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I was thinking about making a Movie night.

Just once a month, meeting guessed it...Dipper's.

I thought it could be fun, and DIFFERENT. Something that Hoboken needs, something different to do.

Not sure when i'd do this. Maybe on a Tuesday night. Figured that i'd run it the same way as the Eagles club - for the next 2 hours, all the TVs will show the movie with sound. You certainly can talk all you like or just sit and watch the movie for free.

Popcorn would be provided, along with an alternative drink - Like in summers you could have frozen drinks. In winter time we could serve hot drinks (like a hot toddy or hot cocoa).

This all got me started when I asked someone if they saw the movie, "The Warriors". Now, growing up, and in college, I don't think there was anyone who didn't see this classic surreal movie about gangs in New York. I think after watching this movie - I really thought that is what New York was like. I was terrified of going there.

"Warriors! Come out to play! Warriors! Come out to play-ay-ay!"

One thing that I don't know is the legality of doing this. Can you show a movie in a bar (if we aren't charging people to watch it)? I have to look into this. Plus I also don't really know if people, in our digital age, are that motivated to go to a bar to watch a movie.

What would be the movies, besides midget porn, that you would want to watch? My top 5 movies that i'd like to show:

1. The Warriors: This isn't a good movie, it is a total B movie. But it still ranks as a movie that you gotta see. I love all the different gangs that are out to get The Warriors, and the movie is fast paced and fun. Pure soda pop on film.


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