Hole Again

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Everything went well with the surgery.

The doctors removed my titanium bolt from my leg on Thursday and I spent the weekend recovering at home. Most of the pain is gone and there are a few aches & what-not now. I have a hole in my bone from the bolt, and the doctor said it should heal fairly quickly. I'm supposed to use the crutches for 6 weeks.

I'm guessing i'll use them for a week. I'm not saying that to stick it to my doctor, just my leg feels fine. I'm well aware that it's weaker, but I don't plan on jumping around on my leg. I'll play it by ear.

After the surgery I found out that i'm not supposed to do any activies on my leg for 3 months. I asked my doctor about golfing in March and he said, "Well, that is 2 months away, you really shouldn't...but I suppose me saying this isn't going to stop you."

No. It won't.

On Saturday my mother came by to my apartment. This was her first visit to my apartment since I lived there in 7 years. Yep, 7 years. Don't be too astonished, my father was very home-centric with his ways - he very much liked to people visit him than him visiting other people. Now that he passed away, my mother has a lot of free time and a new car equipped with a tracking system called "Dora". My mom isn't the best with maps or navigation, but her and Dora get along swimmingly. She made it to my apartment with only one semi-concerned phone call that she was confused if I-95 and the NJ Turnpike were the same road. I assured her it was.

It was nice to see her, and she brought me up a old coffeetable she was going to give away (trust me, its nice) and more food than I can ever hope to eat in a week. On Saturday I also had a Fresh Direct delivery, so i'm in big trouble. I don't know if I will be able to eat all the food before it spoils. My roommates are coming out like kings & queens in this situation.

Mom did what she does best - she started to tidy up the kitchen. My idea of "clean" would be good in certain prison kitchens but for mom, well, she was happy to improve on my crude attempts. She told me an interesting story while she was cleaning and I was chowing down on a sausage and pepper sandwich she made for me.

She told me a story about a friend of hers, Mary Lou, who's mother would come to visit. Her mother would come and clean or do laundry - help around the house with things like that. At first Mary Lou was a bit upset, thinking that her cleaning wasn't good enough and her mother was embarassing her by doing this. But as her mother explained it, it was a way of expressing her love. She didn't have money or other skills to help her daughter, but she was good at helping or cleaning around the house.

While Mom said this I thought it was very nice of her to explain her own actions in that very same story. I, myself, did feel a bit abashed that my home wasn't quite up to par. I did a spit shine job before she arrived, but like I eluded, my cleaning skills have regressed to a 4th grade level.

I was happy to have her up for the weekend, and Jon and I look forward to her next visit when she cleans our bathroom.

I kid! I kid!

It was nice to see you, mom. Thanks again.

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