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I'm an uncle again, if you are keeping count at home, my sister Stephanie has two boys; my sister Stacey has two boys and two girls; and my brother's first girl, Abrianna Frances has been welcomed into the family. She weighed in 7 pounds and 20 inches. I already have on order for her plenty of Eagle baby gear to make sure she doesn't ever think about rooting for her hometown team, the Redskins.

I thought it was very cute that her middle name is a variation of my father's name, Francis. I told my brother that every guy I know who has a little girl immediately fall into the "Daddy's Little Girl Syndrome". It is like something short circuits in their head and they no longer are they guy they once were. It is like Invasion of the Lame Body Snatchers. They replace the once rough and tumble guy's-guy with a vanilla version of their old self.

This effect has happened to a ton of Hoboken guy friends. Before you could go to clubs or pub with the guy and drink a few beers - now they would rather stay in. Before you could talk about slutty cheerleaders getting off with each other in Florida bathrooms, now they want to talk about their baby girl's first steps. I'm all for good dads - but what happened to your friends that got replaced by Mr. Rogers? This was a drinking buddy who used to recant tales about his escapades in college and now he turns into Mr. Good Guy. I'd like to see one of the new fathers i'd know just keep some parts of their old self - stay that good fun friend you knew and also be a good kind father that they have become.

Of course it is only day one as a daddy for Kevin. He is still his old self. He told me that it was nice to have a new girl in his wife that worships the ground he walks on, since his wife no longer does. Yes, that's a joke people!

Jokes aside, i'm happy for them both. I asked Kevin if I could just set aside $1,000 now and that would cover me for the next 10 years of birthdays and holiday gifts. I'm bad like that. I have no problem giving gifts but I can never remember the dates and I hate hate hate shopping. This year my same gift to the other 6 nephews and nieces will be my online gift certificate from Amazon.com.

Although I am contemplating buying them World of Warcraft and a 1 year subscription to the game. Then I could play online with them and they could join Uncle Furey in dominating the virtual world. Wouldn't that be a fun bonding experience?

My sister was nice enough to email me right after I wrote this and gave me a virtual backhanded slap from California: That's the point - having a baby makes you grow up in the FASTEST way possible. Not that going to clubs et al was a bad thing, it's just that after having kids, you realize that there is a WHOLE lot more out there.


I hear ya. I am an Aunt 7 times - 4 nephews 3 nieces and all the girls are daddy's girls. Congrats--the lastest addition to our family was September 14th-- Danny.

As a 22-year old I can't completely relate, but I'm afraid for the time when I will be able to. Most of my friends seem too irresponsible to be parents. Talk about living in a transitional environment - seems like 90% of the people here are inbetween the post-college phase and pre-family phase, with few exceptions. Here's to being young while it lasts!

I am a daddy's girl. My Dad said that the day I was born was the best and worst day of his life. Best day because he had me now, worst day because he realized that every girl he ever hooked up with, dicked over and treated like crap was somebody's little girl. That is what you call an A-Ha or Oh shit moment.

I hate to see the brain washing that occurs upon becoming a parent. I miss my friends the way they were. If these people are so set on being wonderful parents and changing their lives for it, then why is there so many obnoxious, rude and misbehaved kids around? With all that parenting, you would think kids today would be good.

I am childless and very happy about it.

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