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Growing Up Richboro

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My childhood neighborhood, Tanyard Farms, in Richboro, was really a great place for a kid to grow up.

Back in the late 70's and early 80's, it was a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia. Tanyard Farms was a development by Toll Brothers, nestled between a cow farm, a greenhouse, a slaughterhouse and a swim club. There was a small creek that ran through the development, and plenty of places for young children to play and romp. Tyler State Park was close enough for a weekend jaunt with our bikes in the wilderness of the area.

In the early years of our development, my family bonded with the other families that lived there. We used to have Block Parties each summer, with games, races and bar-b-que food shared by all families that participated. Each Halloween, we didn't really have to venture outside our neighborhood of 50 homes. We would have sleepouts and swim parties. We would construct BMX trails in the undeveloped lands that surrounded our community, with rarely a complaint ever heard.

Each season the boys of the neighborhood would play a sport. Spring was basketball season, with my brother Kevin showing his early glimmers of becoming the star of the neighborhood. We would play basketball for hours and hours, trying to outbest each other. Or, Kevin and I would play one-on-one. I could never beat Kevin for two reasons: One, he was just always bigger and faster than me. Two, even on the off chance that I did beat him to the basket, he would just make a simple noise to make me miss my shot. I don't know what it is, nor how to explain the strangled yelp he would make but it would make me completely miss my shot about 99% of the time. I would be completely miss my shot, because I he would make me laugh with his lame noises and throw my focus out of wack. After missing the shot, he would swoop in for the rebound and I would still me laughing and angry at the same time.

Summer we would play baseball or whiffle ball, at first in the backyard of our houses, and when we got bigger and stronger, we would play in the cul-de-sac of Deborah road, with my house as center field. You hit a house and you get the home run, i'm amazed my parents let us get away with this. I guess it was good that we would play with tennis balls and not hard balls, like we used in Little League. Doug was the king of baseball, the Michael Jack Schmidt and Popeye behemoth of our gang. Doug was, for his age, much, much larger and stronger than anyone we knew. There wasn't a single kid that could beat him in a fight, Doug was a great friend to have growing up. Plus he was great to have on your neighborhood baseball team, too, since he was a homerun slugger.

Fall would usher in football. Football was Vic's game. Vic was an extremely large and rotound Puerto Rican kid and it would take about 3 "normal" kids to tackle him. We would play afterschool each day, getting muddy and dirty from playing on grass. We would keep playing until the sun went down, and even some nights in the dim twilight, with our house outdoor "flood lights" positioned on our field. Scrapes, bloody noses and bruises were commonplace from football season.

Late Fall/Winter would be hockey season. Padded up for our protection and for the winter chill, we would set up a hockey net and play 3 on 3 games. We would emulate the Broad Street Bullies and it would be a very physical contact sport. Eventually we started using roller skates, and the goalie would have actual pads and a mask (no one wanted to be the goalie, however). Hockey wasn't our most favorite sport. Especially after one day when I wouldn't carry home the hockey net because I was wearing the goalie pads, stick and mask and it was hard to walk. I was ahead of him, about 15 feet away and Kevin threw his stick at me like a boomerang. It was a perfect shot, nailing me in the back of my legs and causing me to limp back to my house sobbing. I'm fairly sure that was the last time I played hockey.

Aside from sports we had games that we would play all the time. One was "Freedom", and easily the most popular game our neighborhood would play during the summers. It was a modified version of hide and go seek. The children would divide into two groups. One would hide and the other would search for those hiding. We would set up boundaries & zones that the people hiding could not go past. But otherwise, you could hide ANYWHERE you wanted while hiding - under or inside unlocked cars, in trees, bushes, pools or rooftops. Once a searcher found someone hiding they had to catch them. The rules of the catch are simple - you have to grab the person, hold on to them and shout "One Two Three You're My Man That Breaks No Holds". I have no idea where that phrase came from, but its the exact wording that must be used, ensuring that a simple "tag" wasn't enough. You had to grab and hold that person (or their clothing) long enough and say the phrase. If you couldn't hold on long enough, the person was still free and able to run away. Once caught, the person would be brought back to the jail, while the rest of their comrades were hunted. Now, the interesting part of the game is that you can free everyone in jail if you were quick or sneaky enough. If you were hiding and able to run back to the jail cell (it was usually a designated spot, like a porch or a mailbox) and touch it while yelling "FREEDOM!", then everyone in the jail cell was free to run away and keep hiding. The searchers win the game by finding everyone who is hiding, put them in jail, and prevent anyone from hiding form freeing those penned up. Once everyone who is hiding is caught, everyone switches sides: the searchers have 3 minutes to hide, and the people who were hiding become the searchers. Every once in a while in Hoboken I will walk through the park near the ballfield and hear the kids shout "ONE TWO THREE YOU'RE MY MAN" and I want to turn to them and say "You have to finsh it! You forgot, "That Breaks No Holds!". I think they call it Jailbreak up here, not Freedom. I'd be curious how the rules & game are different up here.

We were fun, active kids. We didn't have today's cable TV with 150 channels or Xbox or playstation (but Atari and Intellivision were a lot of fun!), and I can easily say that there was a good reason why you rarely saw any pictures of kids (besides Vic) who were overweight in our town, because we were always active outdoors. If I were to ever choose a place for kids to grow up it would have been Richboro in the late 70's / early 80's. I have been back to Richboro in recent years and its just overgrown with people. All the fields are gone, replaced by Mallard Creek, or new McMansion sized homes that dwarfs my old childhood abode. I think my parents made a great decision growing our family up there and I only look back on those memories with fond rememberance.

The Business Class PATH Seat


Everyday when I take the PATH train home, I always try to get a seat in business class.

Didn't you know that the PATH train has business class seats?

When the PATH trains were first designed 30 years ago, the seats were made for one individual, of certain size and weight. I'm sure in 1975, the average rider fit just perfectly in those plastic molded seats, with plenty of room for other riders to sit next to each other. Sadly, due to our Supersize Nation, our girths have expanded, with less room between other passengers. Countless times I have had a large hipped passenger decide that it was ok to wedge her ass between me and another rider, just because a seat was open.

After a short while I discovered the business class seats in the PATH train.

Each train car has 1 or 2 (it depends there are different car designs on the PATH) of these seats. They are located by the inter-train doors: the doors that you open to walk between trains. The seat, itself, is the last seat in the row, and has about an extra 4 inches of plastic panel between the seat and the end of the car. It may not sound like a lot, but that extra room allows me to cross my legs while reading a paper, or just scoot a bit further away to the right from the passenger that sits on my left side - and avoiding their "ham shank legs".

To get this seat, each day when I take the PATH at the 34th street station, I will usually walk down the platform, to the second to last car. Most people who board get on the first 3 train cars, and getting to the business class seat is usually a hassle. Normally when I walk to the second to last car, there are maybe one or two people waiting. I know where the doors will open, and stand right where they open up, making sure i'm first on the car and making sure I can get the same seat nearly everyday.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was boarding the train and someone tried to take my seat. I will explain.

It was like any other day and I was lined up for the door. The train was rolling into the station and a taller girl, with dark hair and a cream colored long coat stood next to me, waiting for the door also. I was a bit perplexed, because where we were on the platform, she could have waited at ANY door. There wasn't anyone else.

I was there first. She was going to try and take the business class seat. Call it a moment of clarity, but I knew she was going to try and use her feminine wiles, thinking i'd let her on first, and then she would sit at the only seat that I really enjoy sitting at on the PATH - the business class seat.

The train came to a stop, and we were both with small, minute moves, jockeying for position at the door. I'm 6'3, and much larger than her, but I was in the disadvantage because I was on the left side of the door and she was on the right side of the door. When the doors opened, I would have to walk across her left side to edge her out of the seat.

The doors opened and I made my move.

I didn't touch her, I just made a quick move to the seat and sat down. I notice on the corner of my eye she tried to go in my direction, but then sat down at another seat. So, i'm happily getting out my magazine and crossing my leg when I notice her quickly stand up. I glance over at her, and she walks away, then looks behind her - directly at me. She gives me the MOST withering stare I have ever gotten. To me it spoke "You fucking bastard I wanted that seat!"

Trust me, I know she wanted that business class seat. If I was imagining that she was gunning to get on the train before me, I now know that she was angry because of that look she gave me. It wasn't an angry look of "Why did you walk in front of me". It was easily a look of, "You took my seat!"

She walked to the other end of the car and sat down, with a pissy look on her face. Me? I was absolutely chuckling to myself while I read my magazine the entire ride.

You know, its just the little things in life that I enjoy.

Pulling The Trigger

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For the last year I have been reading & scouring the internet to find the "perfect plasma TV".

Yesterday, I finally pulled the trigger and bought one.

I looked at consumer models. I looked at industrial models. I looked at plasma, LCD and LCoS rear projection. I read reviews from, and searched smaller trade-based publications to get consumer reviews. I would head over to Best Buy and look at the different televisions, write down the model numbers and then go home to read any updates on them. I spoke to friends who bought flat panel TVs and asked how they liked it.

But I waited. And watched. And hoped the price would go down.

Then I got slapped with that $8,000 bill from PSE&G which put the whole process on hold until I could figure if I was about to lose $8,000 dollars (no real update on that, the BPU is still "looking into it" for me).

Finally I just said - "Fuck it".

I don't know what's going to happen with PSE&G, but I can't just put my life on hold waiting for the outcome. I really wanted a plasma for a year, and kept putting it off to see if prices would keep dropping (they really didn't) or if something "new and improved" was going to come out (there are some new technologies on the horizon, but nothing in the near future that would be equal in price/value).

Cablevision provides HiDef cable & channels for free. My Tivo is going to be a problem, but I am going to try to figure out how I can connect it to the TV (it won't record in HD) and my cable box. If worse comes to worse, I will just go to plan B, which is connecting it to the TV in the common room.

I decided to buy a Panasonic TH-42PX60U. Its the latest consumer model from Panasonic. I decided against the industrial version because I wasn't, in the next 6 months, going to hang this on a wall & I wasn't going to get surround sound. Yes, I know the arguements for both. For me, it wasn't practical or needed at the moment.

I rent my condo, and the walls aren't very thick. Trying to hang a 93 pound TV on the wall would make me nervous. I didn't want to come home from work and find a $2500 TV shattered on the ground. Buying a surround sound is nice, in theory, but the cables running on the ground from the TV to where I would watch it would be stepped on or tripped over. I wasn't going to hire someone to run the cables through my walls, I don't own the place - why bother? I also didn't want to get wireless speakers, I heard the sound quality isn't that great. Also, the hardwood floors easily carry any noises, and if I got a 5.1 speaker system, the bass would easily be heard by my neighbors or roommates. So for now, the consumer model made sense to me.

I chose Panasonic because they consistently were getting high marks from nearly every website that I read, including friends of mine who bought earlier models. It won't be perfect, but it will be certainly something that I will enjoy. I decided upon the TH42PX60U versus the future TH42PX600U, because my parents used to own a PiP model TV and I never found that the PiP was used that often. The 600U does have a PC input, which was something I really wanted, but didn't think it was worth paying an extra $600 for.

I actually bought a 3 year warranty on the TV. My father was always a stickler about NOT buying warranties, he thought that they were worthless. I usually don't get a warranty on smaller items, but for a big ticket item like this, I will spend the extra money for peace of mind.

I plan on doing a little write up on a "How To Connect A Flat Panel TV to Cablevision IO" when I get it delivered. I'm getting the TV on Sunday.

Myrtle Pictures

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Here are some shots from Myrtle Beach. This was from the most beautiful course, called Heritage Club, built in 1983 on a rice plantation. It has some picturesque holes, and a very scenic surrounding.




On previous golf trips, in 2003 & 2004, I went along with Brian G, a friend of mine who I met while working at Dipper's a few years back. Unfortunately Brian didn't organize one last year, and this year my friend C$ took it upon himself to organize this trip to Myrtle. C$ was one of the first people I met when I moved into Hoboken, and have been bartending with him for the last few years.

In 2003 & 2004, the weather in Myrtle was always "below normal". This year was no exception, with a brisk, crisp wind blowing everyday, keeping the weather in the low 50's. Fortunately the cool weather also kept many golfers off the course, so each round we rarely had to wait for golfers ahead of us. I'm just glad it didn't rain this year. Each day I would golf 18 holes (36 on Friday), and get fairly drunk. I would return home and just zonk out for the night.

If you been reading my blog, you know about my relationship with sleep. I love to sleep. There are people in the world who simply can get 6 hours and be wide awake and refreshed. I'm not one of those people. On any vacation I take, my "sleep clock" needs to reset itself, and while on this trip I got plenty of sleep. Each night I was completely exhausted from golfing and drinking and in bed by 9pm. I was out like a light and up the next day, with about 11 hours of sleep in me. I did this for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Only Saturday was I feeling awake enough to go out after dinner for a few drinks.

But, it isn't like I was missing much. Most of the people visiting Myrtle this time of year are golfers, with mostly guys comprising those groups. There are some local colleges but this vacation was more about golfing and drinking than going out and trying to score, for me.

My leg was a bit shaky on Thursday, but by the time the trip was over I wasn't even thinking about it anymore. I'm happy to report that i'm ready for a season of golf, and my recovery seems to be complete. I'm unhappy to report that my game has suffered since I haven't played for a year, but I can see glimmers of hope. My wicked hook is starting to disappear and my short game is solid. Half the problem with my game right now is that just getting off the tee box with anything other than a 4 iron becomes "pot luck". It is hard to compete with the other golfers who hit 250-300 yard bombs, and i'm only hitting a 200 yard 4 iron.

But I have a whole summer to correct this and i'm very happy that my leg feels wonderful. Now my next step is getting BACK to the gym and getting back on my diet. This could be a bit more difficult.

Vacation to Myrtle


All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

Leaving for Myrtle tomorrow, for a 4 day golf vacation and returning on Sunday.

Good news is that it's a vacation. Bad news is that the weather is looking to be about 55 degrees each day, which sucks. The average high in Myrtle during March is in the upper 60's.

But no matter. If they have enough Captain Morgan, I hope not to be feeling very much by the 9th hole. Also, 4 out of 5 of our tee times are at noon, so its not like we are getting up at 8am to play in 35 degree weather.

My only secondary fear is my leg. This will be the first time golfing on it since I hurt it last May. My doctor gave me the green light, but my left leg is weaker than my right leg. I don't know how it will react with the motion of a golf swing, and the shifting of weight from my right to left side.

Otherwise i'm looking forward to a little R&R. The last time I had off more than 3 days from work was September. I had one weekend in October & one in December that I took off Friday & Monday to create a 4-day weekend. But that's it.

My dream vacation right now is that I want to find something away from it all. A tropical island or retreat. No televisions. Just good food, good music, a bunch of books to read, and lots of time lying on the beach. Only problem is that I really don't want to do this alone, it would be a lot more fun to do with a girlfriend.

My other dream vacation is going back to London. I actually want to do all the touristy things that I never did on my first visit. I also would love to travel around the country and visit some of the smaller cities, too. I would like to go during the summer, and haven't researched it very much yet.

My last dream vacation would be Greece. I absolutely want to check out all the ruins I can out there, I am completely fascinated by its history. But again, I really don't want to do this alone, I think it would be more fun with a companion.

There are lots of other places that I want to explore. To round off my list of 5 places (Tropical island, London, Greece) the last two that I would choose would be a 2 week trip to Japan (2 weeks because getting there and back is 2 days alone) and an South African vacation (would love to do one of those deluxe safaris). Squeaking in at #6 would be Egypt.

What places would you like to visit?

Upgraded to MT version 3.2

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Just an FYI, I upgraded this site to the latest version of MT. If you had problems commenting in the past, they should be fixed now (I hope). Yes, I make you give me your email, but I won't sell it or even store it. It is just to stop the spammers. Of course you can always just email me at if you want to keep it off the boards.

One of the most common questions in life, aside from the "Where do you work" or "Where are you from" questions is about music. Its a universal question and everyone has their own answers and reasons to enjoyment of music.

I consider my musical pleasure mostly derived by the 1980 New Wave bands, from such acts as New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, U2, Midnight Oil, and The Smiths to name a few. I'm not sure why but it was The Smiths that I mostly identified with, with its harmonic cords by Johnny Marr and deep lyrics of Stephen Patrick Morrissey (now just "Morrissey").

Even today I find myself retooling my iPod to create Morrissey / The Smiths playlists when I go into work. Every album that Morrissey makes I usually buy, hoping that once again he can capture that same spirit of 20 years ago. I always dream that one day I can see them again in concert, but knew that the band broke up on bad terms. Johnny Marr basically was a bad drunk, worn out from touring and tired of Morrissey's musical stubbornness. Marr said, "I didn't form a group to perform Cilla Black songs." Marr left the band in 1987, and Morrissey was very unhappy about it.

Imagine my surprise today when I read that The Smiths turned down $5 million dollars to play at Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival in southern California. First off, the concert looks to be amazing with a whole smattering of eclectic bands to play on April 29th and 30th. Secondly, I would have easily been at that concert if The Smiths announced they were playing. My sister Stephanie would have gotten a phone call with me inviting myself out to crash for a weekend.

But, sadly, money can't make people like each other again. Clearly, Morrissey feels betrayed by Marr still, after all these years. Morrissey is clearly doing well as a solo artist and $5 million to The Smiths (i'm guessing it would be like $1 million per performer) is a drop in the bucket to him. It would take a serious act of contrition from Marr to persuade Morrissey to ever walk up on the stage again with him.

Maybe one day...

Fashion Observation


Two quick things I have noticed as the "looks of the moment". I'm sure you noticed this, too:

One, what's up with the 1980's tucking the jeans into boots look for women going on?

Two, what's up with the hooded bomber jacket with faux fur for men?

I have nothing against the look. I'm still guilty of wearing The Man Suit.

Tonight is the premiere of The Loop at 9:30pm after American Idol. Entertainment weekly gave it a B+. I hope it doesn't suck. I always felt bad because even though my cousin wrote for South Park, I never watched the show very much. Normally, I can watch just about anything on TV. For some strange reason South Park was never on my Tivo. I think one reason I didn't like it is that I could never understand what the fuck Cartman was saying. Two, I just never found it THAT funny. I thought it was amusing, but i'd rather watch other kind of comedies, I suppose - like Mr. Show with Bob and David!

About a week from today I will be headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC, for some golfing with a few friends. I saw my leg doctor two days ago who gave me the green light to golf, saying that my flexibility and strength was "looking good". My only problem is the slight atrophy in my left leg versus my right leg.

Don't worry the left leg isn't that pronounced, the thigh muscle is just a bit smaller than my right leg. Maybe that won't be a bad thing. My right leg might be super strong right now, and maybe I will be like that kid from Rookie of the Year. I should go out and see if I can Bend It Like Beckham. Stay tuned for when I try out for Arsenal.

Dissecting A Personal Ad

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I was on New York metro today, reading some stories, when I emailed this link to a friend, saying how there is no chance this is a real personal ad. Two reasons. One she is hot. Two, I have seen this ad up for a good year. Three, what real girl is gonna choose "Mantrap" as the name. Sounds like NYMetro Personals Admin decided to create a fake ad to lure in unsuspecting men. That's just my take on it.

This was from my original Hobokenchat thread, but i'm sure many people haven't read it. I just like people watching and part of that is also reading personals. I think they are hilarious because if you can read between the lines, you really can see what they are saying. This is all tongue-in-cheek, I hope you all have a sense of humor when reading enjoy...and learn from their mistakes...

Ad #1:

In a town full or bars and restaurants galore, my friends and I dont know where the good guys are hiding....
Obviously any reference to "good guys" means that someone got burned by a "bad boy". Also any time a woman puts in a personal ad something like "Looking for an honest man" - yep another one zapped by the bad boys

Do you enjoy any of the following~ reading, movies, theater, music, sports (baseball, football), travel...
Why not just add in 'eating' and 'breathing' to that list of things people like to do?! Hello, Ms. Generic

I am a petite & curvy SWF
Read: Short & Fat

I am 33 please be over 30.
I'm single at 33 & a woman which means that I have some serious baggage. Emailer be warned!

Im considered outgoing, friendly, dedicated and all that other good stuff...
Considered by her therapist to be these things.

please drop a line and say hello and see for yourself!
You will see how fast this chick starts stalking you...

Ad #2 - To be fair I will also dissect a male personal, which are almost as funny...

Translation: I have been striking out at the 'bar scene' - I need a personal ad to find a date

I am a good-looking, white, 29-year-old Wall Street stock analyst
Notice ladies, 'wall street' reference right off the bat? Plus he is 'good looking' - so good looking that he is tired of fending off the ladies at the 'bar scene'.

with a very athletic build and a great sense of humor
Guys always highlight things like job, looks and build, because we are shallow fools...i hope his great sense of humor includes me blasting his personal

I enjoy travel, skiing, hiking, working out, fine dining, theater, museums, movies, and going out on the town.
Working out - big suprise, He-Man. Fine dining? Dear Lord, another money reference. Give it a break pal, stop with the insecurity!!

I am seeking an attractive
Notice ladies his first thing made no mention to personality, humor, or whatever silly things you think that attract men to women. The guy lays it down off the hop - you better not be some hippy, non-shaven Berkenstock girl...

thin female, 21-28,
Well pal you just shot yourself in the foot, didn't ya? Mind as well just have said "Also hoping she likes to cook, clean and give bl0wjobs every 8 hours".

who likes the outdoors
this coming from Mr. Fine Dining

No, most women hate travelling. Also don't forget to add that Mr. Wall Street pays for all travel expenses...

and having a good time.
Again, bl0wjobs

1 Week To Go

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If you haven't seen commericals for "The Loop", jump over to the website and check it out:

It's premiere is next Wednesday, March 15th and 9:30pm. This, of course, conflicts with "Lost" and i'm very unhappy about this. I will have to Tivo lost and go to another room to watch "The Loop".

We are all excited for Pam, she has worked on "South Park" for years, and recently wrote for Team America: World Police and every holiday we look forward to seeing her - she just has a ton of hilarious stories about living in L.A.

In Like Flynn


"You like me. You really like me!"
Sally Field in 1985 at the Oscars

Well sports-fans (an old expression of pop's), looks like i'm bartending once again. Special thanks to Steve G. for putting in a good word for me with the owners last week. Plus, Fireman Joe's connection with them must have helped. Dipper was nice enough on Saturday to say "The best bartender in Hoboken!" to the owners as I was exiting the bar and he was entering. I'm not the best bartender, not by far. I have no idea why the new owners chose me over others, but certainly i'm flattered.

I will be bartending for the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday from 4pm to close. Also after the renovations they indicated that they want me to bartend, but i'm not sure what night they want me. Honestly, I really just want a Friday or a Saturday night and that's it. I have my 9 to 5 job, and can't do the Tuesday night bartending shift until 3am anymore and then try to go into work on 4 hours of sleep. Heck, I couldn't have done it when I was 16, either.

It is a lot of fun to be around the owners because they enthusiasm was like the way Dipper's used to be. They have a lot of ideas and are being very creative. For the last two years Dipper's has been under a morale crushing situation - the owner was always trying to sell the bar and when you work there, it just casts a shadow over the whole place, you know?

Either way, I will see how the situation looks come April. If the new bar & me seem to be a fit, then I will bartend. If not, then I will be a patron. I enjoy good wine, good port and good food - and it sounds like the new bar is going to have all that and more.

Trial By Fire

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Last night was fine.

I had various doomsday scenarios of me walking into the bar and the owners standing there with a bartender drink guide...

"Please show us how you make a Slo Gin Fizz..."

Or finding out they invited all their friends in to "test me" as a bartender - some appearing as friends and some appearing as "regular customers". Yea, none of that happened.

When I found out I was bartending I shot an email out to some friends, just saying that we were open and if they were free they could come down for a bit. I got about 10 people to show up, and considering it was a Wednesday, I was thrilled to have some friendly faces to talk to.

The owners were there, too. They both seem genuinely nice and their son, Mikie was simply adorable. If you know me, you know i'm not a fan of babies, but this kid was Mr. Personality with his smiling and engaging nature. I asked if I could borrow him for a few hours while Mikie and "Uncle Furey" trolled Washington Street for girls.

The bar is still like Dipper's old place, but even more barebones. Bottles were all mixed up and I had a hard time after each order trying to find where the Grey Goose, Stoli or Absolut was stored because of the haphazard nature.

It was sort of a second interview / trial of sorts. I got the impression they just wanted to see how I could bartend and if I had what they wanted for someone behind the bar. No idea if I would be working Saturday and/or when they reopened after the renovations.

The night flew by and at 1:45am a customer had to tell me, "Is this last call" before I even noticed what time it was. I thought for sure it was only midnight.

I have mixed feelings on my working at the new bar. It is going to be a lounge, and i'm more of a pub kind of guy. I'm certainly interested in bartending and only time will tell if I would even be a good fit at the new bar. To me, its a win-win because either way i'm fine with the situation. If they want me to work there, and I like the bar - sounds good. If not, then no hard feelings and I will just be a patron. I have a 9 to 5 job, and it pays the bills just fine. Bartending for me wasn't just about the money. It was about the social experience and the connection I had with the customers.

Won't Get Fooled Again

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We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that's all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

I got a call from the new owners of Mikie Squared. They aren't renovating until after the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade and they are going to open the bar Wednesday thru Saturday.

And they want me to bartend tonight.

It is a bit intimidating because I don't really know the new owners, I don't know their expectations and the plans they have for the bar are radically different than the neighborhood pub that I have known for the last 4 years.

Of course tonight, its still going to look like the old pub, since they haven't changed the bar. I can only wonder what sort of crowd we are going to get. The bar has been closed for a week and everyone knows the era of Dipper's has ended. I have a feeling i'm in for a strange Wednesday night.

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