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I'm kind of mailing this entry in. I have a few things going on, but nothing spectacular to create into a big entry.

On the other hand i'm trying to avoid the "slacker" comment from Tiffany that I get when I don't update the blog enough for her. I'll still get grief over this from her.

I went to a comedy club on Friday, with a few friends. I really wasn't planning on going, but at the last minute I decided to go. It was at StandUp NY at 78th and Broadway. It was a 7pm show where a friend of mine, Mike, was going to do his material. The show was $10, with a 2 drink minimum (another $18). Worth it? Sure, it was fun. Most of the comedians were either awful or good. One, the headliner, actually went up on stage, said a few strange incoherient thoughts and then said "Fuck it.", dropped the mike and walked off stage after 1 minute. The audience was shocked, the owners of the club were stunned for about 15 seconds until the ushered up another comedian to the stage. The girl who gets up on the stage stole the show by looking around nervously and saying, "How the fuck do I follow that act?!". Everyone laughed.

Afterwards we jetted over to Jake's Dilemma. Back when I moved up to NYC, Jake's was the cool bar to hit on a weekend (if you were into bars and not clubs or lounges). Friday night seemed tame, with maybe half the bar full. We played some pool, foosball and watched some people play beer pong at Jake's. Afterwards we finished up with a few drinks at Brother Jimmy's. I like New York, but only a few times have I gone into New York and really thought the city was amazing. Otherwise, I am normally thinking, "Eh, I could be having just as good as a time in Hoboken".

Saturday I bartended at Dipper's. We had a staff party, which was an open bar for staff and regulars. It was a good time, like the old days of Hoboken when I could walk into a bar and know most of the people at the bar. Sadly, with time, people are either moving away or getting married and don't go out as often as they used to. Plus, it seems the demographics of Hoboken have changed from the post-college 20-something to the 30-something homeowners.

Sunday I was going to hit Court Street, until I saw that the entire bar area was full, so I went to dinner at Brass Rail. I haven't been to the restaurant since their renovations, and i'm impressed with what they have done with the place. The crab cake appetizer I had was delicious, with a wonderful presentation. The cake sat on a small bed of pesto pasta, which was very tasty. I tried the filet mignon entree, which read "with whipped potatoes, ragout of wild mushrooms and caramelized onion and red wine veal jus". When I got the entree, it was surrounded by mashed potatoes, topped with a broccoli rabe and I think it was a sour cream on top. This isn't what I was expecting. I really don't like broccoli rabe or sour cream. I didn't like the entree very much, and at $30 I was very unimpressed.

I was also unimpressed with the wine at the Brass Rail. I normally eat at Court Street, where they use nitrous oxide to preserve the better wines by the glass. The first glass of red wine, a $7 by Rosenblum tasted like it turned. I asked for a different wine, and they were nice enough to not charge me for the first one. I chose a $10 glass of Cabernet, which was very tasty.

After dinner I decided to try their carrot cake dessert, along with a glass of 10 year old Taylor Fladgate tawny port. The port was old and opened far too long. I wasn't about to complain again, and it wasn't so bad that it was undrinkable, it was easily over 2 months old. At $10 a glass, I also would expect that the Brass Rail would have higher standards for preserving wine and port.

I'm slowly getting back to cooking again. It is just less fun to cook for myself and I very much enjoy cooking for others. There is a sense of accomplishment and pleasure that a good meal gives others. Tonight i'm making a Tuscan barley and bean soup from a cookbook that was given to me by my sister. I made it once before and it was perfect for a cold winter night.

I'm also going to hit up Marma Day Spa this week. Dipper was nice enough to give his employees gift certificates for a 30 minute massage. I called and made it an hour long massage. The spa is booked all the time. I tried for various nights and two Saturdays, yet they were booked. I have an appointment, and I will write something up about the place later in the week.

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I hear you on the Brass Rail. That place is WAY overpriced, I went there and drank gin & tonics for happy hour one night, while eating some light apps, and it was close to $70 per person in my party. I love Court Street though.

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