Happy Birthday To Me

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Friday night was a night on the town, organized by me, for me. I have done parties in the past where I just went down my email list and invited out everyone I knew to a local pub. This year I wanted it to be a bit smaller and something different.

I chose to bring the group bowling at BowlMor, on 12th and University, near Union Square. If you haven't been to BowlMor and you live around New York City - then you really are missing out on a quintessential landmark establishment. It is deceptively large, and has a cool, funky vibe to it. We arrived around 7pm on Friday, and there were plenty of lanes open, but they quickly filled up by 8pm.

We bowled, we drank, everyone had a good time. One of my guests grabbed my camera and for once I didn't have to be "camera-guy". With my leg only operated on about 4 weeks ago I was very nervous at first putting stress on the knee. Fortunately I warmed up after one game and my good friend Captain Morgan assisting me. My last game I bowled a 146, which I didn't think was too shabby for someone who doesn't bowl very often and had recent leg surgery.

Afterwards we went to MercBar, a favorite bar of Kristen's. It was about 11pm by the time we got there and it was really packed. Some people didn't like the crowd and simply left for Hoboken. I felt bad about it, because I didn't realize how crowded the bar would be. It's a Friday - and certainly expected it to be busy, but it was arm-to-arm busy. I briefly considered moving the gathering, but decided against it, because some people were still meeting us at the bar. A couple of my guests, who attended bowling, didn't like the crowded bar and left for Hoboken.

MercBar cleared out, actually, after 45 minutes - by midnight or so there was plenty of room to talk and socialize. There were some people who couldn't make bowling and met us at the bar, where we drank until about 1am or so. Everyone was super nice that night, buying me drinks and paying for bowling. Easily one of the more fun and active birthday nights. We ended the night, in Hoboken, with a few drinks and shots at our local bar.

I did get one special gift that easily was one of the best birthday gifts I have gotten in a long time. Leslie, a friend from Hobokenchat, who I have known for the better part of 3 years or so, was nice enough to give me a 375 ml bottle of Dow's Vintage Porto 1977. It was absolutely appreciated by someone like me, and I was gushing with thanks. I'm not sure what, exactly, I will do with it. I'm bad with wine - I like to drink it soon after I buy the bottle.

Thanks again to everyone who came out that night, thanks to Leslie for the bottle, John for the lottery tickets (we lost!) and my sister Stephanie for her book "Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise". Now I have a new book to read after Marley & Me.

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Heh. You gave me more credit than I was due. The bottle is just a half-bottle....375mL. Just a little taste of heaven. And I know exactly what you should do with it; you should drink it in good health! I'm happy you liked the present....-L

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