Syrup Smell Coming To Hoboken?

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Anyone else notice the syrupy smell on their PATH ride this morning?

Aside from the normal smells of urine, rat hair and too much cologne, I could easily smell a sweet smell, much like 121505.jpg Mrs. Butterworth herself was sitting next to me.

It started as soon as I sat down on the train in Hoboken and continued the whole time to 33rd street.

There has already been reports in the last couple of weeks about that odd syrup smell. I noticed it weeks ago, across the water in Hoboken.

I asked a few people on the train if they smelled syrup and they all had the same abashed reaction and sheepishly agreed with me.

Anyone have any idea what it could be?


I've definitely smelled it too, as far as 10th and Washington. My roommates thought I was crazy.

My Dad's car used to smell like syrup and we never knew why. Then I took it to get inspected for him and they found that the anti-freeze was somehow leaking into the car and that is what caused the smell.

I am telling you, it smelled like a bottle of syrup was dumped in there.

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