Top 5 Winter Fashion Mistakes

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I don't claim to be Mr. Fashion, but this is what I have observed this winter...

1) Any man who wears earbands. Sorry, I just despise this look. It screams: "Emasculated Man".

2) The long quilted goose down coat. I know that for girls they are cold all the time and need to wear warm clothes, but come on - this coat makes you look like you are wearing a sleeping bag. Any guy that wears this should have his testicles removed promptly.

3) Any of the cavewoman boots. Uggs have been replaced by the furry neanderthal boot look. Me No Like!

4) The "Working Girl" look. I see attractive girls, wearing nice clothes and look down to see them wearing stockings, sneakers and white cotton socks over their stockings. Ugh. I know, I know - no one wants to walk around in high heels. It just screams "I'm a secretary!" Oh, i'm sorry, "...administrative assistant!".

5) No coats at all. I see the girls & guys walking down the street, shivering, and they don't have a coat & loudly complain how cold it is. These are the kind of asshats we get into Hoboken. They don't want to crimp their NJ Guido style - so they leave their coats in their leased BMW and walk 4 blocks to Lana or Trinity. They stand out in line, stamping their feet and they already are holding their money out to buy that first of many rounds of red Red Bull and vodka.


I'm a lawyer and I'll wear my sneakers (black adidas) with any damn socks I want when walking to and from the office. Any normal girl has a set of shoes at work to wear in the office and a set of "going out" shoes at home. The sneakers back and forth helps to keep my 3 - 6 inch stilettos from getting beaten up. Besides this look was invented during the 80's transit strike!

As for the rest of your stuff- the goose down quilted jacket looks like a bathrobe. They're UGLY.

Those boots are atrocious. Anyone seen wearing them should be allowed to be shot - since their feet could be mistaken for a rabbit or squirrel.

Anyone without a coat deserves ebola, preferably the variety that kills them before they can infect me.

And, as a final touch, I'd like to add that idiots wearing a hat, gloves, scarf etc and it's 45 degrees are morons too. I hope they get hit by a bus.

Those boots are horrible.

I also don't care for those big Russian looking fur hats either.

The one fashion that makes me CRINGE is the Man Fur. I am not a fan of fur to begin with on a woman, but to see a man in it makes me laugh.

I too used to wear sneakers for my commute to and from work when I worked in Center City, Philadelphia. The wear and tear on good shoes caused by the city sidewalks is horrendous.

Those guys in shirtsleeves in 20 degree weather? They're called Kidz Without Koats (or KWK). The bane of our fair city, the KWK arrive every year in the time between the end of their shore house shares and the beginning of their ski house shares. So don't worry, they'll be gone before long...only to mysteriously reappear in the spring...

I agree with PEC on the sneakers issue. I literally have a shoe rack of 18 pairs of "work shoes" under my desk. All the female lawyers I know do the same type of thing. "Going out" shoes are at home, work shoes are at work. Commuting shoes/sneakers are for going back and forth. If I had to commute in work shoes a) my shoe bill would be extraordinary because my nice shoes would get beat up quickly, b) my neurosurgeon & physical therapist would be set for life because my back would be even more f'ed up than it is because of the extra time and distance (at least 1 mile/day) in heels, c) I'd get less sleep because I can make it crosstown in sneakers in about 12 minutes at top speed, but in heels it would take me at least twice that. Also, after I've hit 14 hours at work, I change into my "night shoes" (sneakers) at long as it is only staff around the office. My old boss had a mild problem with it, but at my current job they are fine with it. You know what, after 12-14 hours in hard-soled shoes of any height, my back is killing me, so to hell with anyone who has a problem with it! In my view, men are only allowed to complain about this until they walk a mile in my heels. :-)

this was a funny article. I agree on the me it looks so 80's or "Working Girl/Melanie Griffin." I agree heels are a big pain in the a**, and I really don't care to impress my male co-workers, but how about something in the middle? I wear Easy Spirit black shoes which I wouldn't dare wear for a night out (or let my bf see), but they're comfy flats and look like normal black shoes/boots from a distance.

And I HAVE to agree on the guys with no coats. I live in the City and they just scream B&T ("dude where's the b-bar?"). They think they look cool with their city look, but everyone in the city knows they just jumped out of their "leased BMW" as Furey says (Hilarious!!).
Those boots are u-g-l-y but some other versions of them are attractive (and can looks "ski bunny-ish."

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