2005 Week 2: Eagles vs 49ers

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Week 2 and things are much more calm in Eagles Country. We got another nice crowd to Dipper's Bar on Sunday afternoon, watching the Eagles humiliate the 49ers on national TV. 091905a.JPG

My few thoughts on the game:

1) I know everyone is going to look at the stats and say how great Donovan did - I agree, he was tremendous. What worried me was that on a few closeups of him - how tired he looked. Maybe it's just me. Plus there was one time he scrambled to the sideline, and you could tell, by the way he ran, how his chest was hurting still. He just had this "stiff upper chest" run thing going.

2) I find it funny how when we win - everything is just lovey-dovey with McNabb and Owens. I still say that there is some tension there, despite the media clips of them laughing on the sidelines. But this is what makes a person a professional - go out and play the game.

3) What's up with Akers? I was saying before the regular season that he deserves a raise and he has to go embarass me like this. Maybe we can see if Simoneau wants to kick FGs now.

4) Once again - everyone who questioned the front office on jettisoning Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent can eat some more crow. Our secondary is outstanding, kudos to Andy Reid for picking such great talent.

5) As happy as I am with our passing game, Westbrook keeps disappointing me. He isn't consistent enough as a rusher to make me happy. Yes, he breaks out a big run like once every four or five carries. I think he is right for our system, but if we ever encounter a team where we just have to throw our rushing attack at them - we will be in big trouble.

6) Eagles don't have a rushing game, we are really a team that airs the ball out to multiple receivers. If McNabb is off, or we face an aggressive secondary (Pats in Super Bowl, Falcons last week), along with a strong front four - we are in trouble. I think defenses are wising up to our achilles heel.

Listen up for NEXT WEEK!!!!!

We play Oakland next week at 1pm. Next week is the Hoboken Arts and Music festival. Bars are very, very busy that day and the police heavily enforce the occupancy laws of all bars. Dipper's has a capacity of 66. Dipper's opens at noon on Sundays. I'd get to the bar early to make sure you can get inside. Dipper's will have a bouncer that day and once we hit 66 - a line will start. I don't want to see anyone upset when they stroll to the bar 10 minutes before kick off and they are shut out.

Specials (in case you forgot):
-$10 for a Bucket of 5 domestic beers (choose from Bud, Bud Lt, Miller, Coors Lt)
-$3 domestic drafts / $3.50 imported drafts ($1 off regular price)
-$8 Pitchers of Coors Lt and Bud Lt
-$5.50 for a basket of wings ($1 off regular price)
-$12 Dipper's BBQ Rib Special ($2 off regular price & just added in Week 2) - a delicious half rack of ribs with a tasty bbq sauce.

Great to see everyone this week, here are some pictures after the jump...






looks like a ton of fun up there in Philly.

TheBlonde sent me. Take care of her next week, ok?

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!

No problemo! I take good care of everyone who comes to the bar...

There's an IDIOT in every crowd... and it appears that the leader stumbled in.... hey... let me borrow your COWBOY hat.... *WIPES ASS* thanks moron... needed that!


every Birds fan in South Philly

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