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One year ago today my father died.

Tonight I plan on making myself Nanny's Meatball and Sausage dinner and popping open a bottle of 1994 Chateau
Mouton Rothschild
that my friends 082305.JPG
bought for me last year after his death. After dinner, I expect to drink a few glasses of 20 year old Taylor Flagdate port and go to bed with a nice heady buzz.

I started this blog because of that event. I wanted to open myself up to my friends and family, and just write an online journal to share to them my inner thoughts. Eventually it morphed into also writing about the Eagles club, reviews and life observations. I'm amazed how the site traffic went from 10-20 people reading it a day to about 80-100 people reading it now. If you are new to the site, i'd recommend going back and reading "Call Your Parents After Reading This...". I re-read it again tonight, and I don't think I could top what I wrote last October with a similar entry today.

I not only miss my father but also miss "what could have been". I miss the idea of what we could have shared together. I miss that he won't ever see me marry or see my children or celebrate more Eagles games with me. I miss the future we could have had together.

I miss his advice. He was like a rock in the storm of life, someone who you could always go to for wise advice. I see many things in myself that I saw in him. I only wish I could become half the man he became. I still have time.

Just do me a favor. If you like this site and everything I have done. Just raise your glass tonight while watching TV or during dinner, say "To Frank" and i'm sure he would appreciate it.

Just don't lose the remote control.


Wow. I am surprised I am the first one to comment on this one entry. Your first blog has to do with your dad's passing and this one is such a milestone. Regardless, I was drinking water on a ride up the NYS Thruway last night but, nonetheless, I toasted that Aquafina to Frank (and to you, too). The "what could have been" was so true and I truly felt that when I read that: I must stop lurking and let him know I am here! You're a good guy, Furey, keep up the entries - I look forward to your candor.

Thanks for the comment! I toasted Dad with a glass of wine...and another...and another. :)

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