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Growing up in the suburbs, I took the amount of open space for granted. In Richboro, everyone had a half acre of land for their house. In Gwynedd Valley, our land was an acre, covered with very old trees and squirrels.072305b.jpg

Moving to this area was a shock to my system, because of how very few times we get to enjoy the outdoors. One of the ways I try to enjoy myself is throwing a BBQ twice a year - Summer's Start and Summer's End BBQs. It started about 4 years ago, and every BBQ gets better than the next. I would have random friends, one that I don't see very often, stop me on the street and the first thing they say is, "When's the BBQ?"

This year I was interrupted by my leg injury. Now that i'm back to good health, we were able to have another one, a bit late, but I called it "Live 3" - a BBQ to help those who have been hurt by this summer's tragic events. My roommates were robbed of their valuables and I was robbed of my good health. A BBQ to heal wounds.

We had burgers, dogs, marinated steak, marinated chicken, sausage & my homemade meatballs. Jon's sister made some delicious dips, cole slaw and potato salad - it's great to have a roommate whose sister is a caterer! Everyone who came were very generous with bringing beer, ice or alcohol - my hat goes off to everyone who contributed. Thank you.

Here are some pictures from the festivities...we should be having another BBQ by the end of September...

We were able to fit about 40 people into the backyard.

Kristen making sure I have everything under control.

Chet and Heather at the party.

Dan and Shu at the party.

Everyone having a good time.

Christine's birthday weekend continues at the party. Brian stares into space, talking to his imaginary friend.

Chris, Rocco, Mel, Matt and Brad - I have a strong feeling that the discussion went like "Giants suck. No Eagles suck. Eli sucks, no Donovan sucks!"

Beer pong was a hit. I found that if you are good at darts, you are pretty damn good at beer pong. Everyone in Hoboken is fucked now that I learned this game. Bring it.

Jon lost a game at beer pong and is humiliated by the competition.

Not only did Jon's sister make the wonderful dips - but notice the professional labels! Yep, she is getting another invite to future BBQ's - even when Jon moves out.

Jon, an avid Met fan, gets mocked by his brother-in-laws who are Yankee fans.

Another great BBQ party.

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