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This stinks. I'm sick.

Sleeping all day. Watching TV. Taking cold medicine. My head feels like it is in a vice.

Second day of missed work. I hate missing work. It isn't the work I miss, but I like the routine. Get in the office, check my email, surf the web, do a bit of work. Before you know it - it's noon, have a protein shake, along with a banana or granola bar. Grab a water, then back to the desk for more of the same. 3pm hits, order lunch. 5:30 hits, eat a Nitrotech protein bar and at 6pm head to the gym.

Very rarely do I actually get "sick". Maybe once a year. Most other sick days I take from work aren't the real ones. I just wake up and don't feel like going into the office. A mental health day or something.

When I busted up my leg, I was back in the office 4 days later after the surgery. I could have milked it for all its worth. I could have been out of the office for weeks, taking leave pay and claiming that I couldn't sit in a chair. That isn't me. I don't do that.

I was talking to a really cute the other day at the bar. She was a waitress at a chain-restaurant outside of Hoboken. She hurt her back on the job, and was on medical leave.

"But my back is fine now. I have a few more weeks that I can keep getting paid for doing nothing..."

In my eyes she immediately wasn't so cute anymore. I have a fairly good hangup about "character" in people. I think it stems from Mom & Dad who drilled into all of their kids about walking the straight and narrow. Honesty and integrity have been something that was taught to me.

The one day I decided to shoplift as a 7 year old, my mother took me back to the store, with the metal jet airplane that I swiped. She made me apologize and hand back the jet airplane to the owner. I don't think I ever shoplifted again.

Or the time that I was working as a waiter's assistant in Somers Point. My father would make me record all my tips, every night. It was for two reasons. One, I owed money on my Jeep Wrangler. My father paid for half and I paid for half, each year. Two, so that I could report them to the IRS in April.

After the cute girl left I turned to another bartender and expressed my same sentiments as above. I wondered if a person was willing to lie about their health, and take money for it - what other things in their life would they lie about to take advantage of situations. Wouldn't you be worried to date someone like that? I would.

Well, I have the day off from work. Just finished playing a new game "F.E.A.R", which was a first person shooter with a creepy plot similar to the movie The Ring. Today Civilization 4 comes out and i'm excited. I already reserved a copy from the GameSpot and the delivery should be at 1:30pm. Yes, I will be at the store by 2pm, i'm sure. It is the little things in life that I enjoy. Even while sick.


Hey Furey, that sentiment you have sure is fuzzy. I'm sure the ladies will admire your willingness to be so (you say honest, I say spineless).

And don't you think that calling out sick for "not feeling like going to work" is a lie too? Shouldn't you only call out when you absolutely cannot go? What about handing free drinks at a bar just so you can get additional tips?? Where's your honest and integrity now? Aren't YOU taking advantage of they system as well?

Perhaps you need some more lessons in what you were taught, and now so contradictingly preach.

I guess that's why no one wants to date you either!! :)

I don't mean to be contrary, but you were very contradictory in the above post. The highlight of this to me was the fact that you were too sick to go to work today, but you are not too sick to go to the video store for a new video game and play games until you go blind (even though your head hurts from being sick).

My Mom's rule: if you are too sick to go to school/work, then you are too sick to do something fun.

I never get sick either and I am home today with SARS or the Bird Flu or some illness that is causing me much unhappiness.

I am a workaholic and will go to work on my deathbed. However, everyone in my office has children and we have a rule that if you are sick then don't bring it to work. Actually, it was my rule since they all work for me and I don't want whatever their snotty kids are coughing up.

I will work from home, but if you don't have a job that you can do that, then just stay home and rest. It is the best thing for you.

Take care of yourself. If I wasn't dying myself, I would drive up there and nurse you back to health ;). BTW, your commenters are harsh and not very compassionate for this sick. Sheesh.

Siren - I had no food and I needed something to eat, my stomach was growling, so I walked 5 blocks to the deli to get food & next to it is GameStop on 5th and Washington. I would play the game for 2 hours, sleep for a 2 hours, and repeat. Could I have been in work? Sure, if they had a bed where I could nap.

FKI - I like how you tease me here and then email privately me saying, "Wanna do a game swap?" So typical of Hobokenites. :)

Cass - agreed about staying home stick to also not infect everyone else. Don't worry about the commenters, they know me and enjoy getting their licks in while i'm down. ;)

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