Week 9: Scalped!

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Here we are. 4-4.

Redskins beat us. The Redskins. Are you fucking kidding me?

4th and 4. McNabb throws into the arms of the Redskins secondary. Seriously, what the fuck?

I'm not a doom and gloom kind of fan. My brother always was. Years I would try and sit on the Eagles bandwagon and say things would get better. This year? Wow. I don't know what to say.

Our offensive line looks beyond horrible. McNabb barely has any protection. He can't get any plays off including the dump pass to Westbrook.

Eagles defense, once maligned for its rush defense, is now looking terrible against the pass. Can we stop 3rd and 5 anymore?

Welcome to being a Philadelphia fan, I suppose. On paper, our team, before the season began, looked good. Now, at 4-4, and with our performance tonight, I have strong suspicions that we are going to have a hard time making the playoffs. I still believe in my prediction (before the season started) that the Eagles were going 10-6.

I know they aren't playing great, but I still believe. I believe that we are a better team and I believe that we will come around. It is easy for Philly fans, the Negadelphians, those fans that are always negative about the Eagles to pipe up and say that we aren't going to make the playoffs. I don't agree with that. I think the birds are a world class organization and will find a way to win.

But I guess that is the difference between a bandwagon fan and a real Eagles fan. The bandwagon fan sits at home and watches the game. The real fan wears the Eagles colors and supports his team in thick and thin. Which kind of fan are you?


First off, to answer your last question, I used to be a giant fan, but now I'm a small air conditioner.

Moving along, I don't wanna play the role of Captain Obvious here but... last place at the midway point? Who woulda thunk it?!?! Granted, it is again the toughest division in the league but still.

And also, you can blame the D, you can say McNabb is hurt, yada, yada... But T.O. has been nothing but an absolute distraction. He is exactly what insiders predicted he would be: A Cancer In The Locker Room! In my eyes, he's a total piece of sh*t. He had the Philly world on a string and he blew out of ego and greed. He pretty much said F**K the Philly fans. And that is effecting the Philly organization. How can Mc Nabb continue a chemistry with a clown like that? I hope Ried shows some nuts and deactivates him the rest of the year. The hell with the money, it's already spent on him. If he's in the line-up, they will not go anywhere, it's too late. Let him go to Green Bay with Brett Farve.

Other than that, the Cowboy fan in me is loving it. You guys haven't been able to sing your silly touchdown song too often. See ya Monday night?

Your last paragraph is invalid. You don't have to go to Dipper's in your colors to be a fan. Don't be ridiculous. This is my 3rd season in Hoboken, and the first where we're nationally televised most weeks. I'm not less of a fan for sitting at home watching the game. I'd rather have the $40 I'd spend at the bar to use out for dinner later in the week. There's something to be said for enjoying the game alone or with a small group, with a guaranteed seat and free beer (or chocolate milk) whichever the case may be.

Maybe if I didn't have to get to Dipper's 2 hours in advance for a seat I'd be more inclined to go. . .then again, maybe not. I'm kind of happy in domesticated bliss right now, and not looking to sit at the bar for 7 hours every Sunday.

Following the Eagles for 27 years makes it possible for me to watch the game anywhere in the world and not have to worry about being labeled a bandwagon fan. PS, Dipper's is in Hoboken, the REAL fans go to the games. ;p

The real fans who have $200 to spend per game? You were just complaining over $40 for a bar tab... :P

As you know, the real complaint is the seating situation and the fact that I don't want to waste 7 hours at the bar as I want to spend time elsewhere. :)The REAL fans do go to games, I knew I wasn't as diehard as years past when I turned down season tickets in July.

See, that's more like it. You could just save us all a lot of time and just say, "I found that I like to sit around eating pizza and drinking chocolate milk with my boyfriend rather than going out anymore..."

There are plenty of people who express their support for the Eagles when we win. My concern is that the fans who hop off the bandwagon when we lose. Everyone "follows" the philly teams. Sure, when the Phillies were in the World Series, everyone was busting out their philly caps and knew the starting lineup like the bible. Where are those fans now? That is what i'm talking about.

Jesus Furey. . .I've been wearing my Phillies hat since forever. I haven't watched much baseball since I've lived in Hoboken but that's a product of availability, not interest.

I've been an Eagles fan equally as long. Just because I have someone that is more interesting to hang out with than a bunch of non-friends at a smoke-filled bar with limited seating doesn't mean I am less of a fan than anyone else out there. Oh, and I like getting laid too. What are YOU all doing during halftime? :D

Personally I think your opinion on this is clouded by your belief that if it isn't done "Furey's way" then it can't possibly be okay. I will probably show up for a 1pm game or two between now and the end of the season, as I won't have to sit there for hours holding onto real estate. Meanwhile I'm going to at least one game, probably 2 or more this season. Oh and did I mention the 5 or so games I attended last year? But, because I don't go to the bar you got to sponsor the Eagles games I'm not a fan? Oooooooookay! :)

Hey, to each your own, but your arguement is blown out of proportion to support your simple arguement - you rather be at home than at a bar. Fine, I understand. Cool. I miss you at the bar. This article wasn't about you, but seemed to hit a nerve! :P

I'm glad to see Reid reads your blog and took my advice, dumping T.O. was the absolute best thing he could've done. Now I worry about Monday's game, but if he were playing, Cowboys win, hands down. Also, as per your debate above with PEC, you did make it sound like you're not a true fan if you don't wear the colors. I'm not the kind of guy who throws my allegiance in your face just so you know what side of the bleachers I sit in. To myself, I know how I support my team. If anyone ever doubts that, it doesn't bother me in the least. Anyone who knows me, like you, knows how I support my teams. Last season, like this coming Monday night, I walked into your house (last year Farside, this year Dipper's) to support my Cowboys. Probably without a jersey on.

When you say something like this: "But I guess that is the difference between a bandwagon fan and a real Eagles fan. The bandwagon fan sits at home and watches the game. The real fan wears the Eagles colors and supports his team in thick and thin. Which kind of fan are you?" Not two business days after you email me asking where I've been and why I'm not showing up, of course I'm going to take it personally. Don't be absurd.

That said, I don't get validation from you believing I'm a fan or whatever so I really don't care. I just wanted to point out that your opinion is wrong, and that some "non-bandwagon fans" actually enjoy doing things other than going to a bar while watching the game.


You are correct, I didn't write this as clearly as I wanted to.

I just know those kind of fans, not just Eagle fans, but any team that hide when their team isn't doing well. A friend of mine wouldn't go out to the Farside (back in the day when I watched it there), but would show up if the Giants had a big lead by halftime so he could strut around the bar. If the Giants were losing, he would never show up. I think that was my point, but I wasn't clear enough it making it.

I was talking more about the idea that the real fan is a fan no matter how badly his team is doing. Joe is a good example, he has been a Cowboys fan for as long as I knew. When I moved up here in 1995, they were at the height of their glory. Even in tough times, he was still a fan.

I believe my point was valid, but not clear enough. I hope that clarifies it.

Okay, fine. You win.

ps-As for your Giant's friend, I believe I know whom he is and he was texting me yesterday as I was eating my cheesesteak in Philly enjoying the 70 degree temperatures.

Furey, is the Giants fans' initials Tom McNally?

Turner for the win! Correctamundo, the Original Jinx of Jinxes was just that Giants fan.

LOL, LOL!!! He had the gaul (sp?) a couple of years back to go out with me to Dippers and watch the Boys/Giants on MNF. Boys were blowing them out, unexpectedly I might add, and he left me before halftime out of embarassment, he even admitted so!! Of course, they blew the lead and he started calling my cell up from Morans!! I was disgusted to say the least. In the end, Giants self-destructed again and the Boys won on a last second field goal. Needless to say, I couldn't get a hold of him at Morans. I still love him, he's just a proud man.

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