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Two quick things I have noticed as the "looks of the moment". I'm sure you noticed this, too:

One, what's up with the 1980's tucking the jeans into boots look for women going on?

Two, what's up with the hooded bomber jacket with faux fur for men?

I have nothing against the look. I'm still guilty of wearing The Man Suit.

Tonight is the premiere of The Loop at 9:30pm after American Idol. Entertainment weekly gave it a B+. I hope it doesn't suck. I always felt bad because even though my cousin wrote for South Park, I never watched the show very much. Normally, I can watch just about anything on TV. For some strange reason South Park was never on my Tivo. I think one reason I didn't like it is that I could never understand what the fuck Cartman was saying. Two, I just never found it THAT funny. I thought it was amusing, but i'd rather watch other kind of comedies, I suppose - like Mr. Show with Bob and David!

About a week from today I will be headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC, for some golfing with a few friends. I saw my leg doctor two days ago who gave me the green light to golf, saying that my flexibility and strength was "looking good". My only problem is the slight atrophy in my left leg versus my right leg.

Don't worry the left leg isn't that pronounced, the thigh muscle is just a bit smaller than my right leg. Maybe that won't be a bad thing. My right leg might be super strong right now, and maybe I will be like that kid from Rookie of the Year. I should go out and see if I can Bend It Like Beckham. Stay tuned for when I try out for Arsenal.


Just as bad as tucking in the pant leg - the capri pant with knee high boots. Let's see, capris are worn in the spring/summer as a way to keep yourself cool, without wearing shorts (they're acceptable at most business casual offices), and knee high boots are worn in the winter to keep your legs warm when you're wearing a skirt... so let's combine the two, roll up the pant so the flap starts at the knee, and then call it trendy? Not really. As a friend of ours would say, "Just because it's trendy, doesn't mean it's cute."

Ugh! I agree with the above. The gauchos with boots look is awful.

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