Best of Philly2Hoboken 2005

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Yes, I actually have the gaul to say "Best of" with regards to my scatterbrained attempts around here. So bite me.

Maybe you are a casual reader and didn't get to read my more introspective slop while I was feeling bad for myself with a broken leg. But I had a few good ones in here. This is my recommended reading for the last year...

The Mugging story is always a popular one, my roommate Kristen still uses "Fucking bitch!" from time to time around me.

My Superbowl trip to Jacksonville, even with the loss, made for some interesting blogging.

Firecrackers & Furey are a bad combination.

"The HC" - another week, more drama.

If you read along, you can see how the car crash once again.

This was easily one of my best entries of 2005, especially if you know Brad and me growing up.

Once again, I was in a groove writing for March, probably because I was getting laid once again.

My experiences in Europe, I love to tell these stories.

How I broke my leg, I didn't get to write about how many jokes I got about playing softball & tripping over pitchers mounds. I never tripped, I ran up and jumped off it, like a ramp, people. I'm very co-ordinated and extremely dim sometimes.

My first and hopefully last bar fight.

I really like my short story, its too bad I don't have the chance to continue writing it - Tivo and World of Warcraft have destroyed any chance of free writing time.

I sat on writing this story for a good month before I decided to publish it. 100% true and 100% strange. The Swarm.

The Vegas Story, aka Fellowship of the Bling. Bittersweet, I lost a friend and gained a new one.

If you lived in Hoboken long enough, you have to love my quirks about Hoboken. I got a ton of emails about this one - at least 4!

The Hoboken Relationship Stages was great - come on people I may not be Shakespeare, but this is some good stuff.

The Parade - I know you can't wait until Summer when you can sit outside and watch the Parade begin again!

First time as a kid that I got shitfaced at my Grandparents 50th Wedding anniversary.

I loved my reporting on Fresh Direct, and think that it was fairly well written. I haven't used Fresh Direct in a few months, however. Ever since I broke my leg my interest in cooking has really fallen off. I don't know why.

What is it like to be an outsider in your own home - when two of your roommates start dating each other.

The "Man Suit" was about my second most popular story for the year. Everyone identified with this.

Not the most well written story, but seeing how The Other Half lives in NYC every night makes me jealous that I have to sit in an office all the time.

My brother and sisters appreciated this story about the Atari vs Intellivision, and if anyone knows my Dad - they would, too.

I will be bartending this 2006 New Year with my fellow bartender, and friend, Chris, at the bar. I'm really looking forward to it, it will be the first time I bartended on New Year Eve.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes this year. I look forward to 2006 to be a better year, and I hope one of fun and surprises - which I will happily blog for you.

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I love your blog!

Wishing you the best in 2006!

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