She's The Man

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Dude, what the fuck is with Hollywood?

I know that the creative juices of people like Pam kick ass, but the only movies i'm seeing now-a-days are either crappy 80's TV shows that are made into movies or similar-plot-themed movies that are remade.

I wrote about Annapolis a few weeks back which was an obvious rip-off of Officer and a Gentlemen. Well, we now have a new entry - She's The Man.

Watch the trailer on and anyone else starting to remember a similar movie from 1985? I certainly do. A movie called, "Just One Of The Guys". It starred Joyce Hyser, and the only reason why I remember this movie is the scene at the end. Joyce, playing Terry, ripps off her top to reveal easily the best pair of breasts my 13 year old eyes ever saw. It certainly left an impression on a boy had raging hormones and a lot of spare time.

"Just One Of the Guys" is about Terry, who is as aspiring journalist in high school. No one will take her seriously because of her pretty looks and she switches schools, and decides to change genders to prove she has the talent to become a writer. She meets befriends Rick, while dressed like a teenage boy and falls in love with him. But can't reveal her secret to him, and there were a lot of jokes and gags about a girl playing a guy.

Fast forward to 2006...

In She's The Man, Amanda Bynes plays tomboy Cheryl. Her twin brother skips town and needs her to go to school in his place. She somehow agrees, and is so skilled at socccer that she is on the guy's soccer team. She meets a fellow soccer player and falls in love with him...there are a lot of jokes and gags about a girl playing a guy.

This trailer wasn't as bad as Annapolis, and I found it to be funny. Three things may make this movie work. First, its target audience was born after 1985, so to them this will be a fresh, new idea. Two, I haven't seen "Just One Of The Guys" on cable for years, so I doubt many other people recall that movie. Three, David Cross is involved in this movie and it instantly gets a slight kudos because he is a genius.

Hey, who cares. It seems that all entertainment is having a terrible time trying to be original.

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