How Times Have Changed

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From Super Bowl contenders to playoff pretenders, our Eagles are having a terrible season. Why?

I think there is a fine line between our 4-6 record and being 6-4 right now. Here are what I see as the Eagles problems, and I don't know if this season it can be fixed:

1) Special Teams - I think I wrote about this weeks ago, and our special teams have been killing us most games. Against the Giants, the blocked punt is beyond terrible, how many times do you snap a ball low? Come on.

2) Derrick Burgess - think we miss him much? I do. Corey Simon - think we could have used fat boy now? Our defensive line just isn't getting pressure on the QBs like they used to. I think Mike Patterson is a bit green, and didn't live up to the pre-season hype. Kearse is just above average, and not the factor that he was hyped up to be. Losing Jerome McDougle certainly didn't help.

3) Don't blame this on TO, wrote Rich Hofmann in the Philadelphia Daily News: "You want to pin this on Terrell Owens, go ahead. But unless Jeremiah Trotter was searching for T.O. in the middle of traffic when Tiki Barber cut back for a 55-yard run that set up a Giants field goal, Owens had nothing to do with it. T.O. had nothing to do with the pass interference in the end zone that set up another score, on a play in which a referee's flag and hat joined Michael Lewis' jock in the laundry pile on the field. And unless Sheldon Brown was distracted by visions of Owens dancing in his head when Plaxico Burress ran by him for the final TD, well, you get the idea." Defense wins championships.

4) McNabb. I don't think the team lives and dies by one player, but having Koy or Mike at QB certainly is a different team versus having McNabb. I still like what I see from McMahon, but it may be until 2 games from now that the guy gets into a better rhythm with his center on how to snap the ball. But I still don't place too much blame on McMahon - he scored 17 points against a very good defense.

I said it before, I know we are a better team than 4-6, but unfortunately the door is nearly closed on us this season. I expect to win 5 of the next 6. I would like to end this season on a high note, with some wins, even if we miss the playoffs.

But football is a crazy sport. Who knows what will happen to Dallas and the Giants in the coming weeks?


Football sure is a crazy sport. I'm hoping that the stadium falls in when the Boys and the Gnats play each other. Then we'll have a shot at going to the playoffs.

I still can't believe we lost-- anyway--Miami is better for a superbowl. Hopefully all the drama will gone by next year. Never say Never Eagles fans--we know the pain.

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