Have a doggie that needs walkin?

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A friend of mine has started a dog walking business. Her name is Kathleen and if you have a pooch in town that needs an hour walk a day - this is your girl.

I have known her for the better part of a year and met her through The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. But she gives the same kind of good lovin' to all dogs - even those that are Giant fans. :)

Know someone in Hoboken or Jersey City that needs their dog walked daily? She plays with the dogs and sends me emails about each of her little fellas that she walks. I'm jealous, it sounds like fun. Now if I could get a 401K and healthcare benefits, I just might quit my day job.

Of course, for her its fun NOW - just wait until winter, Kathleen!

I'm not sure on her rates, but if you shoot her an email: wardk66@yahoo.com - she certainly can talk to you about it.

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