Week 8: Eagles at Denver

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From heroes to zeroes.

I went into this game expecting a loss, but not a massacre. Mischief night was in full effect at mile high, and everything simply went wrong during the game. The Eagles pass defense is a joke, and after watching the front line barely put any pressure on Jake, he picked us apart. The Denver run game was excellent, and we had barely any answers for it.

We lost to Denver, and AFC team, in Denver. End of the world? No. I think if you had to lose games all season, I would certainly pick the AFC games. But we have 3 big games coming up: Washington, Dallas and Giants. Unfortunately you have an Eagles team floudering and ripe to lose those games.

But you have to take it one game at a time. You lost to Denver. Identify what is wrong and move forward. McNabb at Denver showed signs that he is really, really not fit to be a starting QB and showed other signs that he still has some magic left. The only way i'd want McNabb out is if he is getting surgery to fix the hernia. Otherwise, i'd say keep him in. Could you imagine Detmer playing against Denver? He would have gotten killed out there.

The Eagles nearly pulled off another comeback (like they did against Kansas City), and when it was 21-28, I thought we were going to pull it off. Then a terrible pass picked off by the Denver corner Foxworth, who was subsituting for Bailey sealed the game. If McNabb saw that Westbrook was WIDE OPEN, he would have easily scored for a touchdown. But it is easy to see these things when we are watching it on TV and not down on the field.

Now that half the season is over, I think the next half will be much like the first. Before the season, I expected our record to be 11-5. I think the defense is showing glaring signs of weakness and the teams we face are showing much better football prowess, it could be an 9-6 season. The next 3 games will be more telling than you think. We go 0-3 or 1-2 in the next 3, you can stick a fork in us. We win 2-1 or 3-0, then it will be a footrace to see who can make the playoffs.


It was another nationally televised game and we still had a decent crowd of people on hand. Misery loves company. We raffled off a XL Eagles jersey (hey, it was free!) and the photo above is the lucky winner. If I remember correctly, she is a FRIEND of an Eagles fan, and is actually a Steelers fan! Lets hope to convert another to our cause with the T.O. nightshirt - it is almost as large as her! The next 3 games are nationally televised, but come down to Dipper's we are planning on doing more raffles each week of Eagles gear.

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