The Tired T.O. Arguement

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"Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victoryyyyyyyyy!", sang two patrons off key at the bar. "Hey Eeeeeagles fan? How about T.O.?", they mocked.

The two patrons were bar regulars, one wearing a Yankee cap, and the other shorter and unshaven. Both were obviously drinking all day. I was fiddling with the lights, trying to darken the bar, before my shift started at the bar on Saturday night. It reminded me like schoolchildren at Richboro Elementary playground in 3rd grade. I felt my blood boil a bit and I was more than happy to set the record straight, like I have been doing all week.

"Hey, I think most Eagles fans were fooled by the act from last year.", I began, "We thought that San Fran was a unique case and he got a fair deal with us. It wasn't until Rosenhaus showed up that Owens turned into an asshole."

The drunken Yankee fan, with bleary eyes said, "You all loved him, saying he was the key to a Super Bowl! Now you homers are saying how you don't need him anymore! I hate you Philly fans!"

"I said it before, I think he is the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. I loved him as a player, and hoped he was just in a bad situation in San Francisco. The Eagles did get to 4 NFC Championships and 1 Super Bowl without him. We were just wrong about the guy, he proved he has the maturity of a twelve year old. What can I say?", I stated.

"Philly fans are so two-faced! What do you think of McNabb? Great or good?", he grunted.

"I think he is good, but not great. He isn't Marino or Young quality yet. He has two key problems: One is time management, and second is his 'touch' when passing. Over his career, McNabb has always used timeouts at the wrong time in a game or can't run the 2-minute offense effectively. As for his touch, I think he has a rifle for an arm, but never learned a consistent touch on the ball, either overthrowing or underthrowing passes.", I analyzed.

"Dude, you should have your own TV show!", the other scruffy drunk guy exclaimed.

"Hey, I may be an Eagles fan, but i'm not a homer. I know what is wrong with my team. Plus lets talk about some New York issues.", I started my offensive on them.

"First, before you start with your gay-T.O. tirade on me. Let's talk about a player on the YANKEES named A-Rod? Remember him?"

"Yea? So?", said the one with the Yankees cap.

"Hmmmmm. Let's go back to oh...I don't know...when he was going to sign with Boston...", I started.

The Yankee fan shifted uncomfortably and rolled his eyes.

"Why yes...that was a good week of trash talking I heard from New York fans about how much A-Rod sucked. How he wasn't going to help Boston. How overrated he was. Then look what happens when New York signs him, hmmmm? Everyone is running down Madison Avenue and sprinkling rose petals to welcome their new hero to the team. So don't talk to me about two faced fans. You know that you Yankee fans are just as bad when you lose a player."

"I didn't bash A-Rod!", he sputtered.

"Whatever, maybe YOU didn't. But you know you had fans doing it.", I said.

"Well...", he sheepishly agreed nodding his head.

"As for overrated teams, you cannot sit here and mock my birds and think that the Giants aren't overrated. Defensively - doing a great job, my hats are off to them. Offensively? Hell, no. Manning is doing just enough to keep his team winning, but he is still a work in progress. Reminds me of Ben Rothlisberger last year, who had a very good Steelers defense, but was passing for 225 yards and 1 or 2 TDs to win games. His run offense was the real gem last year, much like the Tiki Barber show this year. Manning is showing flashes of brillance, but he is also making some huge green mistakes. San Francisco, Arizona, Redskins. Take the score out of the game and look at Manning's stats. Terrible.", I vented.

"Yea, I guess you are right. One last question. If you could have T.O. back would you take him?", one asked.

"Tough call. I think no one can hold a candle to his talent, and we have a bunch of rookie WRs that are untested, which doesn't make me confident. But, I think his distraction is too much. So I would say, no.", I conceded.

I guess we will see tonight what the Birds can do.


Am I welcome to your nest tonight? If not, then I'm just crashing. Why don't you post some info about tonight: where, when, stats, expectancies, etc... It might help drum up some of your readers. I only say that because it seems they like to bust your chops and would love to see your chicklings lose so you can squirm. Any publicity is good publicity, right? Well, with the exception of T.O.

A Giants fan mentioned to be about coming next week. I told him we welcome any team to the bar to watch them play against the Eagles. If anyone is disrespectful or obnoxious (Eagle fan or otherwise), I won't tolerate that and action will be taken. I think there is room to banter with each other as long as if it is good spirited.

That being said, I will be there by 8pm and save you a seat.

In the corner.

Just kidding, feel free to break out your dusty Emmit Smith jersey and come down, amigo.

I just got home, dumped a new fish in the fish tank, washed up and finally looked at the ticker. I'm shocked. I don't know what to say? I'm sorry I left, but I had to.

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