56 Minutes Of Good Football

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Football is a funny game sometimes. And if by saying 'funny' I mean 'drives me insane' then you get what i'm saying.

It is hard to write a post where your team looks excellent for about, oh, 56 minutes. It is holding the other teams offensive challenges and doing a decent job on offense. In the 4th quarter, up 13 points and only 4 minutes left, the Gods of football would say that you have a pretty good chance to win. Heck, they even flashed a stat up on the screen "Eagles have won 36 consecutive games when leading by 10+ points in the 4th quarter - the longest streak in the NFL!"

Dallas, the bane of the Eagles existence, decided to add just another reason for Eagles fans to hate them after this Monday Night loss. What was poised to be a rejuvenated team, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the firey citadel of Rosenhaus & Owens, get a rude awakening to the current state of the NFC East:

You are no longer the big kids on the block.

Hats off to Dallas, because they won with a fairly incredible comeback. Much like the Redskins/Dallas MNF football game on Sept 20th, the visitor team was just close enough to rally for a win.

What does it mean for Eagles country? First off, we need Dallas to continue to do well, in the regular season, and win the NFC East. Yep, I just wrote that. I know most of you want to see the entire Dallas team die in a plane crash, but hear me out.

Right now at 4-5, with 7 games left, I just don't see the birds winning 7 in a row. Here would be my non-baised prediction on the upcoming games, if McNabb's newest groin injury doesn't sideline him:
Nov 20 - at NY Giants - loss.
Nov 27 - vs. Green Bay - win.
Dec 5 - vs. Seattle - loss.
Dec 11 - vs. NY Giants - win.
Dec 18 - at St. Louis - win.
Dec 24 - at Arizona - win.
Jan 1 - vs. Washington - win.

I think we are going to win 5 of the next 7 and end up 9-7 now.

I think the Giants can go 2-5 absolutely lose the following games:
Seattle, Dallas, Philly, KC, Washington

Here is the kicker. Lets say we sweep the Giants & my other predictions hold true. They go 1-6, which, if you look at who they are playing, is entirely possible.

We end up 10-6.

Now how about those pesky Redskins? With 7 games left, they are playing so haphazard it will be hard to predict what they will do in any game. San Diego, Dallas & Philly could be losses. Oakland, St. Louis and Arizona are probable wins, but who knows? Hope they beat Giants. If the Redskins win 4 of the next 7, they end up 9-6.

What's my point? Losing to Dallas certainly hurts, not only from a personal hatred standpoint, but also from a playoff picture. If the Eagles can put this loss behind them and win at least 5 of the next 7, along with the Redskins and Giants having troubles, we aren't doomed yet.

A longshot? Yes. Probable? No. Possible? Absolutely.

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After my botched suicide attempt last night, I was told that it's not worth it to get this upset. I was told - "I mean, it's just football, right?" Except it's not.

I refer to football season as "the hap, happiest time, of the year" (if you're familiar with Christmas music, you get it). It's a WAY OF LIFE. I plan my schedule around our games. I can't just let.it.go.

We HAVE to end up 10-6. We must make the playoffs and even if we don't make it back to the big game, we MUST have a decent showing. Otherwise I might kill a few Giant/Cowboys fans.

So, for peace of mind and the safety of other fans, it's imperative we get our act together.

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