Family Renunion 2005

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It is the bond that never breaks. I look back in my history and I have seen friends come and go, relationships rise and crumble, and through 070905.JPG
it all my family is there.

Every year we get a bit older. A few more grey hairs. Another wrinkle around the eye. I watch the next generation get a bit bigger. We lose some of our older relatives to the progress of time.

It was a quiet reunion this year. Not many of my first cousins made it to the party. Distance is usually a problem - some are in Los Angeles, Chicago, Albany. I can understand why it would be hard to make it each year.

Of course it was nice to see everyone there, and the weather was beautiful. We rented a pavillion in Ridley State Park, and it was a relaxing day with cold beer, and delicious food. After the event I wished I ate more! There was so much food to eat, and it was all homemade and delicious.

I found out from my Kevin and Alla that they are expecting a girl! Of course i'm last to find out once again, they were surprised when I told them I didn't know that. They are still working on what to name her, and I warned them not to follow the trend of "fruity names" that everyone is doing now a days.

You know - like Rain or Chloe or Destiny.

In 1972 the most popular girl name was Jennifer and the most popular boy name was Michael.
Rank / Male name / Female name
1 Michael Jennifer
2 Christopher Michelle
3 James Lisa
4 David Kimberly
5 John Amy
6 Robert Angela
7 Jason Melissa
8 Brian Stephanie
9 William Heather
10 Matthew Nicole

When was the last time you heard a new baby named Jennifer? I have personally heard 4 boys named Aiden, however. Checking the Social Security website, pre-1999 "Trinity" was ranked #526 - 2 years later after The Matrix exploded on the scene it was #74. In 2004, it's ranked #48! I swear to God we are all sheep.

"His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!" -Ducky, "Pretty in Pink"

It was nice to get back and see everyone. My number one discussion topic was my leg. After that I told everyone about my burgulary. I tried to tell the older folks what a blog is - but they didn't seem to get why people wanted to keep a journal online. Maybe at the family reunion in 2025 it will make more sense.

After the reunion, I went to my mother's new home in Collegeville. It cost what a new fully loaded 2 bedroom would cost in Hoboken, and was about 4 times as large. She had me go through some old boxes. Most had old college books. Some had old Dragon magazines, which I kept - the artwork on some of the covers are incredible. I found some interesting old pictures from my skaterat days. I will try to post them at a later time.

I threw away a lot of memories, but I just couldn't justify keeping them. One of my biggest problems is letting go. I have a bookshelf full of paperback books that I have read - but they just sit there, just in case I decide to read them again. I have old video games stored away in my closet - because I feel like to throw them out is a waste of money.

I need to have a yard sale I think. I have the last week of July and August off - I think on those weekends I will just put the junk outside and see what happens.

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