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Nothing is final, but it does appear that the Owens era is over for the Eagles.

I feel many things about this situation. Resentment. Anger. Relief.

I resent the idea that once again a Philadelphia sports team loses a star player. We can talk about "Owens the man". But i'm talking about "Owens the athlete". No one can deny his talent. Everytime he had the ball & had open field you knew something was going to happen. He was exciting to watch, and so exciting that I bought his jersey last year.

Slowly my appreciation of him dwindled. I thought the situation with the 49ers was just a situation of bad blood between an employer and an employee. Owens was upset at his old "company", bad words were said and that would be over once he changed jobs. Some people called it - telling me he was a locker room cancer. I personally thought he was put in a bad light by the media and would come around now that he was on a team that wanted him. I was wrong. I hate being wrong.

Owens started to say the wrong things and started to act like his old self, after the Super Bowl and once Drew Rosenhaus entered the picture. Contracts are interesting things. Look at Freddie Mitchell. The Eagles signed that first round draft pick for a decent clip of money and he didn't pan out. Do the Eagles get some money back? No. Ok, now look at Owens. We paid him a decent clip of money, and he did pan out. Does that mean he gets a raise? No.

I'm relieved that part of this soap opera is over. I'd like to finally read some news that talks about the Eagles and not Terrell. I'd like to read about players thoughts about the upcoming game and not about locker room chemistry.

As for the Owens apology, I just don't buy it. That was a well crafted letter by his PR people to do some damage control on the situation. They know that he needs to come out looking repentant, and write a letter making it seem that he was sorry for his actions. Where was that letter before he got suspended? I will guarantee that if he read the same letter, he would be still wearing an Eagles uniform. But reading such a letter is just a simple way of making sure that T.O. plays football again. There are teams, that aren't doing well, but have money to spend that a playmaker like Terrell can make them from a pretender into a contender - like Miami or New Orleans. It also is possible that Falcons will take a shot at Owens, also, I heard that he is friendly with the Wide Receiver coach there.

And so ends another chapter in the Philadelphia sports team & another star leaving our beloved city.

At 4-4, I think it would be foolish to just count the Eagles out of anything. The NFC East is crowded with talented teams. It will be a dogfight to see who wins the East and who wins the wildcard. A good first step is beating Dallas on Monday Night Football. Just one game at a time and let the chips fall as they may.

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