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I really can't see you

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I have this funny quirk about me.

If I am walking anywhere, I have this habit of tunnel vision. I won't really notice people walking past me. Oh sure, I can see that there is a blonde girl or a short guy or a fat man with a dog, walking past me. But if it was someone I knew, a quick glace won't do anything for me.

But I could walk right past you and have no idea.

A friend of mine was upset the other day. She said I walked right by her in the gym and didn't say hello.

I tried to explain how it works, and that I can even look at people, briefly and it won't register who they are unless I really LOOK at them. By saying "LOOK", I mean I have to like stare at them for at least 2 seconds before my eyes and my brain say "Bingo! You know them!" Don't ask me to explain it, but I have been this way all my life.

And this can lead me into trouble.

I saw a girl sitting on a bench one day with blonde hair and a small build and it LOOKED like my friend Tina. I walked up, looked at her and she looked back at me....1....2...Oh, you aren't Tina, I thought and turned and walked away. But to her, i'm sure I looked like 'Joe Stalker'. She is writing on, "Some tall freak was looking at me funny the other day..."

I remember once when I was at the Smithsonian as a kid with my mother, we split up and I wandered around the building. She caught up to me about 30 minutes later and was upset that I didn't acknowledge her.

"I was waving at you - you looked RIGHT AT ME and looked away!"

Nope. No recognition. I was probably scanning the crowd and the connection between what I saw and my brain decided to not work.

It is also frustrating because I have an aloof nature when I am alone, and people mix up my attitude with arrogance. Couple that with the chance I could walk right past you in a bar without saying hello and you have a recipe for disaster (for my more sensitive friends).

I was at a bar the other night. As soon as I walked in, there weren't many people in the bar, I saw some friends playing darts and I was chatting with them for about 30 minutes. At the other end of the bar, were friends I knew and I didn't even acknowlege them. No idea they were there. Sure, I knew people were down there but I had to like LOOK at them.

Oh well, now you know, so next time I pass you on the street, just tackle me to get my attention.

It Pays To Be A Member

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I spoke to the owners of Philly's Cheesesteaks and we are happy to announce that members of The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken are getting a discount - $1 off cheesesteaks!

This is how it works:

  • Come to the Eagles game at Dipper's on the weekend.
  • After the game find me (hint - I look like the guy in the picture in the upper right corner of the website).
  • Get the $1 off coupon from me.

It is that easy. The coupon will be good for 24 hours. No, you can't buy a cheesesteak from Philly's and bring it back to Dipper's, sorry. I had a cheesesteak after the game last weekend and it hit the spot.

The Hidden Road of Richboro

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Growing up in Richboro, there was a section of area in my neighborhood that was wilderness. It was about a half mile away from little Tanyard Farms, and it was a area of dense brush, trees and a small creek that provided a tremendous amount of adventure and amusement for the growing boys of our town.

Many a summer was spent with stolen garden tools from our parents garages, cutting through the thorny bushes, and creating trails and hidden hideouts for us to hide.

Being boys, we would create somewhat crude camps where there may be a hidden stash of stolen cigarettes and old Playboys. This was our haven, our escape from suburbia. My first taste of beer was back in that wilderness. I remember trying Moosehead beer for the first time, it was so sour, I hated it. But I was around my brother's friends so I just sipped it and tried to be cool like them.

While exploring one day, we were watching the minnows and trying to catch salamanders around the muddy riverbank. I looked into the clear water, with the insects skipping across the glassy surface and saw something odd.

On the bottom of the "floor" of the creek was rock, and it was cut into a pattern. There was a stone "road" under the water - it was made from a dark stone, and cut into irregular shapes, but they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I told my friends, and we all were amazed.

What kind of road could this be? Maybe it was an old road from the days of the Revolution? The Spread Eagle Inn was merely a mile away from this area, and it has been around since 1790. That was when Richboro was called "Beartown" or "The Bears". I heard there were many different roads into town, but when you are 10 years old, you just think it is neat and move on.

I still think about that hidden road, and how no one has discovered it. I think from time to time that I should tell someone - like a historical society about it. I don't know if they would do anything - i'm not sure what the purpose of that road was, now it is completely covered by the creek, maybe it was a man-made built creek to divert water for the near-by slaughterhouse?

I decided to email the people at the Northampton Historical Society to see if they have any interest in knowing about this.

Week 3 Pictures

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Here are the links for week 3 and week 2 pictures, given to me by Thom, the unofficial Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken photographer (i.e. we pay him with free booze):

Week 3:
Week 2:

Thanks Thom!

Week 3: When Eagle Fans Attack

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Just when you thought it was safe to go to an Eagles bar, they strike!

Oh, what sweet, sweet justice it was yesterday! I'm sure if you were one of the smart ones who heeded my email and joined me at the bar early - you got to hear Chris, a Giant fan and Sunday's bartender (with Heather), yapping and ridiculing all the Eagle fans within earshot. Who was laughing after the game. Chris was a good sport about all the "Fly Eagle Fly" songs he had to endure.

Eagles vs Raiders wasn't a pretty game. Penalties, injuries and a near-upset wracked on every fan's last nerve. The largest crowd to date was at the bar yesterday - we may have broken a few Hoboken regulations on doing so - and we still had a line outside the bar. I'm very sorry to anyone who had to wait or was turned away.

Ok, now here are a few thoughts, observations and ramblings from me:

  • "Run! Run! Donovan!", I heard one fan yell next to me. The guy has a groin injury. Abdominal or a hernia. Donny isn't running anywhere, it is extremely tender in his groin. It's like someone kicking a guy in the nuts and saying "Ok now, run!" Not. Gonna. Happen. I'm frankly amazed at how tough Donovan has been over the years. Plays on a broken ankle, busted ribs, hurt thumb, etc. McNabb gets some serious props. The latest injury this week is a shin contusion (i.e. a really bad shin bruise). Anyone think a Week 6 Bye is really going to help us? I do.
  • Akers, Akers everywhere and not a kicker to kick. What can you say when a 3 time pro bowl kicker, and fan favorite, has a hamstring tear? Everyone say hello to Todd France, the new kicker we signed last week. I don't know what we were thinking not activating France for the game. That was stupid. I expect Akers will be out at least 4-6 weeks, but don't quote me on that. Don't buy into the "season ending injury" doom and gloom posters on the message boards. If that were true, Akers would be on IR.
  • Run Defense looked tremendous. Pass Defense looked poor. Dear Lord, can we ever have a year where our pass rush and our defense stopping capabilities are on the same level? Either way, we just have to see Kearse start to step it up a notch at Arrowhead next week.
  • Kerry Collins stats: 24 for 42, 345 yards, 2 TDs, 1 Bottle of Jack Daniels (post game). Stats are deceptive, I think the secondary did a much better job than these stats show.
  • The messageboards are filled with posts saying how "we owned the Raiders". We really dodged a bullet more than anything else. If it wasn't for Janikowski's 2 missed field goals (the 49 yarder I can understand, but to miss a 30-39 yard field goal is ridiculous for someone of his caliber. 6 points off the board right there and a huge morale deflating effect it would have had at the Linc. There is something to be said about momentum, penalties and the other team beating themselves.
  • The love-fest continues for Owens. 9 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD last game. Year to date, after 3 games: 21 catches, 335 yards, 3 TDs. Lets go back in time, to a more simple age, when our primary #1 receiver was: James Thrash. His stats in 2002? 52 catches, 635 yards, 6 TDs - FOR THE YEAR. Seriously, folks. Are you still saying we shouldn't pay Owens? We are the same people that ran Charles Barkley out of Philadelphia. For the love of Pete, can we just keep a superstar in our town?
  • Westbrook vs Jordan. Jordan rushed 16 times for 19 yards and 5 catches for 53 yards. Westbrook? 13 rushes, for 68 yards 1 TD. 6 catches for...listen up...140 YARDS and 1 TD. We are $12-13 million under the cap this year and we are hand wringing over paying Westbrook? We know that LaMont got a 5 year deal worth 27.5 million --including a $7 million signing bonus. He will receive $11 million in guaranteed money and $17.8 million over the first three years of the contract, including $15.7 million in bonuses. I'm not an accountant, but 7 million bonus, still leave the Eagles with another 5-6 million this year to play around with to either keep Owens happy or sign someone for a long term, like Michael Lewis (Mark Eckel, of the Trenton Times, reported on Sept 4th that the Eagles are in talks with him over this).
  • Talking about our corners, chew on this. We have Sheldon Brown (CB) until 2012. Lito Sheppard (CB) until 2011. Brian Dawkins (FS) until 2010. We have a crew that is locked in until 2010? 5 years of these great players shutting WRs down? That is exciting, to me. If we can just finish the last piece of the puzzle, that really can make fans breathe easier knowing that for the next 5 years, we pretty much will have a very good to great pass defense.
  • We really, really, really could have used Trotter in our first game. Hands down we should be 3-0 right now.
  • Just because the Eagles aren't on TV tonight, doesn't mean to not watch Monday Night Football. Chiefs, who we are playing next week, are fighting Denver in Mile High Stadium. We are going to really need our run defense to be ready for next week. Good news is that the Chiefs will have one less day of rest and preparation for us. Did you know that since the merger in 1970 (excluding post-merger entrants Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville and Carolina), the Eagles and Chiefs have only played 4 times? I can only find the last 3 games, we won 23-10 at Arrowhead in 2001, lost 24-21 at the Vet in 1998 and lost in Arrowhead 24-17 in 1992.

    That is all for this week. Great to see a full house at Dipper's. Next week the game is at 4:15pm & it is an away game - I fully expect the bar will be very packed next week, so get to the bar early if you want a seat.

    -$10 for a Bucket of 5 domestic beers (choose from Bud, Bud Lt, Miller, Coors Lt)
    -$3 domestic drafts / $3.50 imported drafts ($1 off regular price)
    -$8 Pitchers of Coors Lt and Bud Lt
    -$5.50 for a basket of wings ($1 off regular price)
    -$12 Dipper's BBQ Rib Special ($2 off regular price) - a delicious half rack of ribs with a tasty bbq sauce.

    On a side note, i'm talking with the owners of Philly's Cheesesteaks right now to get a special coupon for everyone in The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken - $1 off cheesesteaks! More details to follow, more than likely club members who attend Dipper's bar for the game, will get a $1 off coupon or voucher after the game. I had a cheesesteak after yesterday's game. So tasty.

Wogie's Cheesesteaks

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A visitor to my site saw my review about Carl's Philly Cheesesteaks, and emailed me about a place called Wogie's:


I read your blog today for the first time. I made it my new book mark
for a daily read. I am a huge fan of Dalessandro's myself, I make a
trip there every time I go home. Have you ever tried Woogie's on
Greenwich Ave for cheeseteaks? Its owned buy a guy in Philadelphia
and I heard the cheesesteaks are awesome.

I got to email chatting with my new friend, and she turns out to be a Philly Eagles fan and fellow cheesesteak enthusiast. I promised her that I would follow up on her suggestion. It only took me a month, but I finally got to Wogie's.

Located on the corner of Charles St & Greenwich Ave, it is an easy walk from the 9th street PATH train station. Just make a right exit from the station, cross the street to Greenwich, and make another right walking two blocks north to Charles. Wogie's is on the west side of the street - you can't miss its red awning with "Wogie's" on it. For you non-Hobokenites you can take the A, C, E, B, D, F, V to W. 4th St.; 1 to Christopher St.-Sheridan Sq.

They are open Sun-Thu, 11:30am-2am, Fri-Sat, 11:30am-3am. If you are in the West Village on the weekend, here is a late night stop for you.

I got there on a Monday night, and the place was pretty dead - but I used to bartend on Monday nights and they aren't a very active night. There were a few outside tables, but inside was empty. I plopped down at the bar, and noticed that they had $3 drafts of Yuengling (along with Rolling Rock, Bud Lt)! They also had Victory on tap , and if you read my Hop Devil review - Victory is the same brewer of Hop Devil. Of course I noticed this after I ordered my captain and coke. Damn!

The bartenders there were more interested in sitting outside with some friends, so I only occasionally saw them. The waitress was also very quiet. I sat and watched Monday Night Football, while I waited about 15 minutes for my pizza cheesesteak to arrive.

I will use the following words to stress how good this cheesesteak was: tasty, good, fingerlickin good, goodtasting, savory, savorous, palatable, toothsome, gusty [Scots], gustable [old], sapid, delicious, delightful, delectable, exquisite; delicate, dainty; juicy, succulent, luscious, ambrosial, nectarous, scrumptious and yummy.

It was all this. Why?

The meat was tender and juicy, chopped correctly in a Philly manner and invoking a mouthwatering flavor that I haven't had for a long time. Yes, Carl's and Philly's (in Hoboken) are very good. I like them both, I am not knocking either. But Wogie's was delicious.

It was a greasy steak. No, this isn't a sirloin - this was a greasy mess that was everything that a steak should be.

They had a roll which is by far the best roll I have found in New York. It had a semi-crisp exterior (not hard, but hard enough not to go soggy on you in a minute) and a soft interior. As soon as I sunk my teeth into this monster I was in cheesesteak heaven.

The provolone cheese was UNDER the meat, so it melted nicely. The sauce was DEE-LISH-OUS. It tasted like a pizza sauce, not a canned marinara sauce. I doubt it was a freshly chopped tomato spread, but I loved the sauce. Plus I ordered some onions on it and I think I ate the entire thing in 8 bites.

One downfall of Wogies is the french fry situation. You can order a steak, but you don't get anything with it. You can order fries, and they give you a MONSTER basket of fries that there is no chance one person (like me) can eat. They certainly should have a smaller order for people. But the string fries were tasty enough.

The cheesesteak was $6.75, and the fries were $3. I ordered 1 captain and coke along with it and my bill was $17! Grrrr.

But, certainly another establishment to add to my list of places to get my cheesesteak fix. I'm willing to try other places, just send me an email if you think you know of one.

Top 5 Things I Hate About The Gym


I workout 4 days a week and still get laughed at by Ethopians, but here are 5 things I hate seeing at my gym, "Club H":

1. Keep your cell phones in the locker. Working out and chatting on your cell phone? Please stop being a retard and put the phone back into your locker. Oh yea, whoever has the cell phone with the Indiana Jones theme song - turn your fucking phone off. Every single time I walk into the locker room that phone is constantly ringing, uber nerd.

2. Guys who feel the need to walk around the locker room completely naked, please stop. Guys will walk up to the scale buck naked - because you know that hefty towel is going to throw your weight off by 3 ounces! Or you walk into the sauna or steam room and it is a preview of "Free Willy". Towels were invented for a reason - use them!

3. Unnecessary grunting has got to go. Yes, lifting heavy objects may cause a person to grunt. But when someone is lifting and it sounds like they are doing their "Incredible Hulk taking a massive dump" impression, it gets old after the 2nd set. This also includes anyone who has a IPOD and decides to SING while they work out. I was next to a chump who was singing happily along with his IPOD, and he was tone deaf. God damn, people!

4. See a cute girl - don't gawk or leer. Too many guys look like they are one step away from dropping their shorts and beating it right there when a cute girl walks by. Horray - you see a cute girl. One second rule, fellas. Glance, look away and appreciate. This also means don't tap your buddy on the shoulder, point and then make chummy quiet laughter. Har har har - you are a dork.

5. I'm so tired of watching people lift heavy weight without proper form. I don't know how many times I see a guy doing bicep curls and he is swinging his back to lift the weight. Or how many times someone is doing the lat bar pulldown and leaning back to pull it down. Reduce the weight, and stop trying to exercise your ego. Rule #1 for the gym is - Check your ego at the door. Just lift with good form first.

Oh, this is a bonus section, which technically makes this a top 10 list:

  • What's up with the top heavy look?. When you have a buff upper body and your calves and thighs are like twigs, you look like a fool. At least 65% of the guys at the gym never workout their legs. I seriously have to sneak some photos of these guys to show everyone how bad this is.

  • Everyone loses (or gains) 10 pounds when they first start to work out. The key to losing weight isn't getting your fat (or skinny) ass on a treadmill - it's your diet. Eating like a bird for lunch and dinner and then sucking down 3 cheeseburgers on a late night drunk binge on Saturday night isn't going to help your weight loss. I'm constantly trying to follow my high protein diet and my love of cheesesteaks and Captain & cokes isn't helping the situation.

  • Wipe down the machines after you use them. The towels provided aren't to wipe your sweaty brow - they are for wiping down the machines after you get your greasy hair all over it. I was going to use a bench to stretch yesterday when it wasn't wiped down - so gross.

  • For the love of God someone destroy Club H's sound system. They play some of the worst work out music at Club H. They should have IPOD night. Club members can sign up, bring in a good IPOD mix (20 songs max - and it gets reviewed so we don't have to endure 1 hour of German Metal Rap), and it gets played. Yes, yes, yes, I know the whole "why not just wear an IPOD and workout". I can't - it is distracting to me to have wires hanging around and stuff. Next invention - bluetooth IPOD with wireless earbuds.

  • Is it really so hard to put the weights back in order? This is my anal request, but when the 45 pound dumbbells are sitting askew or the 55 pounds are in the 40 pound slot, what kind of stupid lazy motherfuckers are going to the gym? Oh right, I forget the same guys who are shooting up steroids between their toes in the gym bathroom, that's who.

Mad One Jacks


My hair and I have quite a history.

Back when I was in NROTC at Villanova, I had the high and tight hair, parted on the side. Once the program was terminated, I grew my hair long, went to Italy and came back as Eurotrash. Then I cut it for graduation, since my parents pleaded with me to do this.

When I moved up to town, a co-worker told me about a place 092005c.JPGon 22nd and First called Sigfrido's. I loved this place, it was an italian barber shop, open 7:30am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday. I think a haircut was $12, and they did the hot shaving cream and straight edge shave, too.

Then, I got a roommate from London named John, in 1999, and it was downhill from there. Sad to say, but he was the first guy I saw with the "bedhead" haircut. I was a fan, and knew that my italian barbers wouldn't have any idea what i'm talking about.

I have two rules when I shop for things - one, I like to buy the best I can. Two, I want to be as efficient as possible when I shop.

This was true for choosing a new place to get my haircut. I did a few internet searches on Metro New York. I really couldn't decide on a place, and finally broke down and chose Vidal Sassoon and met a great stylist named Barbara.

Yes, I know i'm going to get grief over this. We all spend money on what is important to us but frivilous to others. Clothes, hair, golf, food, wine, cars, PS2 games, whatever.

Expensive? Very. Great hair cut, loved it. Barbara was a cool woman, older - used to be in the punk rock scene at CBGB's in the 80's and had great stories.

I went to her for the last 5 years and each year Vidal kept upping the price of a haircut. As a guy paying for the haircut and tip every 5 weeks drains your wallet after a while.

I decided to try something local. But, i'm not the kind of guy that is going to go to Supercuts and get my hair trimmed by a pimply 17 year old kid from North Bergen who secretly hates yuppies.

I discreetly asked around to some guy friends about where they get their hair cut.

As a guy, have you ever tried to ask 092005b.JPGANOTHER guy where they get their haircut? It's breaking all sorts of hetero-guy rules. I may as well say, "Hey did you see the score of the Giants game...and by the way your ass looks great in those jeans, Bob!"

Alright. Maybe it's not that bad. You just have to make sure you ask someone you know.

If you are a guy who doesn't relate to my story, see if Sigfrido's is still open, 212-475-9513, and get a $12 buzz cut there (don't forget to tip!). If you are a guy who relates to my dilemma, I have a place for you in Hoboken to try: Mad One Jacks.

2005 Week 2: Eagles vs 49ers


Week 2 and things are much more calm in Eagles Country. We got another nice crowd to Dipper's Bar on Sunday afternoon, watching the Eagles humiliate the 49ers on national TV. 091905a.JPG

My few thoughts on the game:

1) I know everyone is going to look at the stats and say how great Donovan did - I agree, he was tremendous. What worried me was that on a few closeups of him - how tired he looked. Maybe it's just me. Plus there was one time he scrambled to the sideline, and you could tell, by the way he ran, how his chest was hurting still. He just had this "stiff upper chest" run thing going.

2) I find it funny how when we win - everything is just lovey-dovey with McNabb and Owens. I still say that there is some tension there, despite the media clips of them laughing on the sidelines. But this is what makes a person a professional - go out and play the game.

3) What's up with Akers? I was saying before the regular season that he deserves a raise and he has to go embarass me like this. Maybe we can see if Simoneau wants to kick FGs now.

4) Once again - everyone who questioned the front office on jettisoning Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent can eat some more crow. Our secondary is outstanding, kudos to Andy Reid for picking such great talent.

5) As happy as I am with our passing game, Westbrook keeps disappointing me. He isn't consistent enough as a rusher to make me happy. Yes, he breaks out a big run like once every four or five carries. I think he is right for our system, but if we ever encounter a team where we just have to throw our rushing attack at them - we will be in big trouble.

6) Eagles don't have a rushing game, we are really a team that airs the ball out to multiple receivers. If McNabb is off, or we face an aggressive secondary (Pats in Super Bowl, Falcons last week), along with a strong front four - we are in trouble. I think defenses are wising up to our achilles heel.

Listen up for NEXT WEEK!!!!!

We play Oakland next week at 1pm. Next week is the Hoboken Arts and Music festival. Bars are very, very busy that day and the police heavily enforce the occupancy laws of all bars. Dipper's has a capacity of 66. Dipper's opens at noon on Sundays. I'd get to the bar early to make sure you can get inside. Dipper's will have a bouncer that day and once we hit 66 - a line will start. I don't want to see anyone upset when they stroll to the bar 10 minutes before kick off and they are shut out.

Specials (in case you forgot):
-$10 for a Bucket of 5 domestic beers (choose from Bud, Bud Lt, Miller, Coors Lt)
-$3 domestic drafts / $3.50 imported drafts ($1 off regular price)
-$8 Pitchers of Coors Lt and Bud Lt
-$5.50 for a basket of wings ($1 off regular price)
-$12 Dipper's BBQ Rib Special ($2 off regular price & just added in Week 2) - a delicious half rack of ribs with a tasty bbq sauce.

Great to see everyone this week, here are some pictures after the jump...

2005 Week 1: Eagles vs Falcons


Another opening game, another opening loss. How many times is that now?

Do you think we missed Trotter? I do.091305a.jpg

Do you think that early hit on McNabb to his chest upset his performance? I do.

Do you think that the offensive line did a poor job? I do.

Do you think Westbrook or Owens aren't going to be chirping about getting paid more money this week? I do.

But, it was still a very exciting game. Plus, it was great to kick off a new year with the Eagles club. Tonight we had about 70 people packed into the bar and the energy was palpable.

The waitress Liz, pulled me aside later and said, "Even with the crowd people - they were so polite to me when I had to get past them. They were great."

Week 1 is over, and we have the Niners next week at home. Should be a great game, and I would be amazed if the Eagles weren't fired up to win this one.

I'll hand it to the Falcons, they played a great defensive game and deserved to win. Vick proved how incredibly dangerous he is - I turned to my friends and said he should have just been a running back. Unbelievable quickness.

More pictures from the bar after you click...

Eagles Questions & My semi-rant

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A lot of people have been asking me questions and I figured that I can try to answer a few of them.

Q: The Yard near the PATH says they are "The Philadelphia Eagles Bar of Hoboken" - what gives? Which bar do I go to?

A: We are The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. I came up with the idea in mid-August 2004, and didn't even know The Yard was doing a bar promotion. We aren't associated with The Yard. The club isn't set to any bar. 2004 we were at The Brownstone. 2005 we are at Dipper's Bar. Dipper's is located at 616 Washington Street, if you want to come join us.

The Yard is located at 72 Hudson Street. They have a website: I wish them the best of luck - Michelle, one of the bartenders there, is a good friend of mine. I think there are enough fans for all of us.

Q: How many people show up to Dipper's each week?

A: Last year the attendance (at The Brownstone) would rise and fall depending on these factors:

  • Nationally televised games, like Monday or Sunday Night Football kept Eagle fans at home.
  • Eagle home games would hurt our attendance - people would go to the games or to the tailgate.
  • The colder it got, less people showed up - the Brownstone was a bit off the beaten path, i'm hoping a more central location encourages more people to show up on a consistent basis.

Q: How soon before the game should I get to the bar for a seat?

A: This can be tricky. Dipper's has about 20 seats at the bar and about 20 seats at the indoor tables, and 16 seats outside (and plenty of standing room). I'd just say get there at least 1 hour before the game. I remember last year people were showing up 90 minutes before the game to get a seat at the bar. The bar handles large crowd on Festival Days, and there is no reason why it can't handle a large football crowd, either.

Q: Will all the TVs be tuned into the Eagles games? And Sound?

A: Yep. Dipper's has 8 TVs in all corners of the bar, and nearly everwhere you sit you will be able to watch the game. The sound has been connected into the stereo speakers so everyone can hear the play-by-play.

Q: Are you guys going to go to any games?

A: I'd love to do it, if we can get some kind of ticket package to Giants stadium or The Linc.

Q: What about other Philly sports teams - are you planning on expanding the club to those sports?

A: I'm thinking about that. My other favorite team are The Flyers. I certainly could talk to Dipper to see if he can get other Philadelphia sport packages if there is interest.

Q: Did you see how fat Corey Simon was last night? Why would we just lift the tag and get nothing for him?!

A: Wow. I have his freaking jersey and I feel bad. We saved 6 million on not re-signing Simon. Plus we found out that DT Mike Patterson is looking like an unbelievable pick at #31. Word on the street is that he could be a top ten rookie this year. We get someone who plays just as well as Corey Simon at a fraction of the cost. That is some great scouting and some great work by the front office. Plus, even with Simon lost, we will get a compensation 3rd or 4th round pick for losing him in the 2006 draft.

Q: What do you think the Eagles record will be this season?

A: I'll go on record saying they will be 11-5. If it wasn't for the whole TO and Westbrook drama, i'd nudge them to 13-3. Also my score depends upon the key players (McNabb, Owens, Westy) staying healthy the whole season.

Q: Why do the Eagles treat their players so badly?

A: I think the Eagles pay, what they consider "Fair Market Value" to a player. The player feels they are owed more, because of skill and contribution to the team over the years. Lets look at some players we "lost":

  • Barber: To Chiefs - solid guy, i'd like him back
  • Staley: To Steelers - everyone loved him but the front office made the right call here, what has Duce done?
  • Trotter: To Redskins - we offered nearly the same package and he still spurned us for Redskins. Lasted a year and came back.
  • Douglas: To Jags - same as Trotter. We gave him a good deal, and he still turned us down to "get paid". He should have never left.
  • Bobby Taylor: To Seahawks - four year 11.3 million contract that lasts 1 year. I bet there are a whole bunch of fans saying Bobby who?
  • Troy Vincent: To Bills - Someone tell me you really want him back?
  • Buckhalter: We offered him a 1 year deal because the FO thought he was fragile. Turns out that they were right.
  • Westbrook? I think they gave him a fair deal, but are thinking that Moats can easily replace him.
  • T.O.? Hands down i'd wait this season see how he does and restructure his contract next year. He is a prima donna, we can all agree, but he is also one of the best WRs in football. To lose Owens would be like the day we drafted Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp. A big mistake!
  • Akers - we are $12 million under the cap, pay him!
  • M. Lewis - are you kidding me? Please lock this guy up! We have the money.

    If you were able to lock up Westbrook, T.O., Akers and Lewis for good deals I think we would easily have one of the premier teams for the next 4 years. I don't understand how the Eagles can be $12 million under the cap and not spend it when it only behooves the organization to have a good team without all this controversey. I want to buy a Westbrook jersey, for example, and i'm waiting to see if they sign him or not. That is revenue that the team is losing. You have to spend money (on players) to make money (from the fans).

    Q: Why doesn't Westbrook just shut up and play?

    A: Actually i'm on his side. He is an injury away from selling pretzels outside The Linc. Westbrook's original contract gives him a $423,000 bonus and $648k his first year. Year 2, he made $303k, and year 3 he made $383k with bonuses of $3,000 each! Compare that to Freddie Mitchell, who got 8 million over the life of his contract and is a huge bust. Who do you think really needs to be paid? If, God forbid, something happened to Westbrook, all of his efforts and contributions in the last 3 years equals, what - 2 or 3 million?

Wedding Crasher


I had a wedding this weekend, and I found myself in a dilemma. I hand wrote a wedding card, like I do for any wedding or special birthday. I usually take time to include a toast or memorable quote, along with my few heartfelt words. At weddings, I will include a check for the bride and groom....but I found myself wondering:

How much money do you give at a wedding?

I consider myself a good tipper, and a good friend, and don't want to give a bad wedding gift. Before I drove to the wedding Jon and I talked it and we agreed it depends on a few factors:

1. How well you know the groom or bride. Siblings should get more than the groom, who you met two years ago at a AA meeting.

2. Cover the cost of your plate. This is hard to judge. A good way to tell how expensive the wedding is, would be to see where the invitation has the wedding. If invitation for the party is at, say, a country club versus the local Veterans of Foreign War clubhouse - maybe you want to give an extra bit.

3. Take into consideration your financial status. If you are making $35,000 a year versus $350,000 - certainly you aren't expected to cough up $500.

I spoke to my mother today and we were talking about this. She told me that, back in the day, my sister's weddings were about $75 a plate (this was 1980's folks) - and she said you can expect to have around $125-$250 (if not more!) per plate nowadays.

I hope I gave enough.

The wedding, itself, was good. It was held in East Stroudsburg, PA and was outside under a large tent. Lots of friends from Hoboken to celebrate the wedding of Teresa and John. I bartended with Teresa for a little over a year at the bar on Saturday nights. It was pure fun behind the bar when we worked. We would rock out to Rage Against The Machine, and goof off with each other and the customers. I have some great memories with her.

Sunday, I bartended again for the first time since November 2003. I found it amusing because I have a lot of new friends that don't remember me as the "bartender". Both my roommates weren't living with me before 2003 - they just think of me as the working guy.

Yesterday was fun. My leg held up, and my ankle and achilles were a bit stiff when I got home. I worked with Liz behind the bar, and for a day of moderate business it was a good day. It was cool to see everyone come down and have a few drinks and watch some football.

I'm very excited for tonight.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive

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My buddy Joe the fireman is organizing a relief drive for the victims of Hurricane Katrinia:

Hoboken Fire Department - Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive
Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Hoboken Fire Department will be holding a Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive on Saturday, September 10, 2005, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Items needed include cash, non-perishable foods, clothing (infant, toddler, and children, as well as adult), feminine hygiene items, work gloves, towels, children's items, etc. Items may be dropped off at the Hoboken Fire Museum, 213 Bloomfield Street, in Hoboken. For additional info, please contact Hoboken Firefighter Joe Turner at

If you are around town this weekend, see if you can help. I will be stopping by to drop off my feminine hygiene pro...I mean...canned goods.

Have a doggie that needs walkin?

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A friend of mine has started a dog walking business. Her name is Kathleen and if you have a pooch in town that needs an hour walk a day - this is your girl.

I have known her for the better part of a year and met her through The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. But she gives the same kind of good lovin' to all dogs - even those that are Giant fans. :)

Know someone in Hoboken or Jersey City that needs their dog walked daily? She plays with the dogs and sends me emails about each of her little fellas that she walks. I'm jealous, it sounds like fun. Now if I could get a 401K and healthcare benefits, I just might quit my day job.

Of course, for her its fun NOW - just wait until winter, Kathleen!

I'm not sure on her rates, but if you shoot her an email: - she certainly can talk to you about it.

When Roommates Become Lovers

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Names and certain parts have been altered in this story to protect the innocent...

In my 10 years of living in Hoboken, I have had, at last count, about 18 different roommates.

Before you get the wrong idea - my first apartment was a "5 bedroom" brownstone. I use that term loosely, since each bedroom really wasn't a bedroom - the basement had two rooms (with no insulation and faux wood walls). The first floor was originally a brownstone first floor, with a living room, dining room, kitchen and walk in closet - which was very poorly converted my our landlord to bedroom #1, bedroom #2, living room and bedroom #3.

Most of my years have been with a mix of guys and girls. I have found that the balance of having mixed genders in a household works out well as long as you can pick the proper type of girl and guy to live with. For the most part, my ability to screen a good roommate had been spot on. One year I let in "Sarah". Boy, was that a mistake.

Picking a girl roommate, I basically use my same rules that I wrote about before. This is my lesson on how I picked with the little head, not the big head - and paid for it.

I had the last week off from work and I realized one thing...

I really need a job.

My life, for the better part of 33 years I have always had something to occupy my weekdays. From grade school to college to the working world, my only breaks have been due to vacation. During those vacations, no matter what age I was, I would go back to my old habits.

They include:

1. Staying up late at night - i'm a night owl and simply love the night and finding ways to stay up. I normally fall asleep, on vacations, from 3am to 7am.

2. Sleeping late in to the day - this is due to my night time habits, and I wake up about 9-10 hours after I fall asleep.

3. Accomplishing very little - Sure, you read about all the things I wanted to do this week. I was able to get my bar card, only because it was urgently needed. I didn't even update my blog.

4. Procrastinating everything. I have bills sitting on my desk that have been waiting far too long for me to pay. It's not a question of payment - just the 30 second act of writing a check, putting the check into an envelope and a stamp on it that i'm avoiding.

5. Sleeping more than usual. I know how I say I sleep 9 to 10 hours, but I also catch myself napping (which, again, I have done my whole life) after every meal. I'll come back from eating something semi-healthy (like Subway - it's not pure health food, but if Jared lost weight eating it, then it can't be that bad...) and my "sleep-gene" will kick in if i'm watching TV or playing my computer. It first begins with "I'll just shut my eyes for a second..." - then 2 hours later i'm wondering what the fuck happened.

It wasn't a bad week off - just completely unproductive. I got a new obsession by watching Full Metal Alchemist every night on Cartoon Network.

If tomorrow I won 10 million dollars - I would be so screwed. I can now understand why those rich kids go bonkers in their life - when you have NOTHING to do - I can see why they turn to drugs to kick it up a notch.

Getting my bar card was an experience this week. For those that don't know a "bar card" basically is a 2 year license that the city of Hoboken grants someone to bartend or bounce in their city limits for the low, low price of $104 - in other words, they are taxing the bartenders.

You have to get two certified checks. One in the amount of $50 and the other in the amount of $54. You can get these at banks ($3 per check) or the post office ($.50 per check).

Now, once you get your two blank checks, you walk to the Hoboken Police Station on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 7am to 11am or 12pm to 2:30pm. Check in with the front desk, and they will point you to the area to the left where you need to go.

The hours for the bar card really didn't work with my nocturnal schedule, and I showed up at 2:15 on Wednesday. The police there told me "The guy who does that is out, come back early tomorrow."

Not looking to raise any issues I decide to call their bluff. I get to the station at 7am on Thursday. I had the week off, so I did this by simply staying up all night, playing video games, watching TV and living like my college days.

I needed to get the bar card, it was somewhat urgent that i'm bartending at Dipper's again. I had my first taste this week of bartending again - I helped Heather behind the bar on Wednesday night when a large crowd of Stevens kids were there. It was kind of strange to be doing it again. My main fear is how my leg will hold up working on it for 7 or 8 hours. I'm still rehabbing it and i'm still in pain when I do certain quadricep exercises that bend the knee.

I'll soon find out if my leg is up for the task - i'm bartending this Sunday at the bar during the day. It's not my normal shift, but Heather needed someone to fill in and I volunteered. Maybe I should get a knee brace just in case.

That's all for now. I have to get the picture up from the pre-season Eagles gathering on Thursday. It was a lot of fun to meet those new people who showed up. Even with the Eagles losing (and the Eagle haters who were rubbing it in) - it was a good time.

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