25 More Things You May Not Know About Me

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If you read my old entry, you can read up on how I could be known as "J.P." today and my hatred for Afgans (well, Hounds...).

26. In the last year have been interested in learning how to cook. It has tailed off a bit since I injured my leg, but I still like to read cookbooks and think about new dishes I can make in my spare time.
27. I talk in my sleep. Girlfriends would tell me what I said the night before, and I would have no recollection of saying it.
28. I also snore. I often think about having some kind of surgery to fix this, because I think it interferes with my ability to have a restful nights sleep.
29. My biggest roommate pet peeve? Loud noises. I had a roommate who would come home and play his radio every day from work. Upstairs I would hear "thump, thump, thump" from the bass. We had a chat, and eventually he stopped. Upstairs neighbors who drop their shoes on the hardwood floor or walk across the hardwood floor is very annoying. Also I have neighbors who have a fire escape, with doors, and they use it as a balcony to chat on their cell phones or have cigarettes. I would hear their conversations when my window is open & them slamming their doors when they go back inside. Drives me nuts.
30. Three things I would need alone on a desert island: fishing pole (with plenty of gear; hooks, line, etc), flint & steel (to light fires) and an axe with sharpener.
31. I believe there is life on other planets. But I also believe that we are incredibly insignificant in the scheme of the universe. 600,000 years of human existence is a blip in the timeline.
32. Women with English accents are incredibly sexy to me (a 300 pound woman with an English accent doesn't suddenly become sexy, however) and conversely women with New York accents are an incredible turnoff.
33. I grew up with many pets. A dog (Leia), cat (Tasha) and a rabbit (damn, I forgot the rabbit's name). My sisters worked at a local veternary hospital, and would bring home pets to nurse back to health. We had ducks, racoons, deer & birds, too. I love animals, and want to get a dog (i'm a big fan of boxers & pugs or a cat (big fan of Abyssinians) but would prefer to wait until I moved out of Hoboken.
34. My school grades were always "C's" or "B's" until I got a great english literature teacher at LaSalle high school named Mr. McCabe. He taught with a passion and I really enjoyed reading. From that point onward, I excelled in all literature classes (as you can tell on this blog I sucked with my grammar classes).
35. The greatest moment of my life? I think returning to America after my 4 month trip to Italy. You really don't appreciate being an American until you have been away for a very long time, and we take so much for granted here. We have so, so many more choices and conveniencies that the rest of the world doesn't have. Secondly, I think the trip broadened my horizons and mindset, I think everyone should send their children to study in a foreign country (even if it is a 6 week summer trip). Too many born and raised Jersey kids have no concept of the world outside of Hudson county.
36. I have a problem with concentration. I get very irritated when someone interrupts me when I am under pressure or trying to concentrate, like when i'm typing or cooking. For example, I have to turn my radio and tv off if I am trying to read or study. I just can't do it. If someone is talking to me, I can't type at the same time. If I am typing, I can guarantee i'm not listening to you. When i'm cooking I tell my roommates I have one rule - stay out of the kitchen. I have snapped at people for interruping my concentration by trying to talk to me while I cook. I can't do it. I can't concentrate on cutting or timing the meal while someone is trying to talk to me. I have even gotten into fights over it, and tried to explain, but I always lose the argument because people don't get it. What? You can't listen to me while you chop an onion? I can, but I wouldn't really be listening to you. I am big about being focused on what i'm doing. It is just the way my brain is wired.
37. The oldest lie I remember is when my father sat me down and asked if I did drugs. I think I was about 12 years old, and was experimenting with pot thanks to my older brother's friends who were 15 (for the record, my older brother wasn't doing it, and I think my brother suspected that I was doing it with his friends when he wasn't around). I flat out told him "No", only because I was afraid of his reaction. I hold a certain level of guilt over that to this day, only because it underscores our relationship - I couldn't tell him the truth, he wasn't the kind of guy that would say, "That's alright! I tried it also!". In my mind he would have flipped out and busted everyone in the neighborhood.
38. Nothing was better than getting a Tanner's Ice Cream (a local cow farm, about a mile away from our neighborhood in Richboro) as a kid. Favorite flavor was chocolate marshmallow.
39. In my fraternity, there was a nickname ceremony, everyone got a nickname. My nickname was "The Grinch", because my brother-sponsor thought I smiled like him sometimes. It never stuck.
40. My first online nickname, on CompuServe, that I used was "Thrasher", because of the skateboarding magazine. In college my handle for MUDs was, "Inferno". By the time I graduated college I was "Furey" (after my great grandmother's maiden name).
41. For special occasions I will hand write a birthday or wedding card.
42. I'm right handed, but I play pool left handed.
43. I very rarely find red-headed women attractive (especially with the milk-white skin and freckles), I like blondes and brunettes.
44. For the last 4 years I have been claiming that the rise in real estate prices is leading to a bubble. I felt the same way about stocks in 1998. It amazes me how many people who don't think there is the market is cyclical work in real estate. I'm also fairly upset about the housing situation in Hoboken, since anything worth buying is at least 500k.
45. I have a habit of being very meticulous on anything I purchase. I will read multiple reviews, compare and contrast the item and price it out for months before I buy it. My only impulse items would be for clothing or food.
46. I used to have a large overbite before I got braces at 13. I had 4 permanent molars removed from my mouth to allow room for the changes.
47. I know, for a fact, that if my job didn't have internet access that I would never be able to work a in a corporate world.
48. When I was a youngster, I thought about becoming a catholic priest, but couldn't get over the whole celibate rule. I wanted to marry a woman more than I wanted to study about God. Then I started to question everything, and the answers I got back started to bother me - since they all started with, "Well, you need faith..."
49. There are some regrets I have now that I attended Villanova. I should have gone to a school with more of a party scene. University of Florida, University of California � Santa Barbara or Penn State should have been the schools I applied to. I enjoyed my time at the school, but I think college could have been a lot more fun.
50. I'm always trying to do things to the last minute and more often than not, I always run 10 minutes late for things.

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Hey Furey, I wouldve posted this on Hobokeni.com board, but 'someone' still hasn't activated my posting privileges.:P
Anyhoo, here's a story of fun dealing Hoboken's warm and fuzzy teens.
And it's yet another reason why Im moving back to PA. ROFL

I've lived in Hoboken for nearly a decade and have always found the local kids to be okay for the most part.
So I was shocked earlier today when 4 teenagers started messing with me and other women.
I was walking down Washington St and passed 4 teenagers sitting on a stoop.
They yelled @ssh*le loudly to no one in particular.
I didnt pay attention to them and kept walking by.
Then I felt something hit the back of my head.
I stopped, then turned around and in disbelief couldn't believe kids were actually throwing stuff at me.
I calmly went up to them and asked if they had a problem.
They said no and were stony-faced.
I walked aways down the street and pretended to fiddle with my cell phone while surreptiously keeping an eye on them.
A few men passed by them and nothing happened.
Then a slight little woman pushing a baby carriage passed by them and I saw one of the teens throw something and hit the woman ! (Im also a petite female, guess they were too cowardly to throw things at men)
I immediately approached the woman and said I had been hit too and we should call the cops.
She said no we should just talk to the kids.
I relented and we walked back to talk to the 'little darlings'.
The 3 girls got defensive and said they weren't doing anything, while the boy started laughing.
I told them to stop bothering people and if they didn't I'd called the cops.
I was actually already dialing the cops while I said this.
As the police dispatcher picked up my call, the boy started screaming at the woman and her baby that he would "slap the sh@t out of her and her baby if she talked to the cops"
He said this 3 times and then I told him the cops were on their way, he then screamed F#ck the Cops, Kill the Cops.
I was still on the phone with Police dispatch and she said she heard the boy's threats.
The kids then said run for it and 3 of the 4 took off running from the stoop of 919 Washington St where they had been hanging out. One girl remained behind, I suppose she lives at 919 Washington St.
I took off after the other kids and told the police where they were headed.
They ended up next to Maxwells and all entered an apartment building (# 1037 Washington St. right next door to Maxwells)
The cops had pulled up by then.
An officer talked to me and said he knew the kids and they were always in trouble. And that they didnt even go to school beause they had no parental supervision.
He said he would go talk to them and have the school truant officer look into them.
I have to say that I dont find it very comforting that kids like that are alllowed to run loose and terrorize people with no recourse.
I was disgusted to see these same kids again as I walked to the A & P afew hours later.
I called the Police back and they said to me that since they were kids the only thing they could do is have the school truant officer contact their parents.
So frustrating.
But don't cry for me, I moving to a nic ebig hous ein the burbs come '06.

Bye bye Hobroken.

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