July Vacation

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I have been off this week for a little RnR from work - and, of course, the blog suffers.

Nothing extremely exciting going on. I stay up until about 2am and sleep until noon. I wake up, surf the web a bit and roll out of bed around 2pm. Jon, who is working part time at The GAP during his summer vacation, will usually yell at me for being lazy. If he knew me like my family knows me - sleeping for about 10-12 hours is about par for the course for my body.

This week I sent back my Ipod back to Apple to get a new battery. I had it for about 18 months and the battery is so drained that it dies after playing for one ride into work. Cool thing is that Apple lowered the replacements from $99 to $65. I went to Mailboxes Etc (on 4th and Washington) and shipped it via UPS for $14 ($4.95 for shipping and $9 for insurance).

I replaced my printer catridges at Cartridge World on 4th and Washington. I decided against having them refill my old catridges and bought new ones. Holy expensive! It cost $80 for a new set (Black, Yellow, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta and Photo Magenta). They said they could refill the set for $40. I will try that next time, but I had bad experiences with "replacement ink" in the past versus getting the real manufacturer ink.

Played in a Texas Hold Em game with about 15 friends. Once again, for the second time, I came in 5th place. Money was won for those in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. I played tight to get to the winner's table, and once there switched up strategy to aggressive. I should probably have just played tight the whole time. The winner was a friend, and I was happy to see him win it.

I'm still rehabbing my leg and i'm very happy with my progress. It is still sore at times, and i'm sure it will be another year until my injury is just a memory. I still feel, sometimes, pain when I walk or go up stairs. My doctor told me it will take a while for that to go away. If you saw me walking around you would have no idea that I had a major leg operation in May. I plan on getting the titanium bolt in my leg removed around March or April.

Otherwise, I have been playing a bit of Battlefield 2 on my PC now. My World of Warcraft playing has died out because i'm bored of it - but I still play for a little bit on Sundays. I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and got about mid-way thru until I got tired of the missions. I felt a bit overwhelmed in the game and didn't feel like I was accomplishing enough in the game to make it fun for me.

That's about it. I'm looking forward to Eagles training camp that opens up tomorrow. Getting everything ready for the club next season at Dipper's Bar on Sundays. Heather, the manager at Dipper's, approved us putting up Eagles banners, signs and flags all over the bar to promote it. It's cool that she is so into the club and she told me a lot of people have been coming in, off the street, asking about the club. I'm very excited for next year.


Had I known that you were off all week, I would have invited you to the beach. I am at my house in Ocean City all week. Did you know that they built a skateboard part at 6th and the Boardwalk?

Glad to hear that the leg is doing better :).

I didn't know they had a skateboard park at the boardwalk. Back in my day (1986-90) we would skate at 34th street by the 7-11 and do railslides on the wooden planks that lined the outside of the store. I remember once, long ago, I was on a boat leaving Ocean City bay and saw that someone actually built a small half-pipe under the 1st floor balcony of their house! I was floored - I kept thinking how cool those parents must have been to let their kids build a halfpipe right under their house along the bay. I read your site Cass - sorry to hear about all your surfing problems, hope you feel well soon!

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