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Everytime I see my life repeating itself, I hum that when I go home and my mother still has me take out the trash I feel like i'm 15 again...

Some of you know that I bartended at Dipper's bar when it first opened. I was part of the orignial crew: C$ (Su, Tu, Th), TG (Fr, Sa), Joe (We, Fr), and I (Mo, Sa) were the first four to work the night shifts (CB and Heather worked days/weekends). It was a blast.

We all were friends before the bar opened. C$ was the bouncer at Farside, and I would do fill-in bouncing work there also. Joe is a fireman in town, and bartended at Moran's years back. TG used to bartend at Dooley's Bar, and became part of our social circle before Dipper's opened up.

I never bartended before, but Joe was going to be the manager at Dipper's. He pulled me aside one night and dropped a bomb on me with, "Are you interested in bartending?". He told me he picked me because he thought I would be good behind the bar and that he could trust me, which is also very important in a bartender. People who handle money, and a register, you have to trust won't steal.

At the time I was bouncing at Farside, and every once in a blue moon would end up behind the bar or working a beer-station (during festivals) at the pub. Bartending is easy money. Just a few times when I worked behind the sticks you quickly realize how much better it is to bartend versus other service jobs. I worked as a waiter for a few summers in Ocean City, NJ - much harder work with decent tips.

As a bartender? You make nice change, you meet people and you have fun. It was a no brainer.

I owe Joe for the chance to bartend, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have gotten such a opportunity. There are three ways to get a bartending shift in Hoboken:

1) You are a hot girl or you have a hot body.
2) You know the owner or a bartender.
3) You are a hot girl or you have a hot body.
(Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek joke!)

Otherwise you are shit out of luck. There is no chance that if I walked into every bar in Hoboken and asked to bartend would I get a job. I'm not knocking my dashing good looks, but male bartenders are a dime a dozen. If you live in Hoboken and are a cute girl - you can find work much easier than any guy could. Remember the bar logic:

1) Bars want business.
2) Men like women.
3) Cute female bartenders bring in male patrons.
4) More guys = busy bar.
5) Women like busy bars that have crowds.
6) More women = more guys.
7) Bar makes money.
(Madison's, Lua, 340, Quays, Trinity, Nine - look at the talent behind the bar. Not too many mousey librarians types serving drinks are there?)

Joe's offer totally fell into my lap.

We worked there and there were more ups than downs. Everyone really enjoyed working there and as time progressed most went our different ways.

Joe settled down and created a shrine to his family at TurnerRoad. TG moved into the city, became a New York City Police Officer and is engaged to be married in September. C$ is still working hard at Dipper's and The Brownstone - I think he is one of the best bartenders in the mile square.

Me? Well, that is good story. After 2 years with Dipper, we had a disagreement that soured our working friendship around October 2003. At the same time of the disagreement, he was approached by someone, we will call "Freddy", to become a partner in the bar - and Dipper agreed. As part of the partnership, Freddy wanted a bar shift and he got my weekend shift. As Dipper said, "You are benched for now, we will call upon you if something opens up". Technically I wasn't fired, certainly I was replaced by a partner.

I understood that it was Dipper's bar, but pride kicked in. I felt that my hardwork and loyalty to the bar didn't deserve such a fate, so I took everything that I contributed to the bar (and owned) and left. I didn't go back to Dipper's for almost year, and focused less on drinking and more on working out at Club H. Funny thing was, Freddy only lasted 2 weeks before Dipper and he terminated their partnership.

Friends of mine asked if I would bartend at other places, but i'm really a pub bartender. I like to talk to people and I like the pace of a pub. A lot of new bars and lounges in town aren't my scene. Give me a beer, a dartboard and a good conversation, please.

It wasn't until last August 2004 that I started to really show up at Dipper's again. It was mostly because I still liked to see Heather and Chris who bartended there and a lot of the regulars of the pub were also my friends. There are only so many times I could convince them to come with me to Moran's or Farside - it is hard to leave your regular pub.

After the Super Bowl this year I started to think about the Eagles club for the next year. I approached a few bars last November and knew that quite a few have expressed interest in the club for this year. What kept nagging at me was a desire to have better control over the venue and how I want it to run.

Around March I was talking to Heather, and I mentioned the idea of moving the Eagles Club to Dipper's. I liked its location, the kitchen and also that I would have better control over how it was set up. She was immediately interested, and spoke to Dipper who also agreed, which I was kind of surprised. He is a Redskins fan, and I really didn't think he would agree to it.

It was a few weeks after this that Dipper saw me one night while he was talking with George.

"Hey ya, Furey! Hey George, you know Furey he was one of the first bartenders here!", Dipper says to his friend George.

"Oh ya, I know Furey. How ya doing Furey?", George smiled.

"Doing great. Thanks again, Dipper for hosting the Eagles club.", I said.

"Oh, sure! Are you still working in the city?", he asked.

"Yep, working at {Company} still.", I told him.

"Bartending at all?", he asked.

"Nah, haven't bartended since I left here...", I said.

"If you are interested maybe we can use you here...?", he asked.

Now I was basically stunned. Up until this point I didn't think I would really be offered a chance to bartend at the bar. I figured wrong, I suppose. Perhaps it was his way of offering the olive branch. Plus, I do realize that I am bringing in a lot of business into the bar and this could be his way of thanking me.

"Uh...sure...that would be cool..." I stammered. Dipper, George and I chatted for about another hour. When I was done, I told Heather what happened, and we have a good laugh about it. I told her that if she ever needed in a fill-in bartender, that I would be willing to help out.

A few months pass, and I mostly forget about that night. Heather pulls me aside one night and says, "Do you want to work some Saturday nights?"

Hell yea I want to work Saturday nights.

Dipper says, "You are on the short list to work Saturdays" to me. Hey better than the long list.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't excited and apprehensive about it. But I learned from my past, and just realize that if this pans out - great. If it doesn't - no big deal. Either way i'll still be at Dipper's - on one side of it or the other.

Now I have to go get a bar card...

Don't forget my rules about tipping!


Howdy Furey. No need to thank me, we're even for the Marty Brodeur autograph. Good luck again at Dipper's. Also, there are additional pictures of the Live 3 BBQ at our site ( ) Peace everyone. Joe

Also people should go there and decide if Joe and I are really brothers seperated at birth. Many people ask me, "Are you Joe's brother?" - which I will say, "No, he is my sister."

Poor Joe.

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.... from another mother. When you solidify your next Dipper's date, let me know and I'll go up. This way, the good people of your site can decide for themselves. You should really tell the Perry story. Still, to me, one of the greatest of all times.

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