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You can always count on Hoboken to never run out of sushi restaurants, nail salons and real estate offices in the near future. Also on that list are tanning salons. With the yuppie residents working long hours under flourscent lights, the only tan they will get will be from the radiation coming off their computer monitors.

I will admit that i'm a "electric beach" advocate. I'm not going to sit here and try to sell people on tanning. Either you like it or you don't. I, myself, believe that if done in moderation and proper care that it isn't any more harmful than sitting outside in direct sunlight. Having my Italian / (black) Irish skin I tan easily, so for me using a tanning bed is a good way to start a base tan before the summer months. In years past, with all of my golfing I got a nice "farmers tan" which looked ridiculous. Instead of sitting on Pier A to fix this, i'd just bop down to a tanning salon to even the tanlines out.

I have been to a few places in town and found i'm basically satisfied with their service. Most of the employees I meet there are usually not very happy to be working there, and have the charm of a potted plant. Some places have a very industrial look to their business. Some are located below ground. Some are just too far away for me to really be interested in trekking to their location.

On my way home from Club H on Sinatra, Beach Bum Tanning opened their doors for the first time. It was only a few doors down. I stopped in to snap some pictures and look around the place.

Imagine my surprise when entering BBT I was greeted by four very enthusiastic employees. Being the proper salespeople they were quick to go over the different tan bed designs and Tanning Consultation Guide, along with being nice to show me around the place. Not only was I impressed with their good customer service, but the business itself is very charming and clean for a tanning salon.

They have different service levels, depending on the bed that you are interested in using. Each bed has a different design that will generate a certain level of UVA & UVB rays. Each are essential in tanning, and I will leave it to the sales people to try and explain the various differences. They also have spray-on tan machines, and from what I am told, they are using top of the line "California Tan Sunless" machine.

Here are the different tanning levels. For the members of Club H, you get 15% off every tanning session or packages:
Bronze, $9 per tan session, 5 tans $35, 10 tans $59...up to 50 tans for $199.
Silver, $12 per tan session, 5 tans $45, 10 tans $79 and up to 50 tans for $199.
Gold not available in Hoboken.
Platinum, $20 per tan session, 3 tans $49, 5 tans $75, 10 tans $129 and up to 50 tans $499.
Titanium, $25 per tan session, 3 tans $59, 5 tans $95, 10 tans $169 and up to 50 tans $599.
Diamond, $30 per tan session, 3 tans $69, 5 tans $109, 10 tans $199 and up to 50 tans $699.

Just a warning but the packages DO EXPIRE. 3 tans expire in 1 month. 5 tans expires in 3 months. 10 tans expires in 6 months. 20 tans or more expire in 1 year.

Each tanning level you can buy a beach pass, which gives 1 month unlimited tanning on that level's specific bed. For example, Diamond has the top of the line bed, the P-90. It has a mix of UVA at 90% and UVB at 10%, which, from what I was told, was ideal for getting that "perfect tan".

There are also Beach Passes available for each Tanning level. Basically you can get 30 days of consecutive tanning, for an annual fee. You need a 3 month minimum commitment and also pay a cancellation fee to stop the plan. It sounds harsh, but you actually save a good deal of money if you are someone who tans frequently.

Just another option in town for you to try. I know that I will probably try out that new P-90 soon. Here are some more pictures I snapped...






Since you beat me to the punch, I'll cross-reference your review from the site!

Thanks dude.


FKI this site has been doing similar reviews for the last 18 months. :)

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