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Another year is coming to a close, and the holiday season is upon us. Only a few weeks until Christmas and New Years, and tomorrow we have Thanksgiving.

This year I have had a lot of people offer me to come to their house, and I had to basically start lying to everyone.

Yes, i'm not happy about it. I do sincerely appreciate the offers, my brother-in-law Pat called me and said I could come to Allentown to his brother's Thankgiving dinner. My sister Steph called from Temecula, California and said I should fly out to visit her for the weekend. My brother offered for me to come visit and meet the new baby, Abrianna (My mother will be going there for the weekend). I had a few friends offer me to come to their house.

It is hard to basically say, "No" when you don't want to hurt everyone's feelings. I only have off Thursday and not Friday, so that limits what I can do for my holiday. Going to Allentown to spend it with Pat's side of the family...flying to California for one day....driving to DC and back in 24 hours....spening the day with a friend and their family that you don't know? Eh.

So, yes. I'm sorry to tell you, and i'm sure my family will read this, is that I lied. I said I had plans when I didn't. At first I started to tell people, "Thank you so much, but I will just stay in Hoboken". My sister Steph clearly understood, as did Kevin. I just felt bad telling other people the truth for some reason.

I will be happy to spend the day at home, with Boston Chicken carryout. I will pop open a bottle of wine and I bought a 20 year old bottle of taylor fladgate tawny port last night. Here are the things I am thankful for this year...

  • My health. After my leg injury, it absolutely made me appreciate being able to walk. I'm still not 100%, it is going to be a long time until my left leg is as strong as my right leg.
  • My family. I may not say it enough, but I love them all.
  • My liberty. God bless our men and women in the Armed Forces and their fight for our freedom and for protecting America.
  • My friends. Old friends and new friends I have met over the last year! A special thanks to Matt, Dominique, Kristen, Jon and Lisa who helped me while I was hurt.
  • Heather H and Dipper. - a big "Thank You" to Heather this year. She was the key reason i'm bartending again, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be back at the bar. I'm grateful to Dipper that we were able to put our differences behind us and his hosting of the club at his bar.
  • DataPipe - i'm very thankful to everyone at Datapipe for helping promote the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken and getting this blog off the ground.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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