Vacation to Myrtle

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All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

Leaving for Myrtle tomorrow, for a 4 day golf vacation and returning on Sunday.

Good news is that it's a vacation. Bad news is that the weather is looking to be about 55 degrees each day, which sucks. The average high in Myrtle during March is in the upper 60's.

But no matter. If they have enough Captain Morgan, I hope not to be feeling very much by the 9th hole. Also, 4 out of 5 of our tee times are at noon, so its not like we are getting up at 8am to play in 35 degree weather.

My only secondary fear is my leg. This will be the first time golfing on it since I hurt it last May. My doctor gave me the green light, but my left leg is weaker than my right leg. I don't know how it will react with the motion of a golf swing, and the shifting of weight from my right to left side.

Otherwise i'm looking forward to a little R&R. The last time I had off more than 3 days from work was September. I had one weekend in October & one in December that I took off Friday & Monday to create a 4-day weekend. But that's it.

My dream vacation right now is that I want to find something away from it all. A tropical island or retreat. No televisions. Just good food, good music, a bunch of books to read, and lots of time lying on the beach. Only problem is that I really don't want to do this alone, it would be a lot more fun to do with a girlfriend.

My other dream vacation is going back to London. I actually want to do all the touristy things that I never did on my first visit. I also would love to travel around the country and visit some of the smaller cities, too. I would like to go during the summer, and haven't researched it very much yet.

My last dream vacation would be Greece. I absolutely want to check out all the ruins I can out there, I am completely fascinated by its history. But again, I really don't want to do this alone, I think it would be more fun with a companion.

There are lots of other places that I want to explore. To round off my list of 5 places (Tropical island, London, Greece) the last two that I would choose would be a 2 week trip to Japan (2 weeks because getting there and back is 2 days alone) and an South African vacation (would love to do one of those deluxe safaris). Squeaking in at #6 would be Egypt.

What places would you like to visit?


Egypt has really great ancient ruins. If you are into camping, you can take a faluka (traditional boat) up the Nile and see several amazing temples. One of my all time favorite trips. Personally, I really want to go to Costa Rica for that warm weather trip that will combine relaxation on a beach, but with the opportunity for some fun, active recreation such as sea kayaking and hiking. Other dream trips include Patagonia, Scandinavia, and Scotland. I'd actually like to do one of those upscale bike tours in France, too, to see the chateaux. Gosh, I want a long vacation. I echo your significant other thoughts. I'm not sure why I think a trip would so much better with a boyfriend since I've probably had better times travelling with a good friend.

I did a lot of my travelling around Europe with just friends. I did London & Barcelona with my brother. I did Australia with my childhood friends. I agree that travel with friends is fine, but I remember standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower in 1992 and thinking, "I'm in the most romantic city in the world, and I have no one to share this with."

Ok, so I was 20. But i'd think Paris with a beautiful girlfriend would be a lot more fun than Paris with a friend. ;)

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