Pinkston Out for Season

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I was never a huge fan of Pinky's, but the news just came out on the wire that Todd Pinkston ruptured his Achilles tendon - and he will be out for the season.

I think two things: a) Greg Lewis was showing flashes of brilliance last season and lots of people wanted to see him as a #2. Now he has his chance. b) Suddenly TO is much, much more important to the team - if I were in their shoes i'd start to think about making him happy.

I hope Pinky gets well, and it's sad to see a player go down. Lots of Pinky lovers thought this was going to be his year to shine.


I have been saying since before camp started that we should get rid of Simon and Pinkston. Who knew my wish would come true!?!?!?!?!

Pinkston is over rated and anyone who thought this was "his year" is delusional. He already surpassed his chance to prove himself.

I love Pinkston and thought this was his year. I'm not delusional. He's shown flashes of brilliance many times. The real tragedy is Reid tells him to go out there and not be afraid to take hits and he listens and gets injured.

And FTR he could not have "surpassed his chance to prove himself" because that sentence doesn't make sense. Maybe you think he already lost his chance, or his chance has passed, but to "surpass his chance" would mean he transcended his chance to prove himself, and that really doesn't seem to be your meaning.

So, if I were you I'd worry less about Pinkston's fans being delusional and more about my grammar. ;-p

I normally wouldn't respond to other peoples comments on someone's blog other then my own but...

terrellsgirl, you need to get over yourself. If your only argument and defense for Pinkston is my grammar, then you need to focus a little more on learning the aspects of football. Pinkston is not a loss to the Eagles.

I disagree. Pinkston had some GREAT plays last year. Let us not forget that Owens himself was not always a 100% reliable star. Think about him during the the 49ers/Greenbay second round playoff game, (98 I believe). He fumbled a few times, dropped a couple but then made the game winning catch (b/c he happened to be in the right place at the right time and he held onto the ball). All in all, he was drafted in 1996 but he wasn't really a shining star till around 2000 (when he started to be known as one of the best wide receivers out there). And even then, he still made mistakes (Bucs vs 49ers in 2003 comes to mind).

Now look at Pinkston-He was drafted in 2000, and had some great numbers last year: (from wikipedia)
Pinkston's 18.8 yards-per-catch average for the 2004 regular season was exceeded by only one other NFL receiver with as many or more receptions than the 36 he recorded (Ashley Lelie of the Denver Broncos averaged 20.1), and his six catches gaining 40 or more yards was topped by only three other receivers (teammate Owens, who had nine, and Javon Walker of the Green Bay Packers and Dennis Northcutt of the Cleveland Browns with seven each).

But no, he couldn't possibly have done anything this season. (I'm trying not to roll my eyes too far back in my head here).

You really should take your own advice and learn something about football before bashing someone else's views.

As for your blog, I've read it once or twice b/c Furey suggested it. I haven't felt a need to comment on it or read it since.

Stats are cool, but I lean on the side of performance.

Watching Pinky get housed at the 2003 NFC Championship game against Carolina solidified my opinion of him - he is an average receiver that shows flashes of brilliance.

Watching him last year, he did well, thanks to double coverage on TO - much like Peerless Price was able to shine when Eric Moulds got double covered. For a #2 guy to get 676 yards, while your #1 is getting 1200 yards - says he is doing a decent job. But he only got 1 measley TD the whole year? Sad.

That is why it says to me - in the end zone you know Donny isn't looking much at Pinky. He is looking at Westy or TO to bail him out.

I think this was a "make or break" year for alligator arms. It was the height of his maturation and if he was able to bust out and prove himself there would be a lot of nay-sayers silenced. Now, he is in a dangerous position because of Greg Lewis or Reggie Brown steps up to the plate - you know that Pinkston won't be given the #2 spot back. He would be given a ticket to unemployment.


Almost completely agree with you. Definitely agree wtih your last point. I really think that he knew his job was on the line this year and he was stepping up. When in the past has he even been close to being injured? Never.

Now instead of the breakout year I believe he would have had, he's going to probably be cut. Glad I didn't get his jersey.

FTR- Philadelphia fans are the most fickle out there. He was our NUMBER 2 draft pick. And now we hate him. Hysterical.

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