Week 4: Never Say Die

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Can words be put into emotion on how great of a comeback that game was? That is what you call a "gut-check" victory. You are deep in the hole and pull yourself out of it. I think if we lost that game you would have us at 2-2 and the pundits foaming at the mouth that the Eagles are finished. The injuries are too much. We can't expect to keep winning like last year.

We have been winning. I'm not a huge stat person (I think they are deceptive), but, still. McNabb has Week 1, 257 (1); Week 2, 342 (5); Week 3: 365 (2), Week 4: 369 (3). 11 touchdowns after 4 games, he is on pace for a 44 touchdown / 5300 yard season, similar to Peyton (4559 yards 49 TDs) last year. Can he keep this up?

Westy had a quiet day. 9 attempts at rushing for 15 yards. 6 catches 33 yards. Again, a very good RB, but he isn't on the same level of LT or Alexander. He is a different back, and will have slow weeks like this.

Fortunately we have others to step it up, like TO. 11 catches 171 yards, 1 TD. LJ Smith 9 catches 67 yards 1 TD. Even Bartrum gets into the mix for a TD.

If you were watching the game, like me, and wondering what the hell our defense was doing, they looked miserable for the first 20 minutes of the game. Chiefs were humiliating them. It was like our secondary fell asleep. But, Trent only threw 221 yards, and 2 TDs - but was picked off twice. Eddie Kennison - KENNISON?! - caught 7 passes for 109 yards. Sheldon Brown kicked off the comeback with his impressive 40 yard TD return.

In other news...

Phillies are out of the playoffs, but was this a Championship team? I'd say no - but I did enjoy (some of) the season. I got to see them play the Mets, and blame them missing the playoffs because of my jinx. Had I not attended that game at Shea, the Phils would have won and they would be in the playoffs now. My apologies to the City of Philadelphia.

I really want to see an Eagles game at the Linc. I have only been to that stadium once, but fear that the jinx will come into play.

Eagles are headed to Dallas next week for a 4:15pm game. Very exciting football next weekend!!

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