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A visitor to my site saw my review about Carl's Philly Cheesesteaks, and emailed me about a place called Wogie's:


I read your blog today for the first time. I made it my new book mark
for a daily read. I am a huge fan of Dalessandro's myself, I make a
trip there every time I go home. Have you ever tried Woogie's on
Greenwich Ave for cheeseteaks? Its owned buy a guy in Philadelphia
and I heard the cheesesteaks are awesome.

I got to email chatting with my new friend, and she turns out to be a Philly Eagles fan and fellow cheesesteak enthusiast. I promised her that I would follow up on her suggestion. It only took me a month, but I finally got to Wogie's.

Located on the corner of Charles St & Greenwich Ave, it is an easy walk from the 9th street PATH train station. Just make a right exit from the station, cross the street to Greenwich, and make another right walking two blocks north to Charles. Wogie's is on the west side of the street - you can't miss its red awning with "Wogie's" on it. For you non-Hobokenites you can take the A, C, E, B, D, F, V to W. 4th St.; 1 to Christopher St.-Sheridan Sq.

They are open Sun-Thu, 11:30am-2am, Fri-Sat, 11:30am-3am. If you are in the West Village on the weekend, here is a late night stop for you.

I got there on a Monday night, and the place was pretty dead - but I used to bartend on Monday nights and they aren't a very active night. There were a few outside tables, but inside was empty. I plopped down at the bar, and noticed that they had $3 drafts of Yuengling (along with Rolling Rock, Bud Lt)! They also had Victory on tap , and if you read my Hop Devil review - Victory is the same brewer of Hop Devil. Of course I noticed this after I ordered my captain and coke. Damn!

The bartenders there were more interested in sitting outside with some friends, so I only occasionally saw them. The waitress was also very quiet. I sat and watched Monday Night Football, while I waited about 15 minutes for my pizza cheesesteak to arrive.

I will use the following words to stress how good this cheesesteak was: tasty, good, fingerlickin good, goodtasting, savory, savorous, palatable, toothsome, gusty [Scots], gustable [old], sapid, delicious, delightful, delectable, exquisite; delicate, dainty; juicy, succulent, luscious, ambrosial, nectarous, scrumptious and yummy.

It was all this. Why?

The meat was tender and juicy, chopped correctly in a Philly manner and invoking a mouthwatering flavor that I haven't had for a long time. Yes, Carl's and Philly's (in Hoboken) are very good. I like them both, I am not knocking either. But Wogie's was delicious.

It was a greasy steak. No, this isn't a sirloin - this was a greasy mess that was everything that a steak should be.

They had a roll which is by far the best roll I have found in New York. It had a semi-crisp exterior (not hard, but hard enough not to go soggy on you in a minute) and a soft interior. As soon as I sunk my teeth into this monster I was in cheesesteak heaven.

The provolone cheese was UNDER the meat, so it melted nicely. The sauce was DEE-LISH-OUS. It tasted like a pizza sauce, not a canned marinara sauce. I doubt it was a freshly chopped tomato spread, but I loved the sauce. Plus I ordered some onions on it and I think I ate the entire thing in 8 bites.

One downfall of Wogies is the french fry situation. You can order a steak, but you don't get anything with it. You can order fries, and they give you a MONSTER basket of fries that there is no chance one person (like me) can eat. They certainly should have a smaller order for people. But the string fries were tasty enough.

The cheesesteak was $6.75, and the fries were $3. I ordered 1 captain and coke along with it and my bill was $17! Grrrr.

But, certainly another establishment to add to my list of places to get my cheesesteak fix. I'm willing to try other places, just send me an email if you think you know of one.

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