Eagles Questions & My semi-rant

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A lot of people have been asking me questions and I figured that I can try to answer a few of them.

Q: The Yard near the PATH says they are "The Philadelphia Eagles Bar of Hoboken" - what gives? Which bar do I go to?

A: We are The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. I came up with the idea in mid-August 2004, and didn't even know The Yard was doing a bar promotion. We aren't associated with The Yard. The club isn't set to any bar. 2004 we were at The Brownstone. 2005 we are at Dipper's Bar. Dipper's is located at 616 Washington Street, if you want to come join us.

The Yard is located at 72 Hudson Street. They have a website: www.hobokeneagles.com. I wish them the best of luck - Michelle, one of the bartenders there, is a good friend of mine. I think there are enough fans for all of us.

Q: How many people show up to Dipper's each week?

A: Last year the attendance (at The Brownstone) would rise and fall depending on these factors:

  • Nationally televised games, like Monday or Sunday Night Football kept Eagle fans at home.
  • Eagle home games would hurt our attendance - people would go to the games or to the tailgate.
  • The colder it got, less people showed up - the Brownstone was a bit off the beaten path, i'm hoping a more central location encourages more people to show up on a consistent basis.

Q: How soon before the game should I get to the bar for a seat?

A: This can be tricky. Dipper's has about 20 seats at the bar and about 20 seats at the indoor tables, and 16 seats outside (and plenty of standing room). I'd just say get there at least 1 hour before the game. I remember last year people were showing up 90 minutes before the game to get a seat at the bar. The bar handles large crowd on Festival Days, and there is no reason why it can't handle a large football crowd, either.

Q: Will all the TVs be tuned into the Eagles games? And Sound?

A: Yep. Dipper's has 8 TVs in all corners of the bar, and nearly everwhere you sit you will be able to watch the game. The sound has been connected into the stereo speakers so everyone can hear the play-by-play.

Q: Are you guys going to go to any games?

A: I'd love to do it, if we can get some kind of ticket package to Giants stadium or The Linc.

Q: What about other Philly sports teams - are you planning on expanding the club to those sports?

A: I'm thinking about that. My other favorite team are The Flyers. I certainly could talk to Dipper to see if he can get other Philadelphia sport packages if there is interest.

Q: Did you see how fat Corey Simon was last night? Why would we just lift the tag and get nothing for him?!

A: Wow. Just...wow. I have his freaking jersey and I feel bad. We saved 6 million on not re-signing Simon. Plus we found out that DT Mike Patterson is looking like an unbelievable pick at #31. Word on the street is that he could be a top ten rookie this year. We get someone who plays just as well as Corey Simon at a fraction of the cost. That is some great scouting and some great work by the front office. Plus, even with Simon lost, we will get a compensation 3rd or 4th round pick for losing him in the 2006 draft.

Q: What do you think the Eagles record will be this season?

A: I'll go on record saying they will be 11-5. If it wasn't for the whole TO and Westbrook drama, i'd nudge them to 13-3. Also my score depends upon the key players (McNabb, Owens, Westy) staying healthy the whole season.

Q: Why do the Eagles treat their players so badly?

A: I think the Eagles pay, what they consider "Fair Market Value" to a player. The player feels they are owed more, because of skill and contribution to the team over the years. Lets look at some players we "lost":

  • Barber: To Chiefs - solid guy, i'd like him back
  • Staley: To Steelers - everyone loved him but the front office made the right call here, what has Duce done?
  • Trotter: To Redskins - we offered nearly the same package and he still spurned us for Redskins. Lasted a year and came back.
  • Douglas: To Jags - same as Trotter. We gave him a good deal, and he still turned us down to "get paid". He should have never left.
  • Bobby Taylor: To Seahawks - four year 11.3 million contract that lasts 1 year. I bet there are a whole bunch of fans saying Bobby who?
  • Troy Vincent: To Bills - Someone tell me you really want him back?
  • Buckhalter: We offered him a 1 year deal because the FO thought he was fragile. Turns out that they were right.
  • Westbrook? I think they gave him a fair deal, but are thinking that Moats can easily replace him.
  • T.O.? Hands down i'd wait this season see how he does and restructure his contract next year. He is a prima donna, we can all agree, but he is also one of the best WRs in football. To lose Owens would be like the day we drafted Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp. A big mistake!
  • Akers - we are $12 million under the cap, pay him!
  • M. Lewis - are you kidding me? Please lock this guy up! We have the money.

    If you were able to lock up Westbrook, T.O., Akers and Lewis for good deals I think we would easily have one of the premier teams for the next 4 years. I don't understand how the Eagles can be $12 million under the cap and not spend it when it only behooves the organization to have a good team without all this controversey. I want to buy a Westbrook jersey, for example, and i'm waiting to see if they sign him or not. That is revenue that the team is losing. You have to spend money (on players) to make money (from the fans).

    Q: Why doesn't Westbrook just shut up and play?

    A: Actually i'm on his side. He is an injury away from selling pretzels outside The Linc. Westbrook's original contract gives him a $423,000 bonus and $648k his first year. Year 2, he made $303k, and year 3 he made $383k with bonuses of $3,000 each! Compare that to Freddie Mitchell, who got 8 million over the life of his contract and is a huge bust. Who do you think really needs to be paid? If, God forbid, something happened to Westbrook, all of his efforts and contributions in the last 3 years equals, what - 2 or 3 million?

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