A Week of Regression & Getting A Bar Card In Hoboken

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I had the last week off from work and I realized one thing...

I really need a job.

My life, for the better part of 33 years I have always had something to occupy my weekdays. From grade school to college to the working world, my only breaks have been due to vacation. During those vacations, no matter what age I was, I would go back to my old habits.

They include:

1. Staying up late at night - i'm a night owl and simply love the night and finding ways to stay up. I normally fall asleep, on vacations, from 3am to 7am.

2. Sleeping late in to the day - this is due to my night time habits, and I wake up about 9-10 hours after I fall asleep.

3. Accomplishing very little - Sure, you read about all the things I wanted to do this week. I was able to get my bar card, only because it was urgently needed. I didn't even update my blog.

4. Procrastinating everything. I have bills sitting on my desk that have been waiting far too long for me to pay. It's not a question of payment - just the 30 second act of writing a check, putting the check into an envelope and a stamp on it that i'm avoiding.

5. Sleeping more than usual. I know how I say I sleep 9 to 10 hours, but I also catch myself napping (which, again, I have done my whole life) after every meal. I'll come back from eating something semi-healthy (like Subway - it's not pure health food, but if Jared lost weight eating it, then it can't be that bad...) and my "sleep-gene" will kick in if i'm watching TV or playing my computer. It first begins with "I'll just shut my eyes for a second..." - then 2 hours later i'm wondering what the fuck happened.

It wasn't a bad week off - just completely unproductive. I got a new obsession by watching Full Metal Alchemist every night on Cartoon Network.

If tomorrow I won 10 million dollars - I would be so screwed. I can now understand why those rich kids go bonkers in their life - when you have NOTHING to do - I can see why they turn to drugs to kick it up a notch.

Getting my bar card was an experience this week. For those that don't know a "bar card" basically is a 2 year license that the city of Hoboken grants someone to bartend or bounce in their city limits for the low, low price of $104 - in other words, they are taxing the bartenders.

You have to get two certified checks. One in the amount of $50 and the other in the amount of $54. You can get these at banks ($3 per check) or the post office ($.50 per check).

Now, once you get your two blank checks, you walk to the Hoboken Police Station on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 7am to 11am or 12pm to 2:30pm. Check in with the front desk, and they will point you to the area to the left where you need to go.

The hours for the bar card really didn't work with my nocturnal schedule, and I showed up at 2:15 on Wednesday. The police there told me "The guy who does that is out, come back early tomorrow."

Not looking to raise any issues I decide to call their bluff. I get to the station at 7am on Thursday. I had the week off, so I did this by simply staying up all night, playing video games, watching TV and living like my college days.

I needed to get the bar card, it was somewhat urgent that i'm bartending at Dipper's again. I had my first taste this week of bartending again - I helped Heather behind the bar on Wednesday night when a large crowd of Stevens kids were there. It was kind of strange to be doing it again. My main fear is how my leg will hold up working on it for 7 or 8 hours. I'm still rehabbing it and i'm still in pain when I do certain quadricep exercises that bend the knee.

I'll soon find out if my leg is up for the task - i'm bartending this Sunday at the bar during the day. It's not my normal shift, but Heather needed someone to fill in and I volunteered. Maybe I should get a knee brace just in case.

That's all for now. I have to get the picture up from the pre-season Eagles gathering on Thursday. It was a lot of fun to meet those new people who showed up. Even with the Eagles losing (and the Eagle haters who were rubbing it in) - it was a good time.

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