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I'm calling out the turkey movie of the year right now. I just watched the trailer for Annapolis, and annapolis.jpg
could pick out the following movies right off the bat:

  1. An Officer And A Gentleman

    • "I'm not quitting!" replaces "Foley: Mayo I want your D.O.R.! Mayo: No sir. You can kick me out, but I ain't quitting"
    • Plenty of your-blue-collar-and-not-worth-being-an-officer references
    • The angry black instructor vs the angry white do-nothing which was perfected by Louis Gossett Jr. and Richard Gere.
    • Does anyone else see similaraties between the Gere/Franco look? They could be twins.

  2. Top Gun

    • Uh, hello? The bar scene when he first meets Jordana Brewster is blatently stolen from Top Gun with McGillis and Cruise - oops! She is a flight instructor / naval officer goof!
    • The whole tag line of 50,000 apply, only 1,500 are accepted only the best survive is so Top Gun. I bet at the end of the movie James Franco becomes a pilot, taking a call-sign like "Rogue" or "Wildfire", to enhance his edgy broodiness.

But then again, who am I to say if this movie will suck. An Officer And A Gentleman was made in, gasp, 1982! I didn't see it in the theaters, but saw it on Prism as a kid (Come on, Philly faithful, who remembers Prism?). There are plenty of kids out there that will have no idea about how much of this movie has been stolen from past military films.

I'm sure we are going to see it a trillion times this weekend during commercials for Army/Navy. I just wonder if you are an Army officer, who graduated from West Point, how you are going to feel after watching a trailer that says Annapolis is the toughest military academy in the United States? I'd be pretty pissed.

I wonder how many dumbass 18 year olds are going to watch this movie and apply to the Naval Academy. I'm fairly sure that the night before my first tour of Villanova I was watching Top Gun on Prism and somehow I decided it would be a bright idea to join the Naval ROTC program there.

Yep, bright idea. First 8 weeks of school everyone is partying and getting laid, while i'm going to bed at 10pm so I can wake up at 5:30am and do pushups on the wet grass with instructors yelling at me.

"The Place Where Heroes Are Made And Legends Are Born!"

I think I can speak for every family member & in-law of Naval Academy Graduates out there by saying we are going to torch Touchstone Pictures offices for making us suffer through the holiday season with our "Legends" who will undoubtedly be strutting like peacocks around the house for the next 2-3 months. Thanks a lot dickheads.

But then again, we can have just as much fun with it:

"Hey, Mr. Legend, can you pass the potatoes?"

"Hero, your wife just called said you left the house without your testicles."

After they do anything just remark with mock amazement, "WOW. Did they teach THAT at the Naval Academy?!"


furey--it is an honor to graduate from an the Navy Academy -- I know you think it is bullshit but it very hard to get in and the people that come out have gone on to wonderful things in life. I have know a few people that went there as well as west point( been to grad ceremony) - would they say they would do it again NO- but what it offered after -they say is worth it.

Oh my god! We had Prism!!! I was never allowed to watch it though.

In true Philly fashion and family tradition, I will be attending the Army Vs. Navy game on Saturday.


Kath - both my brother-in-laws are Naval Academy graduates, which influenced me to go NROTC at Villanova. I'm not knocking the real Naval officers, I know plenty about how hard they worked in Annapolis. I'm only mocking this movie. And slightly mocking my family. :)

We just watched the trailer and this one looks SO bad! The bar scene with "how about I give you a tour of the Naval Academy", with the future Kelly McGillis type, had my husband & I cringing! FYI-They didn't even film the movie at the Naval Academy. We got the official word that Touchstone wanted to film it there but some smart Academy person declined... so they shot it at the Philly Naval Station instead. The person who turned this movie down should get a raise.

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