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Here are some shots from Myrtle Beach. This was from the most beautiful course, called Heritage Club, built in 1983 on a rice plantation. It has some picturesque holes, and a very scenic surrounding.




On previous golf trips, in 2003 & 2004, I went along with Brian G, a friend of mine who I met while working at Dipper's a few years back. Unfortunately Brian didn't organize one last year, and this year my friend C$ took it upon himself to organize this trip to Myrtle. C$ was one of the first people I met when I moved into Hoboken, and have been bartending with him for the last few years.

In 2003 & 2004, the weather in Myrtle was always "below normal". This year was no exception, with a brisk, crisp wind blowing everyday, keeping the weather in the low 50's. Fortunately the cool weather also kept many golfers off the course, so each round we rarely had to wait for golfers ahead of us. I'm just glad it didn't rain this year. Each day I would golf 18 holes (36 on Friday), and get fairly drunk. I would return home and just zonk out for the night.

If you been reading my blog, you know about my relationship with sleep. I love to sleep. There are people in the world who simply can get 6 hours and be wide awake and refreshed. I'm not one of those people. On any vacation I take, my "sleep clock" needs to reset itself, and while on this trip I got plenty of sleep. Each night I was completely exhausted from golfing and drinking and in bed by 9pm. I was out like a light and up the next day, with about 11 hours of sleep in me. I did this for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Only Saturday was I feeling awake enough to go out after dinner for a few drinks.

But, it isn't like I was missing much. Most of the people visiting Myrtle this time of year are golfers, with mostly guys comprising those groups. There are some local colleges but this vacation was more about golfing and drinking than going out and trying to score, for me.

My leg was a bit shaky on Thursday, but by the time the trip was over I wasn't even thinking about it anymore. I'm happy to report that i'm ready for a season of golf, and my recovery seems to be complete. I'm unhappy to report that my game has suffered since I haven't played for a year, but I can see glimmers of hope. My wicked hook is starting to disappear and my short game is solid. Half the problem with my game right now is that just getting off the tee box with anything other than a 4 iron becomes "pot luck". It is hard to compete with the other golfers who hit 250-300 yard bombs, and i'm only hitting a 200 yard 4 iron.

But I have a whole summer to correct this and i'm very happy that my leg feels wonderful. Now my next step is getting BACK to the gym and getting back on my diet. This could be a bit more difficult.

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