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For the last year I have been reading & scouring the internet to find the "perfect plasma TV".

Yesterday, I finally pulled the trigger and bought one.

I looked at consumer models. I looked at industrial models. I looked at plasma, LCD and LCoS rear projection. I read reviews from CNET.com, and searched smaller trade-based publications to get consumer reviews. I would head over to Best Buy and look at the different televisions, write down the model numbers and then go home to read any updates on them. I spoke to friends who bought flat panel TVs and asked how they liked it.

But I waited. And watched. And hoped the price would go down.

Then I got slapped with that $8,000 bill from PSE&G which put the whole process on hold until I could figure if I was about to lose $8,000 dollars (no real update on that, the BPU is still "looking into it" for me).

Finally I just said - "Fuck it".

I don't know what's going to happen with PSE&G, but I can't just put my life on hold waiting for the outcome. I really wanted a plasma for a year, and kept putting it off to see if prices would keep dropping (they really didn't) or if something "new and improved" was going to come out (there are some new technologies on the horizon, but nothing in the near future that would be equal in price/value).

Cablevision provides HiDef cable & channels for free. My Tivo is going to be a problem, but I am going to try to figure out how I can connect it to the TV (it won't record in HD) and my cable box. If worse comes to worse, I will just go to plan B, which is connecting it to the TV in the common room.

I decided to buy a Panasonic TH-42PX60U. Its the latest consumer model from Panasonic. I decided against the industrial version because I wasn't, in the next 6 months, going to hang this on a wall & I wasn't going to get surround sound. Yes, I know the arguements for both. For me, it wasn't practical or needed at the moment.

I rent my condo, and the walls aren't very thick. Trying to hang a 93 pound TV on the wall would make me nervous. I didn't want to come home from work and find a $2500 TV shattered on the ground. Buying a surround sound is nice, in theory, but the cables running on the ground from the TV to where I would watch it would be stepped on or tripped over. I wasn't going to hire someone to run the cables through my walls, I don't own the place - why bother? I also didn't want to get wireless speakers, I heard the sound quality isn't that great. Also, the hardwood floors easily carry any noises, and if I got a 5.1 speaker system, the bass would easily be heard by my neighbors or roommates. So for now, the consumer model made sense to me.

I chose Panasonic because they consistently were getting high marks from nearly every website that I read, including friends of mine who bought earlier models. It won't be perfect, but it will be certainly something that I will enjoy. I decided upon the TH42PX60U versus the future TH42PX600U, because my parents used to own a PiP model TV and I never found that the PiP was used that often. The 600U does have a PC input, which was something I really wanted, but didn't think it was worth paying an extra $600 for.

I actually bought a 3 year warranty on the TV. My father was always a stickler about NOT buying warranties, he thought that they were worthless. I usually don't get a warranty on smaller items, but for a big ticket item like this, I will spend the extra money for peace of mind.

I plan on doing a little write up on a "How To Connect A Flat Panel TV to Cablevision IO" when I get it delivered. I'm getting the TV on Sunday.

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1 - The TIVO problem: You can uplug your cable box yourself, walk it over to Cablevision on 2nd & Grand St. and upgrade to their version of TIVO, which is their DVR box. It'll cost you about $10 extra a month. I hear this is about the same rate as TIVO charges, of course, less the expense of actually buying a TIVO system. I did this myself when I was still living there and from what I understand, DVR has all the same exact functions as TIVO. One remote control for all. Comcast, which is what I have down here, sucks in comparison as far as DVR but it gets the job done. As for your TIVO box, you can still hook it up to the other TV and have more recording power. I believe TIVO limits how many shows you can record and watch at once, same with DVR.

2 - Your loose wires: I'll assume your hanging the TV over, or close to, an outlet. I helped Lee Long out with this same project. I suggested to him to "box" the wires in. In other words, if you know someone handy enough, build from sheetrock or wood, a soffet-type structure and run it from the base of the TV to the outlet. Or the floor, depending on where it's located. A few cable wire tacks and you'll have a neat install.

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