Happy Easter!

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Weekend was home with the family. I got to see the newest addition to the family, my brother and sister in laws beautiful baby, Abrianna. Now for those that know me, i'm not what you call a "baby person". I love kids. You can play with them and teach them things like throwing a football. Call me a softie in my old age, but Abrianna was a really cool baby.

I know. I can see my sisters reading this now and scowling with chagrin. I wasn't very good at showing proper enthusiasm for their children when they were babies. Sorry guys.

Anyhow, I think Abrianna and I bonded. It wasn't easy. First off I watched my brother and how he would lift her into the air and give her kisses on the way down. Ok, I figured when it was my turn that I would just do this because when he did it the baby was smiling with glee.

Bad idea.

Oh sure, the first few lifts went fine. I think my brother and I have a similar build and complexion which can easily fool most 5 month old babies. But that didn't last long. The baby after about 4 or 5 lifts and kisses gave, what I can best describe, a scowl.

Like Uncle Furey didn't smell like Daddy or have Daddy's breath or he just figured out that Daddy was sitting next to me and not holding her...

What started with happiness and giggles turned like a dime into a full bore wail with crying. I quickly handed the child to my brother who calmed her down in about 10 seconds. My first proper foray into niece bonding failed like the Hindenburg.

The next morning we decided to give it a go. We were hopeful that another traumatic episode wouldn't turn out to be expensive therapy in her teenage years. I can do this. I'm good with kids. Why not babies?

It didn't start well. My brother held Abrianna and she made some chirping noises when she looked at me, like she didn't know what to make of that tall guy next to her daddy.

But we weren't deterred. A couple of hours of me making goofy faces, and sitting next to my brother or sister in law holding their baby drew me into her confidence. I was able to hold Abrianna and lift her into the air for some good pictures. Sadly, none can be posted here because I respect my sibilings desire for their children to be kept off the blog. Sorry guys.

But I do have my mother's permission to use her picture, so enjoy. She was unhappy that at mass this year she was the only woman wearing a bonnet. What happened to the Easter tradition of wearing a nice outfit and hat to mass?

I did find this tidbit of history on the web:

Lavinia Dobler, author of Customs and Holidays Around the World, said Easter was once known as the "Sunday of Joy." In this country after the Civil War, mothers and daughters began wearing colorful flowered hats and elaborate corsages as part of the celebration, Dobler writes.

Easter and spring bonnets are a natural fit, says Fred Belinsky of Villagehatshop.com, a California-based hat dealer who's sold and studied hats for 23 years.

"The tradition is to wear a felt hat to keep one warm in the winter, and straw hats are spring and summer hats, Belinsky says. This is the time when we introduce the straw hats."

Easter, Belinsky says, is "a way for a woman to wear her new straw hat as kind of a coming-out event, such as an Easter parade or church services.

I think she looked very beautiful for Easter. Happy Easter everyone!


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Nice hat! I love Easter because no one makes fun of my hat-wearing that day. I wore a new green straw hat and got about half a dozen really nice comments on it, including from a bunch of firemen, a priest, etc. An elderly gentleman stopped me when I was leaving mass and after complimenting me on my hat lamented that he missed the days when women wore hats, particularly on Easter. Like your mother, I was the only one at church wearing a hat. Heh. This is one tradition I refuse to give up!

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