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Just when things were looking good last week, I get bitchslapped by Mother Nature with some infection. My entire weekend was me, in bed, feverish and oddly dizzy.

I took off work yesterday, and with the Super Bowl on Sunday that doesn't make my work ethic look so great to the boss, i'm sure. Fortunately today they can easily see that I look like shit, and i'm blowing my nose and sneezing every 10 minutes.

This Friday I decided to invite a few friends out to do something different than another night of drinking in Hoboken. I didn't want to invite every single person on my email list, and if I didn't invite you I hope I don't get the, "Why didn't you invite me" email. I tried to keep the list as small as I could.

Going to do bowling (come on, how often do you bowl anymore?) and hitting up a bar in NYC. I hope i'm not still sick by Friday.

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Furey, if I read another "poor me, why me" post from you I am gonna bitch slap you myself!!!!

Have a happy birthday (ugg family stuff this weekend for me)

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