Love Is In The Air

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Everyone loves puppies.


And the NYT gives some love to NJ Bloggers

Good to see Mr. Snitch! getting some due recognition. He puts far greater detail and work into his site than my rambling drivel. He was nice enough to link to some of my more creative posts (that isn't saying much).

On tap this week - tonight my roommate Kristen and her friend John organized a bash at PS 450. No real reason other than to get drunk with 50 of their closest friends.

I'm having a BBQ soon at my place. I'm calling it "Live 3" - an effort to help those devestated by the burglary this summer. Games, music and a 50-50 raffle designed to help my poor roommates.

My roommate Jon and I are feverishly working on a beer review. We decided, for the sake of journalistic investigation (of course), to buy some more exotic beers (read: rarely heard of) and performing some taste tests. We buy a six pack. We each drink 1 beer a night. Repeat after 3 days. I will have a detailed post soon for you beer aficionados.

For you legwatch readers, the latest update is that my leg is 90% better. I can easily walk on it, and i'm in physical therapy with a trainer in the city. I'm going to PT twice a week, and also hitting Club H twice a week.


Glad to hear that the leg is coming along fine :).

Are you going to have wristbands made for Live 3 like Live 8 did? There's said ONE on it...what would you have yours say?

How big is your yard? I would love to plug your even on Blonde. Let me know!

Same size as your typical Philly rowhouse. We can fit about 40-50 people back there. Thanks for the plug idea - but this is a picnic of my friends, not a mass gathering of strangers... :)

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