New Orleans Standoff - Saved by Planet of the Apes

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I read the news today about a black man who was fatally shot by the police because he was a "danger" to them waving a knife. 122705a.jpg This looks about as dangerous as Billy McMullen in the 4th quarter.

I watched the video and it was silly that this guy had to get shot. Haven't we learned ANYTHING from Hollywood?

Get a few of the Planet of the Apes guys down there and net this fool! I'm partially serious - think about it. We arm cops with guns and nightsticks, why not put in every 122705.jpg police cruiser trunk some kind of net? Get two or more officers to wrap up these drug-crazed lunatics or mentally unstable people instead of shooting them.

Or someone comes up with some kind of net-cannon, you shoot it at the guy at a distance of 10 feet. Look, they made it in China.

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