Week 7: The Newest Jinx of Jinxes

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There is nothing like a good serving of crow on a Sunday.

I got a text message while bartending, when the Eagles were down 13-17 and the San Diego Chargers were lining up:

"Can you say...last place?", it read from Chris S.

Obviously, Chris didn't read my story The Jinx of Jinxes. We all know what happened next.

Blocked field goal. Dipper's goes bonkers, and all is well again in Eagle Country.

Congrats, Chris. You are the new Jinx of Jinxes. See Tom from Moran's, and he can hand over the crown to you.

Wow. What a game. I think I can speak for most level headed Eagles fan to agree that it was great to win the game - but this isn't the Eagles team from last year.

Mistakes, penalties and injuries are making us look woefully average. Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are playing much better football from last year and are all in contention now for the NFC East crown. Gone are the days where we would dominate games against all opponents.

Sadly, since I was bartending, I didn't get to watch the game as intently as I did in weeks past and can't give my in depth analysis. From what I did get to watch, i'm tired of hearing everyone bemoan the Eagles run game. Here's why:

1. McNabb completes passes. He has, to date, a 62% completion rate (254 attempts / 158 complete), and has passed for 1751 yards. He has 5 interceptions. I have said it once, and I will say it a million times, we are running Andy Reid's WEST COAST OFFENSE. Every conservative football guru is going to drive home the "run run run" philosophy. I don't agree with it, I think Andy is doing a great job, should close his ear to the critics and keep doing what works.

2. We aren't designed for the run. Westbrook isn't a between the tackles running back. He is a shifty scat back. Warrick Dunn and Tiki Barber are the same type of running back as Brian. Tomlinson, James and Alexander are the other type of power back. If we had Tomlinson on our team - I would certainly be crying about our running game. Anyone watch Westy try to run the ball yesterday? 10 attempts for 25 yards. Conversely he had 10 catches for 75 yards. Throw to Brian. He has outstanding hands and is deadly when given the short pass while he is in the flats.

3. Owens changes the game. I have people who come up to me all the time and say, "How can you wear number 81? Come on - you hate him, don't you?" When he was on the 49ers, I thought Owens was a flashy annoying player that had a lot of talent. Now that he is on the Eagles, I think he is a flashy, funny player that has a lot of talent. Some people don't like his showboating, and I certainly didn't when he was on the 49ers. Now - I find it funny and think, "If I were on the Eagles - THAT is what I would do when I score a touchdown!". Aside from my critique of Owens, we have the #1 deep threat in the NFL. Some may argue for Moss, but I disagree. I think Owens is hands down better than "Starvin'" Marvin Harrison (don't throw stats at me, i'm just calling it like I see it). You send Owens down the sidelines and that is going to open up the short passing game for...LJ Smith. He caught 6 catches for 63 yards. He already has 34 catches for 350 yards this year (10 yards per catch!). That is more than Greg Lewis, our #2 WR.

Bottom line is that we are nearly at midseason and the ship is taking on water. It is my sincere hope that the Eagles can plug the holes and start to show a consistent passing attack. They play Denver last week at Mile High Stadium - and I will guarantee that the Broncos are extremely angry for losing to the Giants. They are coming to play.

Are we?

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