Dipper's Haunted?

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I worked at Dipper's when it first opened, changing from Dooley's to its present form. One of the creepy aspects to the job was its basement, which was very old. It was so old that it has a brick coal storage room that extends to the present day Washington street. Every time I used to work late nights alone at the bar, closing up was always very eerie. Sounds, noises and cold feelings would play tricks on me and I remarked to a few people how much I didn't like being in the bar alone.

It turns out that other people working there described similar feelings of dread, and we all started to think the bar was haunted. No one ever saw anything, but you would get that feeling that someone is watching you. Your skin would get the chills and goose bumps are common. No one has seen anything, and there is only one story that I have heard from someone working there.

Chris was working at the bar late one night, closing the bar and finishing work on the register. Tall Heather was there with him, at the end of the bar having a drink. From how the story was told to me, Chris was occupied doing his work but caught on the corner of his eye, a movement at the end of the bar where Heather sat. A pen flew into the air, off the bar, and landed on the floor. Heather didn't touch the pen. Chris certainly didn't throw the pen. It just went into the air and on to the ground on its own. Both of them were very perplexed about the situation and jokingly said the ghost must have moved it.

So imagine my surprise when I was looking at the digital photos from last Saturday night. The cloud was smoke blown from a patron next to me. But look AT the cloud. I see a skull in the cloud, do you? I didn't alter this image in any way, nor did I do any photoshopping here. I think it is pretty freaky.


Here were the 1st and 2nd place winners of our costume contest. On the left is Al & Peg Bundy. On the right is a biker guy (no, he really is in costume, we know how he normally dresses and he looked amazing). Congrats to both!


Chris dressed up as a beer bottle, he looked hilarious. Also had some good lines whenever he would say something sarcastic..."Hey, it's just the beer talking..."


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I am trying very hard to see it, but I don't... I have heard Chris say Dipper's is haunted though.

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