2005 Week 1: Eagles vs Falcons

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Another opening game, another opening loss. How many times is that now?

Do you think we missed Trotter? I do.091305a.jpg

Do you think that early hit on McNabb to his chest upset his performance? I do.

Do you think that the offensive line did a poor job? I do.

Do you think Westbrook or Owens aren't going to be chirping about getting paid more money this week? I do.

But, it was still a very exciting game. Plus, it was great to kick off a new year with the Eagles club. Tonight we had about 70 people packed into the bar and the energy was palpable.

The waitress Liz, pulled me aside later and said, "Even with the crowd people - they were so polite to me when I had to get past them. They were great."

Week 1 is over, and we have the Niners next week at home. Should be a great game, and I would be amazed if the Eagles weren't fired up to win this one.

I'll hand it to the Falcons, they played a great defensive game and deserved to win. Vick proved how incredibly dangerous he is - I turned to my friends and said he should have just been a running back. Unbelievable quickness.

More pictures from the bar after you click...








I agree with you 100%.

Trotter ruined my whole week.

I need to go to Hoboken with all of you hot looking people to catch a game. Usually the Eagles fans I get stuck around have mullets.

I'm save you a seat at the bar when you make your grand entrance, Cass! ;)

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