It's A Beautiful Day In The Hoboken Neighborhood

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Yesterday was one of those rare days when I actually feel the load of life slip off my back and think that maybe, for once, things were going right.

If you have been reading the blog for a few months now, it seems that Lady Luck has been really pissed off at me for leaving the toilet seat down in our apartment of life.

But she can only stay angry at me for so long, I suppose.

As you know, I had leg surgery 2 weeks ago. It was to remove a titanium bolt from my tibula, which was put in there so the government could track my ever....I mean, it was put in there to fix a broken bone.

The last two weeks haven't been a lot of fun. Like, I couldn't take showers, for example. For two weeks. Oh, I could run the shower and lean inside of the shower and wash my hair - but I couldn't get my wound wet, for risk of infection. So every other day i'm leaning inside the shower, washing my hair and then I have to stand at the sink and bathe. I would take a washcloth and it was like I was an extra on the set of Deadwood. Showers are relaxing, this was tedious. Some mornings I would wake up for work - look at my hair and just say "Bleh, its good enough to get through the day" and go into work. I was regressing to a 3rd grade level.

But yesterday I was freed from the shackles of my staples. Dr. D (a great orthopedic doctor in Manhattan that Lisa recommended), removed the staples from my leg and I could instantly feel the skin expand. The staples pinched the leg for the last 2 weeks, and it was like instant relief, I felt so much better when walking.

Plus, he gave me the green light to walk without crutches. He said "No running, no jumping, stay away from pitcher's mounds..."

Yea, real funny, doc. I haven't heard that before.

The whole leg saga finally felt over. This whole crappy situation started last May and now it was behind me. No more surgery. No more titanium bolt. No more crutches. It was over. I was nearly skipping down Lexington Avenue and feeling great.

At the end of the day I went to Mad One Jack's for a haircut. My mood was already feeling good and going there made it even better. If you didn't read my write up about Jack's before - its simply a great establishment. You walk in and everyone is NICE. After going there for a few months - Jack, the receptionist, and other hairdressers all greet me with a, "Hi Furey!"

They are genuinely friendly. When I used to get my hair cut at a stylish Manhattan salon - I never got that. My old hairdresser, Barbara, was awesome and I loved to see her. She was probably the only reason why I kept going and paying that much for a haircut. But Jack is proof that there are people who can do just as good as a job - and cost less.

So while i'm chatting to Jack - he tells me that people read my article about his place, came into his salon and said, "Yea I read about your place from Furey's blog on"

I was tickled to hear that. It is very of cool to hear that. I get a lot of people who email and tell me that they like the site, which is always nice to hear a compliment, but even more cool to hear that an owner of a great hair salon is getting more business because of what I write. Kudos to Jack & Co!

After leaving the salon, I was feeling great. I'm the kind of guy who just walks down the street and i'm in my own world. My friends will walk within a foot of me and get angry that I didn't notice them. Hey, i'm just bad like that. But this day, i'm walking down the street, and taking in the world around me, it was just feeling like a good night.

I decide that I want do my usual routine of Wednesday sushi. I went into Sushi House - to try something new. I was going to get something to-go, and watch Lost at home. But, to my dismay, the sushi deluxe at Sushi House comes with a Manhattan Roll (Salmon), and not a Spicy Tuna Roll. I asked if I could substitue a Spicy Tuna roll and they said it would cost extra. Screw that, I went to Maru instead.

Maru, on 2nd and Washington, is in my rotation of Hoboken Sushi restaurants. I go to Sushi Lounge when i'm with a group of people, I get Robongi when I want take out, and I eat at Maru when I want to sit at the Sushi bar and talk to the chefs.

Before going to Maru I stopped at the liquor store three doors down from the restaurant. I grabbed a chilled silver can of Sapporo for $3.50 (something which angers me about Sushi Lounge where they charge me $7 for a pint of Sapporo!!), and went into the restaurant.

The super-nice waitstaff showed me to the bar, took the Sapporo can from me and poured it into a beer glass. I ordered up edamame and a sushi deluxe and read my newspaper for a bit while drinking the beer. I was amped, feeling good and you know that feeling of relaxation right after you have a sip of delicious, cold beer? You exhale and the worries just float away.

Once they served me the sushi deluxe, the chef mentions that he gave me a special pate roll to try and if I didn't want it - he could replace it with something different. I declined, saying that I was happy to try it.

So while I ate, I chatted with the chef, talking about Sushi Yasuda, Tomoe, and where he learned his skill. I found out that Tomoe is pronounced TOh-MoE-A. 020206.jpg I was pronouncing it TOh-May. That's nice to know. The chef, Terry, was a bit hard to understand with his accent and the music in the restaurant. I'm the type of person who likes to learn about things. If I drink wine - I really get into where the wine is made, what kind of grape is used and what kind of food should be paired with the wine.

So I started to ask him all sorts of questions about eating sushi. He went on to explain that there is "summer sushi and winter sushi" - times when the fish is better to serve depending on the season. I found the presentation of the sushi at Maru to be top notch. Unlike many other Hoboken sushi restaurants, Maru really puts attention into the details. Some of the sushi were ungarnished. Some had a light garnish. Others had a light sauce on top. One had a razor thin slice of lemon on it. I commented how I loved the seaweed they used for the spicy tuna roll - he went on to explain that there are "grades" of seaweed that places use. Maru used the higher grade seaweed, which should just crunch easily in your mouth, and not be chewy like many other lower grade seaweed.

I got on to the subject about how I used to write restaurant reviews for Hobokeni, and still do it from time to time. He said, "I thought I recognized you."

I blinked.

He said, "Yes, I read a website a few weeks ago about a guy who was going to go to Sushi Lounge and then saw a cute girl in the window at Maru and gave it a try..."

He was reciting my blog entry!

Are you kidding me? Not only is Jack at Mad One Jack's telling me about people reading my blog and coming to his salon, but now that Terry, the chef at Maru is saying he read my blog? Come on.

Well I was flattered, to say the least.

What a great day. I paid my bill, thanked Terry and told him that I would absolutely be back again.

I try to tell people about Hoboken, and Jack's and Maru are just two examples why I love this town so much. I don't feel that same closeness while I work in New York. The owners of stores there have seen me for 10 years and barely give me a grunt when they see me. Hoboken has that small-town experience, which is so very gratifying.

Mr. Rogers would be proud.


I always used to walk by Maru and comment how the sushi must be terrible because the restaurant was always empty.
I read your blog entry and decided to give it a try. HOLY MOLY, was I glad i did! the sushi is excellent!
And i agree with your view of hoboken business owners...they are so friendly and take the time to build a relationship with you. really gives this town a lot of character.

That's the same thing I thought about Maru. It was always empty - must be terrible sushi.

I think its always empty because in Hoboken there is that superficialness that a lot of Hobokenites have - you have to be at "THE" bar/restaurant (places like Madisons, Lua, Trinity, 3 Forty come to mind). Its not about the food quality but about the "scene".

I believe in the power of word-of-mouth. You will tell your friends, they will tell their friends, I bet in a few months Maru will get a larger following.

i don't live in hoboken (and only been once) but I agree about it being nice having a "small town" feel right in eyesight of the city. Do you ever feel like it's too young though? It doesn't seem like the sort of place where you see families etc.

I think it once was mostly a very young town, but more and more young families are staying in town. Of course they are families that can afford condos which cost 600k+...the stroller moms are out in full force on a typical Hoboken day...

I love all the dogs in Hoboken -- it is helping me make a living as a dog walker!!!

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