London Attacked

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"We survived the Blitz, we will survive this!" -from a London coworker.

Today, London joins the list of Western cities attacked by terrorists. As a resident of the metro area, who lived thru 9/11, obviously my most heartfelt feeling go out to the people of London.

I had a roommate from London, John Y. and I hope he and his wife Sarah are safe. I tried to email him, but it seems his work email has changed.

When you see something like this it makes you think about what the terrorists really are. They aren't freedom fighters. Ghandi proved that you don't need to kill people to bring about change.

The actions of a few suicide bombers, sacrificing their lives to kill, mar and ruin the lives of working class London says it all - they are cowards.

If the day comes in which I am killed in the terrorist attack I hope my friends and family pick up the fallen standard and press the attack. Do not bow to the cowards who hide in the shadows. Root them out like the rats that they are, until none remain.

I'm a liberal Republican. I believe in free social issues and a small government - use my taxes for a strong military and intelligence network. Use my taxes to protect my economy. Use my taxes for a small, central government.

I hope my taxes will be used to root out these scumbag criminals where ever they hide, and teach them a lesson for attacking our friends across the pond.

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