Eagles Fan Gets Busted

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Only a few weeks ago I wrote about how I would want my ashes spread on Lincoln Financial Field, and someone decided to steal my idea!

PHILADELPHIA Nov 29, 2005A man arrested for running onto the field during the Philadelphia Eagles' game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday told police he was spreading his late mother's ashes.

Christopher Noteboom, of Tempe, Ariz., ran onto the field holding a plastic bag, leaving a cloud of fine powder behind. 112905.jpg

As he reached the 30-yard line, he dropped to his knees, made the sign of the cross and lay down on his stomach. Security personnel reached him moments later and he offered no resistance as he was escorted from the field.

The 33-year-old Noteboom, a native of Doylestown, said his mother died of emphysema in January 2005, shortly before the Eagles' Super Bowl appearance.

"She never cared for any other team except the Eagles," Noteboom told WPVI-TV after he was released from custody Monday. "I know that the last handful of ashes I had are laying on the field, and will never be taken away. She'll always be part of Lincoln Financial Field and of the Eagles."

Noteboom, a bar owner in Arizona, was charged with defiant trespass. He has a hearing scheduled for Dec. 27.

"It's bizarre, but we have a zero tolerance for people who run on the field," Police Inspector William Colarulo said. "We especially have a zero tolerance for people who run onto the field and dump an unknown substance in a stadium full of people."

Eagles spokeswoman Bonnie Grant said the team has declined requests to spread ashes on the field.

If I had to do this, I wouldn't do it while a game was being played - i'd just get a job at the Linc doing some menial job, like janitoral services or working in the food court. First night on the job, walk down to the field, spread the ashes and then quit the next day. No fuss, and no lawsuit.

Of course, we won last weeks game - maybe we should do this every week to get another victory?


I saw that story on the today show. What was he thinking--oh yea, he wasn't probably had many beers in the parking lot!!!! Shame on him blaming his dead mother for jumping on the field.

Dumping the ashes is actually LESS disgusting than the pickle juice of yesteryear :)

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