Trial By Fire

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Last night was fine.

I had various doomsday scenarios of me walking into the bar and the owners standing there with a bartender drink guide...

"Please show us how you make a Slo Gin Fizz..."

Or finding out they invited all their friends in to "test me" as a bartender - some appearing as friends and some appearing as "regular customers". Yea, none of that happened.

When I found out I was bartending I shot an email out to some friends, just saying that we were open and if they were free they could come down for a bit. I got about 10 people to show up, and considering it was a Wednesday, I was thrilled to have some friendly faces to talk to.

The owners were there, too. They both seem genuinely nice and their son, Mikie was simply adorable. If you know me, you know i'm not a fan of babies, but this kid was Mr. Personality with his smiling and engaging nature. I asked if I could borrow him for a few hours while Mikie and "Uncle Furey" trolled Washington Street for girls.

The bar is still like Dipper's old place, but even more barebones. Bottles were all mixed up and I had a hard time after each order trying to find where the Grey Goose, Stoli or Absolut was stored because of the haphazard nature.

It was sort of a second interview / trial of sorts. I got the impression they just wanted to see how I could bartend and if I had what they wanted for someone behind the bar. No idea if I would be working Saturday and/or when they reopened after the renovations.

The night flew by and at 1:45am a customer had to tell me, "Is this last call" before I even noticed what time it was. I thought for sure it was only midnight.

I have mixed feelings on my working at the new bar. It is going to be a lounge, and i'm more of a pub kind of guy. I'm certainly interested in bartending and only time will tell if I would even be a good fit at the new bar. To me, its a win-win because either way i'm fine with the situation. If they want me to work there, and I like the bar - sounds good. If not, then no hard feelings and I will just be a patron. I have a 9 to 5 job, and it pays the bills just fine. Bartending for me wasn't just about the money. It was about the social experience and the connection I had with the customers.

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