats back to you.

Furey's Blog!
soon will be making another run
Furey's Blog promises something for everyone.
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.

Love won't hurt anymore
It's an open smile on a friendly shore.

It's Loooove!
Welcome aboard - It's Looooove!

Now you will be singing The Furey Blog theme song at work. Muhahaha!

Soooooo...I was walking down the street yesterday in Hoboken, passing Sullivan's bar on 6th and Washington. I hear someone call out "PHILADELPHIA!"

Of course, I think they are talking to me. It's all about me, you know.

I spin around, and I see some group of people sitting around Sullivan's outdoor tables and walk up to them. I immediately know who they are - they were regular's from Dipper's bar when I bartended and I haven't seen most of them for at least a year. We get to talking, and one of them says:

"Oh, I love the blog! That Vegas story was GREAT! I was reading it at work for a half an hour at work! Hilarious!"

I was kind of perplexed because I never sent the guy my website link, and I have no idea how he could have found my site. More than likely thru hobokeni or something. But it certainly was nice to hear a compliment like that.

Also - anyone notice the waitress working at Sullivan's bar? Easily one of the hottest girls in town.

This is for him, a few of my favorite recent stories and entries in case you wanted to kill some time at work on Friday. Of course you can read my "Essential entries" on the right side. These are just a few newer ones in case you haven't been here all that often or don't want to trudge thru my broken leg updates.

The Eagles Club are moving from McMahon's to Dipper's. Important news for the Eagle fans out there and the people who hate us.

My Fight At The Pub. A guido sucker punches me at a bar, he goes to jail. Worst part is that he is FROM Philly suburbs. God, we are animals.

Top 5 Memories of My Father. Most already know that we are about a month away from the first year after my father's death. The blog was started basically as a reaction to that death. A lot of memories, stories and insight died with him that day and I wanted the blog to be around to share my memories, stories and insight with my friends, family and the millions of strangers on the internet.

The Short Story. If you like medieval fantasy - read it. If you don't, skip it. If I had more time and didn't have my computer and Tivo (my twin lovers) i'd probably be able to work more on this.

The Swarm. Hands down my most popular story (judging my the amount of emails I got on this). I was in the zone writing this story. Other writers may know what i'm talking about - when you get into writing a story that the words are just flowing off your fingertips. Strangely enough the story was written only 3 days before I broke my leg - but I never published it. Read and see why.

The Fellowship of the Bling. My Vegas story. I'm sure it's about par for the course - Drugs, Sex and Drama in Vegas.

Burglary! You can steal our laptops, but you can't steal our FREEDOM! Some bastard walked up to our backdoor with a brick, smashed in the window and stole Kristen's laptop and Jon's Miami Dolphins change holder. Strangely enough the robber stays away from my room, read why...

Quirks about Hoboken. My second most popular (recent) story, I got a lot of emails on this plus was even noticed by some other websites for my work.

The Blonde's Site. The Blonde is my new email friend, and a bird of a feather. Her entries are awesome. I hold back a lot about what I want to write about myself - she just lays it all out there and doesn't care what you think. I read her site everyday & should be seeing her in Vegas next month!

There you go. Waste some time at work and read those entries. If you like shoot me and email or write a comment.

Love Is In The Air


Everyone loves puppies.


And the NYT gives some love to NJ Bloggers

Good to see Mr. Snitch! getting some due recognition. He puts far greater detail and work into his site than my rambling drivel. He was nice enough to link to some of my more creative posts (that isn't saying much).

On tap this week - tonight my roommate Kristen and her friend John organized a bash at PS 450. No real reason other than to get drunk with 50 of their closest friends.

I'm having a BBQ soon at my place. I'm calling it "Live 3" - an effort to help those devestated by the burglary this summer. Games, music and a 50-50 raffle designed to help my poor roommates.

My roommate Jon and I are feverishly working on a beer review. We decided, for the sake of journalistic investigation (of course), to buy some more exotic beers (read: rarely heard of) and performing some taste tests. We buy a six pack. We each drink 1 beer a night. Repeat after 3 days. I will have a detailed post soon for you beer aficionados.

For you legwatch readers, the latest update is that my leg is 90% better. I can easily walk on it, and i'm in physical therapy with a trainer in the city. I'm going to PT twice a week, and also hitting Club H twice a week.

Hoboken Relationship Stages


It seems that everyone I talk to in Hoboken has a different defintion of "dating". Here is what I have gathered so far:

1. Strangers in the Night
-We are all the strangers on the streets. In the gym. At the bar. You never know if the person next to you is Mrs. Right or Mrs. Right Now. But at some point you have to talk to them.

2. Drunken Hookups
-Beer has been getting people laid for the last 4,300 years. This town is no exception, with over so many bars to choose from. While I was a bartender I watched many of the drunken masses play tonsil hockey in the middle of the bar. Which can lead to...

3. One Night Stand
-In my 10 years in Hoboken, there are very few actual One Night Stand friends of mine (Counting last weekend, I have a total of zero). It's like trying to find a parking spot within 5 minutes of arriving in town - sure, it happens. But it doesn't happen very often. Kudos to those studs and studettes who are getting the nookie.

4. Seeing Each Other
-This is the "grey area" of dating and just getting drunk with people and hooking up. It can be many variations, just simple kissing. Maybe some foreplay. Add in a dash of blowjobs. But, according to many - this doesn't include intercourse.

5. Friends With Benefits
-Now most friends with Benefits is the next stage. Sure, you can be buddy pal with a girl and have sex with her - but really don't see them otherwise. They are the drunken dialers - the casual, breezy thing you have at a summer house that you plan on ending September 6th.

6. Dating
-4 out of 5 Hobokenites agree that "dating" is the inbetween stage of "seeing each other" to "exclusively dating". Most people agree that it takes about 3-4 dates before you should be knocking boots. Not 3-4 nights when you get drunk at City Bistro and make out with your new hot thing. Not 3-4 drunken one night stands. Not 3 to 4 times where you go over there house to watch "Big Brother 6". During this stage you can be dating other people.

7. Exclusively Dating
-This is usually by the time you are calling each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". You aren't dating anyone else. You bought a toothbrush, and keep it at their place. You feel comfortable enough to fart in front of her. She calls that time of the month, "Her little friend" - warning you that sex is out for tonight. This lasts until...

8. Living Together
-Some people get stuck in this stage and some consider it the "trial run". What I have found out, with intense research is the following: LIVING TOGETHER IN NO WAY WILL BE ANYTHING LIKE MARRIAGE. Just in case you think you will still be getting blowjobs on the kitchen table when you are married - you won't. You worry about other things when you are married. Like taxes and mortgages and savings.

9. Engaged
Everyone celebrates their engagement! Especially the folks at DeBeers. Some people move in together at this point. Some don't. Everyone starts marriage planning, bachelor parties and honeymoons.

10. Married
Congrats! You can now jump on to theknot.com, post your silly picture and proclaim to the world how your beloved-to-be loves you. Then in 5 years when you realize what a terrible mistake that was, you go back to stage #1, except you now have a couple of dogs and cats in your condo that you won in the divorce.

"Well, let me be the first to say congratulations to you man; you have one vagina for the rest of your life. Real smart man." Beanie, "Old School"

Here are my random thoughts on what I see in town...

Family Renunion 2005

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It is the bond that never breaks. I look back in my history and I have seen friends come and go, relationships rise and crumble, and through 070905.JPG
it all my family is there.

Every year we get a bit older. A few more grey hairs. Another wrinkle around the eye. I watch the next generation get a bit bigger. We lose some of our older relatives to the progress of time.

It was a quiet reunion this year. Not many of my first cousins made it to the party. Distance is usually a problem - some are in Los Angeles, Chicago, Albany. I can understand why it would be hard to make it each year.

Of course it was nice to see everyone there, and the weather was beautiful. We rented a pavillion in Ridley State Park, and it was a relaxing day with cold beer, and delicious food. After the event I wished I ate more! There was so much food to eat, and it was all homemade and delicious.

I found out from my Kevin and Alla that they are expecting a girl! Of course i'm last to find out once again, they were surprised when I told them I didn't know that. They are still working on what to name her, and I warned them not to follow the trend of "fruity names" that everyone is doing now a days.

You know - like Rain or Chloe or Destiny.

In 1972 the most popular girl name was Jennifer and the most popular boy name was Michael.
Rank / Male name / Female name
1 Michael Jennifer
2 Christopher Michelle
3 James Lisa
4 David Kimberly
5 John Amy
6 Robert Angela
7 Jason Melissa
8 Brian Stephanie
9 William Heather
10 Matthew Nicole

When was the last time you heard a new baby named Jennifer? I have personally heard 4 boys named Aiden, however. Checking the Social Security website, pre-1999 "Trinity" was ranked #526 - 2 years later after The Matrix exploded on the scene it was #74. In 2004, it's ranked #48! I swear to God we are all sheep.

"His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!" -Ducky, "Pretty in Pink"

It was nice to get back and see everyone. My number one discussion topic was my leg. After that I told everyone about my burgulary. I tried to tell the older folks what a blog is - but they didn't seem to get why people wanted to keep a journal online. Maybe at the family reunion in 2025 it will make more sense.

After the reunion, I went to my mother's new home in Collegeville. It cost what a new fully loaded 2 bedroom would cost in Hoboken, and was about 4 times as large. She had me go through some old boxes. Most had old college books. Some had old Dragon magazines, which I kept - the artwork on some of the covers are incredible. I found some interesting old pictures from my skaterat days. I will try to post them at a later time.

I threw away a lot of memories, but I just couldn't justify keeping them. One of my biggest problems is letting go. I have a bookshelf full of paperback books that I have read - but they just sit there, just in case I decide to read them again. I have old video games stored away in my closet - because I feel like to throw them out is a waste of money.

I need to have a yard sale I think. I have the last week of July and August off - I think on those weekends I will just put the junk outside and see what happens.

London Attacked

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"We survived the Blitz, we will survive this!" -from a London coworker.

Today, London joins the list of Western cities attacked by terrorists. As a resident of the metro area, who lived thru 9/11, obviously my most heartfelt feeling go out to the people of London.

I had a roommate from London, John Y. and I hope he and his wife Sarah are safe. I tried to email him, but it seems his work email has changed.

When you see something like this it makes you think about what the terrorists really are. They aren't freedom fighters. Ghandi proved that you don't need to kill people to bring about change.

The actions of a few suicide bombers, sacrificing their lives to kill, mar and ruin the lives of working class London says it all - they are cowards.

If the day comes in which I am killed in the terrorist attack I hope my friends and family pick up the fallen standard and press the attack. Do not bow to the cowards who hide in the shadows. Root them out like the rats that they are, until none remain.

I'm a liberal Republican. I believe in free social issues and a small government - use my taxes for a strong military and intelligence network. Use my taxes to protect my economy. Use my taxes for a small, central government.

I hope my taxes will be used to root out these scumbag criminals where ever they hide, and teach them a lesson for attacking our friends across the pond.

Pictures at Shea

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Here are the pictures at Shea stadium. Brad, Matt, Jon and I went to the game. Jon was especially happy that he was able to revisit his lost childhood by getting a high five from Mr. Met.

After seeing Mr. Met up close, I know that the Philly Phanatic can kick his ass in about 2 seconds.

Phillies vs Mets

New Blog: The Blonde's Site

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If you haven't had a chance, check out this new blog:


It's from a fellow Philly fan living in South Jersey, named The Blonde. From what I have read so far, she has some interesting tales to tell - and some new adventures about to begin.

Get on over there and catch up on your reading before the July 4th weekend.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend. I will be around Hoboken armed with my camera taking pictures. I still owe you my Mets/Phils pictures which I hope to post soon.

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